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Man Suspects Wife of Lying to Him after Chat with His Son, Later Checks Security Cameras

Rita Kumar
Apr 01, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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The man realized something was odd about his girlfriend's unusual behavior and checked his house cameras. When he rummaged through the footage, he was sickened by what she'd been doing behind his back. 


When Redditor throwaway6877634 gave his girlfriend only one chance to win back the trust she'd broken, he warned her not to mess it up. But a recent incident blew him up as he turned to Reddit's "Surviving Infidelity" sub at 4:30 a.m., typing his dilemma on his phone. 

The 34-year-old man was forced to juggle a puzzling dynamic when he returned home from work at 3:20 a.m. and saw his girlfriend through the window hurrying out of their living room, clutching onto her phone. 

At first, he assumed she was on a video chat with someone. But only after entering did he realize something didn't add up, mainly after noticing her end the call anxiously after seeing him entering the house. 


The man found his wife's behavior suspicious day by day. | Source: Flickr

When the Original Poster (OP) and his girlfriend, 32, moved in together, she bought cameras as a gift to be installed in their house. However, footage from these cams led OP to gather evidence of her lies. 


OP and his girlfriend had dated for eight years and had two sons, aged 7 and 9. While all was well, trouble struck in OP's love life in 2017 when his girlfriend left him for another man.

OP invested his time and energy to improve himself and heal for the next five years. Meanwhile, his girlfriend moved on with her new boyfriend and had two daughters with him. 

However, things got complicated when OP's sons told him how their mom's new boyfriend often locked them out whenever he was annoyed. OP alerted his girlfriend, and as a result, she left the guy and found her last resort in OP as she had nowhere else to go.


The woman found her last resort in OP after she parted ways with her affair partner. | Source: Pexels

OP agreed to let his girlfriend move into a spare room in his house until she got back on her feet. During this time, the woman gave OP hints to reconcile. But when OP saw her anxiously end a video call, he suspected something was fishy.


In the heat of the moment, OP told his girlfriend she could refresh her memories from the camera footage, much to her horror.

When he asked his girlfriend who she was talking to, she told him it was "Jermaine's wife." OP looked around and spotted his girlfriend's corset on the kitchen counter. He immediately picked it up and asked her, "Why is this here?"

OP grew suspicious when he found his girlfriend's corset on the kitchen counter. | Source: Pexels


The girlfriend told OP she'd worn it to help fit into her jeans. OP was still unmoved as he watched her excuse herself to the restroom. Moments later, he heard her doing laundry at 4:30 a.m. before passing out in their oldest son's bedroom.

OP's doubts escalated with each passing minute, and he instantly knew he might get the answers from the cameras in his house. 

After rummaging through the footage, he discovered his girlfriend had been talking to a guy. More proof piled up when his son told him his mom was awake all night talking loudly to a "friend of hers from work" on the phone.

After checking the camera footage, OP found out his girlfriend had been talking to a guy. | Source: Pexels


OP was instantly crushed when he realized his girlfriend had blown up their family a second time. He couldn't process the fact of her lying to him and changing her clothes in front of a guy on a video chat. He decided to confront her about it. 

After sending his kids to school, OP eagerly waited for his girlfriend to come downstairs to the kitchen. And moments later, when she did, he told her they needed to talk about what happened the previous night. 

"I know we do…I just want you to know I'm so sorry. I don't remember much of anything," OP's girlfriend hesitantly told him. 

In the heat of the moment, OP told his girlfriend she could refresh her memories from the camera footage, much to her horror.


OP confronted his girlfriend for an explanation. | Source: Pexels

OP then gave her a month to move out of his house. Although she jumped in self-defense, he was fuming. "You let everyone down with your selfish actions. You need to figure yourself out. Because I'm not doing this again with you," he told her.


The girlfriend reasoned that she was stressed and hadn't talked to her therapist for over four months. She explained she was open to discussing the issue with him later. 

While people on Reddit were curiously waiting for OP to update further, some of them raced to the thread to offer him insight into his plight and what he needed to do next.

The woman jumped in self-defense when OP gave her an ultimatum demanding her to leave his house. | Source: Pexels


ZarBandit, in the post's top-voted comment, advised OP not to confront his girlfriend in front of their kids as she might use them against him and portray him as the bad guy. The person added:

"But have an answer for them as to why things are happening and have failed. Don't leave a non-explanation where they are left to filling the blanks (blaming themselves)."

While some Redditors proclaimed that OP needed to end his relationship with his girlfriend, user arlekino2010 advised OP to seek legal help. 

"Get a child psychologist if you need help communicating to your kids what happened. Get all the help you can. You're not supposed to go through this alone," the person added


People on Reddit advised OP to seek legal help. | Source: Pexels

"Waking up, I make this update. Checking the camera, she made it home, came upstairs, tried to come into my room, but I locked the door," OP recounted.


Although OP promised an update on how he navigated through his dilemma, only time will tell if he'd decided to give his girlfriend a final chance to win his trust or if he'd decided to part ways with her. 

Only time will tell about the fate of OP's relationship with his girlfriend. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Would you advise OP to give his girlfriend another chance or would you ask him to break up with her?

While several people on Reddit suggested to OP that his girlfriend could probably be cheating on him again, a few others told him to seek legal advice for primary custody of his children and break up with his girlfriend. What would you advise, OP?

How would you confront your partner after catching them cheating on you?

After OP rummaged through the camera footage, he realized his girlfriend had been talking to a guy behind his back. He confronted her and asked her to move out of his house in a month. What would you do if you find your partner cheating on you, and how differently will you deal with it?


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