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Man Kicks His Girl Out after Announcing Pregnancy, She Later Learns It Was Driven by His Family’s History

Rita Kumar
Mar 30, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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The woman was thrilled to tell her boyfriend she was pregnant. She blindly believed she knew everything about him. But after she revealed her pregnancy, he threw a fit and asked her to get out. 


The longer a relationship progresses, the more opportunities for budding problems and emotional turmoil. But sometimes, the hurt stems from making assumptions, as proven by Redditor throwra92856's story.

The 33-year-old was baffled when her soulmate, "John," kicked her out in an instant when she told him she was pregnant. She was stunned by his unexpected reaction and turned to Reddit's "Relationship Advice" sub, hoping random strangers would guide her with insight on why he did this.

OP was stunned when "John" asked her to move out of his house after she revealed her pregnancy. | Source: Flickr


The Original Poster (OP) dated John, 41, for almost a year. During this time, there were zero red flags. She claimed he was romantic, loving, and a perfect partner with a good sense of humor. But as it turned out, even OP's love story had issues, especially when John was often uptight about his feelings. 

Although John remained tight-lipped about the details, his sister told OP the truth.

However, OP managed to get their relationship into full swing through all odds and evens. In the process, she fell pregnant, and she thought John would be equally thrilled. Unfortunately, OP was wrong.

OP was overly excited about her pregnancy & she expected John to be equally thrilled. | Source: Pexels


OP presumed John loved kids as she'd seen him overly ecstatic around his little niece and nephew, so she thought he would be delighted to take up a dad's role.

But when she spilled the beans on her pregnancy, John was fuming. He outright asked her to put the baby up for adoption. And before she could get over what he said, he accused her of cheating and called her names. 

John's angry outburst climaxed when he told OP that he never wanted to see her again and kicked her out of his house. OP was stunned and confused about what to do. John never took her calls, and his behavior made her suspect he meant what he said.


John was fuming & he accused OP of cheating when she revealed her pregnancy. | Source: Pexels

Just as she was trying to figure it out, John's sister "Emily" unexpectedly reached out with a piece of confession. She told OP that John regretted his words. But OP was unmoved and vented her frustration to Emily, who played cool until she finally made the biggest confession about John's dad.


OP had previously known John had a very strained relationship with his late father. Although John remained tight-lipped about the details, his sister told OP the truth.

As it turned out, John was nervous due to his harrowing past with his dad, who was "incredibly violent and emotionally abusive." OP was crushed to know the person she loved was dealing with his turmoil but was still bewildered about how to sort it out.

OP was crushed & sought advice on Reddit. | Source: Pexels


After reading her story, fellow Redditors weighed in with their overwhelming responses and some insightful pieces of advice. In the post's top-voted comment, Redditor missirascible said

"If he even wants to raise the child with you, therapy is a MUST for him. But he might not. Are you ready to be a single parent?"

"I am if I have to be. I make enough to support a child, and my parents live an hour away and have offered support if I need it," OP responded

As the discussion surged, some suggested John could be scared of replicating his dad's "violent and abusive" nature with his child. 


A person on Reddit asked OP if she would be ready to be a single parent. | Source: Unsplash

In the end, OP agreed with those who guessed John was indeed scared about parroting his late dad's behavior with his baby. 


Eventually, John met OP at her apartment with a bouquet of her favorite irises. OP said it was awkward as she was occupied with putting the flowers in the vase when John unexpectedly talked to her and apologized.

"I'm gonna be honest, it was hard to understand what he was saying because he started crying, and I mean bawling," she recounted.

Although OP accepted his apology, she insisted they needed to work things together through therapy. John happily agreed and, as a pleasant surprise, revealed his appointments with a therapist. 

In the end, OP and John planned counseling and therapy together. "Plans to move in together are on hold. Working out this issue is the priority," OP concluded in what turned out to be a happy and emotional beginning to some new chapters in their combined lives! 


After John apologized to OP, she suggested to go to couple's therapy & counseling to mend their relationship. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

How does one deal with a partner who has fatherhood issues because of his own paternal issues in the past?


When OP told John she was expecting, she thought he'd be equally delighted. But she was stunned when he accused her of cheating, called her names, and kicked her out. She later learned he had issues in his past concerning his own father that may have prompted his unexpected reaction to the pregnancy. How should you advise OP to proceed knowing this?

If you were OP, would you accept John's apology? 

When John accused OP of cheating, she was devastated. But when she realized John had just vented his frustrations from his past, she wanted him to apologize directly, which he did in the end. Would you forgive your partner if they accuse you of cheating because they might be dealing with "a personal" turmoil? 


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