Bruce Willis’ ‘Big Gang of Women’ Stands by Him amid His Aphasia Diagnosis - Inside His Blended Family

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 01, 2022
04:20 A.M.
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Bruce Willis was recently diagnosed with an illness and would be stepping back from his career. Thankfully, he has his family to stand by and encourage him. Inside his blended family.


Bruce Willis is primarily known as an American actor. In his career that started in the 1970s and spanned several decades, the Hollywood icon featured in numerous movies and TV shows. 

Some of them include "Die Hard," "Pulp Fiction," "Friends," "That '70s Show," and many others. Apart from enjoying a stellar career, Bruce also has a successful blended family.

[Left] Picture of Bruce and Emma Heming Willis on their wedding day; [Right] Picture of Bruce Willis with his family | Source:


He is a doting father to five daughters — Rumer, Tallulah, Scout, Mabel Ray, and Evelyn Penn — whom he shares with his ex-wife Demi Moore and current wife, Emma Heming Willis. Here are more details about the actor's blended family and his new diagnosis.


Bruce and Moore first encountered each other at the premiere of the 1987 film "Stakeout." The latter detailed her first impression of the actor in her 2019 memoir "Inside Out," describing him as cocky, tall, and handsome.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore attend the after party for the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis at NeueHouse on July 14, 2018 | Source: Getty Images


On the other hand, Bruce had his eyes fixated on the actress throughout the night. Bruce's job as the bartender for the night did not prevent him from focusing all of his attention on Moore, leaving the actress intrigued.

"He was so attentive as the evening progressed, I was stunned to find out later that he'd actually been on a date that night with another woman," Moore explained.

Bruce Willis at CocoBaba and Ushopal activity in Shanghai, China | Source: Getty Images


Before the night was over, Bruce asked Moore out on a date, an outing the actress opened up about in her memoir. In Moore's words:

"I'd never encountered treatment like this before. Bruce was so gallant – in his own boisterous way, a real gentleman."


After the date was over, Bruce asked the actress for her number and wrote it down on his arm. Moore said it was a sight she would see a million times over the years. She shared:

"Bruce was always writing things on his arm. But that first time, I noticed that his arms were shaking. He was so vulnerable in that moment: all of the bravado was gone."


The actress felt good about the attention she received from Bruce and thought the actor saw her as some angelic savior. She noted:

"Bruce insisted that he thought everything about me was beautiful: he wrapped my fear and anxiety in his love."

Not long after, the pair became romantically involved. They appeared to be perfect as they bonded over similar circumstances, like their difficult childhoods. "When Bruce and I got together, our traumas met," Moore revealed.


The former lovebirds dated for a short period before tying the knot on November 21, 1987, at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas. 

On their wedding night, Moore fell pregnant, and the following months were like a fairy tale experience for the actress. Sadly, the good times did not last forever.


After their first child, Rumer, was born, Moore wanted to return to work, but Bruce wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom. This caused issues between the couple that lasted for years. Things got worse, especially after Moore became famous thanks to her role in "Ghost."

Bruce was not comfortable with the attention his wife got, and he told her he did not want to be married anymore. However, after their second child, Scout was born, they tried to work things out. Eventually, Moore's third pregnancy with Tallulah would cement the relationship.

Emma Heming, Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Demi Moore, and Scout LaRue Willis pose backstage as Rumer makes her Broadway debut on September 21, 2015, in New York | Source: Getty Images


But the union was destined to crumble. The couple called it quits in 1998 and finalized their divorce in 2000. They continued to co-parent their kids amicably and remained friends.

"I still love Demi. We're very close. We have three children whom we will continue to raise together, and we're probably as close now as we ever were. We realize we have a lifelong commitment to our kids. Our friendship continues. The institution has been set aside," Bruce stated.



Bruce and Emma first met in 2007 through a mutual friend, and it was love at first sight. The couple had a joint interview with People where they spoke candidly about the encounter. 

"When we first met, I was surprised at how charming and how funny he was – and extremely handsome. That was my first thought of you," Emma confessed. For Bruce, he had already been interested in the model before they met. He told the outlet:

"I was already in love with her."


Despite their 23 year age difference, the couple went ahead to walk down the aisle in 2009 at a Civil ceremony in Beverly Hills. Several celebrities were in attendance, including Moore and her then-husband, Ashton Kutcher.

In 2012, the couple welcomed their daughter, Mabel. Two years later, their second baby girl, Evelyn, arrived. Bruce and Emma are still head over heels in love with each other, and their marriage appears to be intact. Speaking of the union and what makes their relationship work, Emma said:

"I think we've always had a lot of respect for each other, which has really helped build a great foundation. He makes me laugh. He's funny, and he's smart, and nuts, and always keeps me on my toes, so it's fun."




Bruce Willis has proven to be an amazing family man. He shares a great relationship with all his daughters and does not mind being surrounded by "a big bang of women." He once revealed:

"I can't imagine having five boys. I can't imagine having one boy."

Despite having a busy schedule, he loves spending quality time with the girls."I think eating food and playing with my kids is my job these days. I forget that I have a job from time to time," Bruce explained.


Today, many families look up to the actor and his family as they express nothing but love and support for one another despite being blended.

Even Moore and Emma share a great bond despite the former's history with Bruce. During an interview with Us Weekly, Emma spoke about her relationship with Moore thus:

"She welcomed me into her family like I welcomed her into ours. I have so much respect for how Bruce worked through their divorce to be able to put their children first."


Moore has also opened up about her and Emma's relationship and that of their kids. "Our children are sisters, and yet there is no name for what our family connection is to one another. We are mothers united, sisters bonded on this crazy adventure of life," she once admitted.

Bruce, Emma, and Moore's decision to love one another and put their kids first has impacted their children positively. Rumer once expressed her gratitude to her parents. She said:

"I'm incredibly grateful that both of my parents have made such an effort my entire life that I never had to choose between them."


She added, "I have a lot of friends who grew up with parents who got divorced at a young age, and I watched their parents, like, pit them against each other or have to choose between holidays." 

"And I didn't have to do that, and I feel so grateful that my parents made it such a priority that we could be a family, even though it looked different."



Yesterday, Bruce's blended family shocked the world when they revealed that the actor had been diagnosed with Aphasia and would be stepping away from acting. 

The disease affects a person's ability to write, speak and understand both verbal and written languages and occurs after a head injury or stroke.


In the joint post shared on Moore, Emma, Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout's Instagram pages, the family revealed how much of a difficult time it was for them. 

"This is a really challenging time for our family and we are so appreciative of your continued love, compassion and support. We are moving through this as a strong family unit, and we wanted to bring in his fans because we know how much he means to you, as you do to him."

"As Bruce always says, 'Live it up,' and together we plan to do just that. Love, Emma, Demi, Rumer, Scout, Tallulah, Mabel, & Evelyn," the caption read.

Fans, relatives, friends, and celebrities have sent their prayers and are optimistic that things will turn out fine.