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Duane Chapman Was Charmed by 3rd Wife's Faith in God & Offered Her $1000 to Birth His Child at First Meeting

Oyin Balogun
Mar 31, 2022
06:20 A.M.
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Duane Chapman, the popular bounty hunter, has walked down the aisle five times, but his marriage to his third wife, Lyssa, appeared to have had the most dramatic beginning.


Duane Chapman has a reputation for locating and catching criminals, but he also has an intriguing personal life. Duane has been married five times, but his third marriage to Lyssa Chapman is worth a movie script.

Duane met Lyssa at a bar in the early 80s and struck up a conversation. Duane, who had already had two failed marriages, admitted that Lyssa was not his type, but he found her intriguing.

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In his book, "You Can Run but You Can't Hide," Duane recalled his first impression of Lyssa. He described her as a "bushy-haired and Barbra Streisand looking woman."

Duane became interested in Lyssa after she talked about her husband, who was an Assemblies of God minister. The bounty hunter wondered what a minister's wife was doing in a pub.

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Duane struck up a conversation about faith in God with Lyssa during their first meeting, and her response made him feel strongly about her. The reality star asked Lyssa if she believed in God, to which she responded, "Of course I do!"

Her response struck a chord in Duane's heart. He felt alone in his previous marriage as his wife, Ann, did not share in his faith. Duane described life with his ex-wife as being with an atheist.

Lyssa shared more details about her connection with God, adding that she left her ex-husband because of his infidelity, which she believed was against her faith in God.


Duane "Dog" Chapman during March of Dimes Honolulu Fundraiser Featuring Duane "Dog" Chapman of "Dog The Bounty Hunter" - November 14, 2006 | Source: Getty Images


Duane fancied Lyssa the moment he heard of her faith and wanted her to be the mother of his child. Although the Denver-born reality star wasn't sure if he would marry Lyssa, he was willing to make a huge offer to get her to have his kid. Duane wrote in his book,


"When Lyssa told me she understood the Lord, I offered her a thousand bucks on the spot to have my baby. I was serious, too!"

Surprisingly, Lyssa agreed to the arrangement. The couple began to spend more time together, and after a week, they were in love.


The duo got married in the Colorado Rockies in 1982. A Native American chief officiated their wedding. Their decision to walk down the aisle was made in a split second.

They reportedly got married only two weeks before their first child, Barbara Katie Chapman was born. Duane admitted that he had fallen helplessly in love with Lyssa. He said,

"I thought Lyssa was my perfect mate."

The 69-year-old claimed that Lyssa laughed at all his jokes and was smarter than he was, making him more attracted to her.



Author, TV Personality Duane "Dog" Chapman signs copies of his book "You Can Run, But You Can't Hide" at Bookends on August 9, 2007 | Source: Getty Images

Fatherhood has always meant a big deal to Duane. The "Dog the Bounty Hunter" star had looked forward to being a dad again, but he never thought Lyssa would get pregnant right away.


The duo began expecting their first child shortly after their relationship began. Duane had imagined their first child would be a boy since his other kids were boys. So he picked a male name for the child, but surprisingly, it was a girl.

The couple had three children in total. Shortly after the birth of Katie, the duo welcomed their second child, a son, Tucker, in 1983, before welcoming their youngest child, Baby Lyssa, in 1987.


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Lyssa and Duane's marriage lasted several years, but soon, their differences began to come between them. Later, the couple realized they wanted different things and were not headed in similar directions.

Lyssa has a penchant for privacy, unlike Duane, who longed for fame and the spotlight of Hollywood. According to the reality star,

"She wanted to spend the rest of her life living in a secluded cabin in the woods. I wanted the bright lights of Hollywood. Lyssa knew she could never match my yoke."


Duane affirmed that his love for Lyssa was intact, but their relationship was no longer the same. He wanted a woman who could match his ambitions, but Lyssa was far from that woman.

Duane and Lyssa divorced in 1991 after nine years together. Since divorcing Duane, Lyssa has maintained a low profile and is rarely seen making public appearances. She also does not keep an active profile on social media, showing her inclination toward privacy.


Duane "Dog" Chapman, the bounty hunter on June 15, 2005 | Photo: Getty Images


Lyssa's divorce from Duane was undoubtedly a big blow for their children, but each one moved on to embrace different careers. Unfortunately, Lyssa and Duane lost their eldest child, Katie, in an accident in 2006.

Katie died after the stolen vehicle she was in rolled and crashed into a tree. She was only 23 at the time of her death. Authorities confirmed that Katie and her boyfriend had tried using a stolen credit card to rent a room.


The duo was believed to have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which explains their irrational decision to leave the roadway. The accident occurred on the eve of Duane's wedding to Beth.

Duane reportedly gathered his large family to decide if his planned wedding should continue or come to a halt, but the family chose to honor Katie's memory and also go ahead with the wedding.

Lyssa later stated that Katie was on the verge of turning her life around for good before her untimely death. She left behind her 4-year-old son, Travis Drake-Lee Chapman.


Duane has continued to honor Katie's memory, and in 2018, he shared a throwback picture of his late daughter alongside the caption,

"Isaiah 11:6. I used to talk to Barbara about this scripture. It was one of her favorites. She loved animals. I just never realized it would be so soon love you, Barbara Katie Dad."

Tucker, Duane's son with Lyssa, also faced a tough time during his growing days. He was arrested and sent to jail for an armed robbery incident. He was 18 at the time and served four years of his 18-year sentence before he was released on parole.

The couple's youngest daughter, Baby Lyssa, seems to be the most popular of all. Baby Lyssa has appeared on her father's famous reality show, and according to her website, she is also a best-selling author and a businesswoman.