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Single Mom Gives Son up for Adoption to Save Him from Poverty, Holds Him in Her Arms Again in 18 Years

Ayesha Muhammad
Mar 31, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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A single mother took the painstaking decision to place her son for adoption due to her unlikely circumstances. She battled emotional guilt and depression for years until life surprised her most unexpectedly 18 years later. 


Nothing hurts more than being separated from your loved ones. Life goes on, seasons change, but the void in your heart might remain forever. Tragically, a woman felt the same way about a baby she gave up almost two decades ago. 

Thinking that her decision was in the child's best interest, she never thought she'd question herself and wound up in an endless cycle of self-blame and regret. Please keep reading to discover how this distraught woman overcame her ordeal and found happiness again. 

[Left] Tammy Oswalt pictured holding her newborn son; [Right] Oswalt shares a hug with her son, Dylan Rich, 18 years later. | Source: facebook.com/lokisGirl. | youtube.com/CatersClips



Tammy Oswalt from Orlando, Florida, spent a life filled with multiple trials and tribulations. She was a single mother to two young daughters and on the verge of homelessness when she discovered she was pregnant.

The woman said her children's father had battled addiction, and they ended their relationship before she learned about her pregnancy. Oswalt shared she wanted her son, whom she named "Bruce," to have a happy and normal life, which she couldn't give him. 



After much thought, the expectant mother took a decision that would continue to tug at her heart for the rest of her life — she decided to give up her newborn son for adoption. 

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"A mom doesn't give up her child like a sack of potatoes. All I could give him was love, and sometimes that's not enough. I had to make the decision to give him up because I did love him," recollected Oswalt. 



After her son was born, Oswalt handed him to his adoptive mother and thought she'd never see him again. She prayed for her boy to have a life he so rightfully deserved and convinced herself her decision was in his best interest. 

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months eventually became years. Oswalt went on with her life, wondering about the sweet little boy she gave up. She continued to receive updates about him after the adoption and yearned to see him again.



The Orlando woman hit an all-time low when she attempted suicide due to the emotional guilt and separation consuming her from within. She spent 18 years fighting depression, anxiety, and a painful longing for her son. 

While she managed to pull herself through, the void in her heart refused to go away. Unbeknownst to her, fate had a heartwarming surprise in store for her.



Oswalt's daughter, Samantha Hewett, decided to surprise her mother with an unusual gift "that money couldn't buy" for her birthday in September 2017. Hewett told Oswalt she had been in contact with her son, Dylan Rich." 

The grand revelation left Oswalt in utter shock. In August 2017, she had a phone conversation with Rich but didn't mention anything about an in-person meeting. Oswalt stated she felt happy and content simply by talking to him. 



Four days after Oswalt's birthday on September 20, Hewett took her mom to a birthday dinner. Only when Hewett pulled out her camera did Oswalt know something was cooking, and what happened next was incredibly heart-melting. Oswalt recounted: 

“As soon as she said, 'Meet your son, Dylan,' I broke. I waited almost 19 years for this moment and all I could do was say, ‘Oh my God, I love you. You’re beautiful.'"

For 18 years, the heartbroken mother had longed to hold her son in her arms, and when the opportunity presented itself, she didn't hesitate. Oswalt and Rich shared a long and emotional hug. 


Tammy Oswalt shares a hug with her son, Dylan Rich. | Source: YouTube.com/Inside Edition


After recovering from the shock, Oswalt acknowledged that Hewett's birthday present surpassed anything she could have imagined. She also recalled the momentous occasion she saw Rich for the first time in these words: 


"The moment I looked back and saw him, so much ran through me. There was so much love, I just wanted to hold and kiss him. I felt whole for the very first time, since I last held Dylan in my arms."

Rich and Oswalt learned they lived only 90 minutes from each other, much to their astonishment. The long-lost mother and son duo revealed they planned to meet more often and rebuild their relationship. 

Tammy Oswalt kisses her son, Dylan Rich. | Source: YouTube.com/Inside Edition



A super-ecstatic Oswalt mentioned that reuniting with her son made her feel complete. We're delighted that Oswalt finally got the closure she needed for a mother who waited and wondered for almost two decades to embrace the son she never stopped loving. 

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