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Single Man Gives up His Life of Luxury and Now Raises 7 Poor Children

Dayna Remus
Mar 29, 2022
04:40 P.M.

Tons of money can bring us happiness -- to a certain extent. One man found something more meaningful. So, he burnt his life of luxury to the ground to follow his heart.


A 30-something-year-old Diego Bustamante from Buenos Aires, Argentina, traveled a long road to living the type of lifestyle that is true to his heart.

Bustamante left school in 2000 and studied Agronomy. But, he decided that he wanted to become an actor instead.

[Left] Diego Bustamante and Juanita Gerez; [Right] Diego Bustamante as well as Willy, Pato, Mario, Maxi, Juan and Ariel Gerez. | Source: facebook.com/Diego Bustamante

[Left] Diego Bustamante and Juanita Gerez; [Right] Diego Bustamante as well as Willy, Pato, Mario, Maxi, Juan and Ariel Gerez. | Source: facebook.com/Diego Bustamante


In his early twenties, he moved to Mexico to follow his passion for drama but found something else -- something beautiful. Bustamante remembered:

"Mexico allowed me to find my loneliness and recover my story. I came back [to Buenos Aires] with three goals: reconnect with my family to heal wounds; return to the Franciscans who had planted a seed in me."


He now understood his purpose in life: giving his life to others. Finally, he made his new home in Salta. Here, he started the Pata Pila Civil Association to assist the local communities. This was just the beginning.


In 2014, while on his journey to improve this little corner of the world, Diego Bustamante came across six young brothers who needed help.

He eventually met their sister and fell in love with all seven: Willy, Pato, Mario, Maxi, Juan, Ariel, and the only girl, Juanita.



To help them, Bustamante housed and eventually adopted these kids. Speaking about the challenges he has faced following this path, he said:

"Of course, there are times when I am overwhelmed, I feel that it is a difficult fight and that everything is too much, but I take a deep breath and choose to trust again because it is worth giving my life for the boys."


He spoke about their day-to-day life during the pandemic in 2021. Bustamante said all the extra time helped them to grow close. They got up early, studied and worked together, had lunch and a siesta, and then returned to school.


This daily routine portrays a normal family. At the same time, Bustamante states that he always encourages the children to keep in contact with their biological parents. He stated:

"I accompany them as a mother or father would, but without putting myself in that place. I am not his father, nor do I intend to be called that."


He states that the children talk with their blood-related mom and dad over the phone. While the older kids do this more, he says, he pushes the younger ones to keep in contact too.



Of course, looking after seven children is a big challenge, but he says he doesn't do it alone. Bustamante explained:

"The older kids collaborate a lot. They all add up; they clear the table, wash the dishes, and take care of their rooms. For school last year, a friend of mine helped me a lot, Antonella."

This story shows how much this once privileged boy has turned into a man. He has come to care about what truly matters. Bustamante is an example of the changes many of us could and should make to leave the world a better place.

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