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Young Lady with Low Income Suspects Father Stole Her Money for Son’s Gift, Checks Hidden Camera

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 03, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A young mother saved money for her son's birthday for a long time. When she opened her closet to take some money to buy a present for her son, she was shocked to see that her cash wasn't there.


The woman was a single mother with a low-paying job. She had to start saving months before special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. 

She wanted to celebrate her son's first birthday in the best way possible because her parents had never celebrated her birthday like that. However, her plans were ruined when she discovered someone had stolen her savings. 

Source: Flickr / Alex Liivet


The 22-year-old single mother worked hard to give her four-month-old son the best life. She always saved money months before special occasions, so she had started putting cash in her closet for her son's first birthday. 

She had given a spare key of her house to her mother, allowing her to look after her child while she was at work. Only her mother knew she was saving money for her son's birthday. 

Her son was at his father's house on a Friday evening, so she decided to head back home from work and grab some cash from her savings box to buy a present.

She checked her savings box in her closet. | Source: Unsplash


However, she had no idea what was waiting for her in the closet. She was shocked when she opened it and put her hand inside the savings box. 

After the woman discovered that her money was missing, she checked the security camera footage.

Her hard-earned money was missing from the box. She had no idea who had stolen it. Only her mother knew about the money and had a key to her house. 

Only her mother had a key to her house. | Source: Pexels


"Prepare to lose your free childcare," Redditor nannylive warned after reading about her predicament. Meanwhile, Redditor TemporaryMeringue714 advised OP never to tell people she keeps cash at home. 

"And if OP can't do the bank for some reason, getting a lockbox/safe for the money is another option," Redditor PokeyWeirdo12 suggested

After the woman discovered that her money was missing, she checked the security camera footage. She had a camera on the main door and one inside her bedroom. 

She checked the security camera footage. | Source: Unsplash


The footage revealed that her father had entered her house using her mother's spare key. He went into the bedroom, making it look like he already knew where the money was. 

She recalled that her father took more than half of her first salary when she was sixteen. She had strictly advised her mother not to tell her father about the spare key and the money, but it seemed like she couldn't keep her secret.

The young mother was furious after watching the security camera footage because she had worked hard to save the money, and her father didn't think twice before stealing it.

Her father stole the money from her closet. | Source: Unsplash


Instead of calling her mother, she called the police and told them that her father had stolen her money. They sent a team to her house to record her statement and then headed towards her parents' house to interrogate them.

When the police asked her father about it, he confessed he had spent almost $300 at a pub. The following day, the woman went to the police station to give them the camera footage, but the police told her that they couldn't do anything to retrieve her money.

She called her mother after meeting the police. | Source: Unsplash


Feeling helpless, she called her mother and told her what the police said. She heard her mother yell at her from the other end because she was angry at the woman for filing a police complaint against her father. She said her father could lose his job because of it. 

When the woman's mother said she shouldn't have called the police, she turned to Reddit to ask other users if she was at fault. "NTA. Your father is a thief a [sic] deserves to be treated as such," Redditor talibob assured. She also asked the woman to take the spare key back from her mother. 

Avebury1 suggested changing the locks, stating that the woman's father might have made a copy of the key. The Redditor also asked OP to find out if she could press trespassing charges against her father.


Most Redditors felt that OP was not at fault for calling the police. 

Some Redditors asked OP to change her locks. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:


Do you think her mother told her father about the money?

It's unclear whether her mother told him about the money, but the woman guessed she did. It's also not evident whether she did it on her own or he forced her to tell him about it. Do you think she told him on purpose despite knowing that he took her first salary without her permission?

Do you think the woman should confront her father?

After learning that her father stole the money, she didn't confront him. She only talked to her mother about it. Some people might think it would be better if she confronted him. It would help her understand why he stole the money.

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