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Car Shop Owner Laughed at Vietnam Veteran & Kicked Him Out, Had No Idea He Mocked His Future Boss

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 06, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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After a veteran realized the man who fixed his engine had scammed him, he went to the gas station and confronted him. When the man refused to accept what he had done, the ex-military man decided to take revenge on him. 


After the man's truck engine blew up, he went to the gas station. He wanted to replace it with the new motor he had bought. 

However, he felt the engine looked smaller when he checked his truck four months later. Upon looking closely, he realized it was not the same engine that he had bought. 

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The man's family had immigrated to the U.S. in the 1880s. His parents were farmers, but they decided to sell their farms and split the money between their children. 

The man and his siblings inherited an equal amount of money from their parents. Since he served in the military, he decided to save that money. 

After working for the military for 22 years, the man retired. He had planned to set up a concrete business using his inheritance money. 

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Since he already owned a truck, it was easy for him to carry the concrete blocks from one place to another. Everything was going well until his truck's engine conked out one day. 

He had no idea he had been scammed.

After taking a closer look at the faulty engine, he decided to replace it with a new one because he suspected it would blow up in the future. He thought buying a new one was the best solution. 

He owned an old truck. | Source: Unsplash


He bought the engine and drove his truck to the only gas station in town. He met the owner, Earl, and asked him if he could replace the motor.

They agreed on a price following a short discussion, after which Earl told the man to pick up his truck from the gas station the following week. 

As agreed earlier, the man showed up at the gas station after seven days. He sat in his truck and checked if it was working fine. After driving around for a while, the man was satisfied with the new engine.

He went to the gas station to get the engine replaced. | Source: Unsplash


However, he didn't lift the hood and look at the engine closely. He trusted Earl because he was his friend's son. He had no idea he had been scammed.

Four months later, the man checked his truck's engine and realized it needed an oil change. While changing the oil, he noticed that the engine wasn't the same one he had bought. Instead, it looked like Earl had fixed a smaller engine in his truck.

It was time to change the truck's oil. | Source: Unsplash


Furious, the man drove his truck to the gas station and confronted him. Earl said he only did what the man told him and denied using a smaller engine. "You shouldn't have taken four months to bring this issue up!" Earl 


The man was furious. He told Earl he wouldn't let him go just like that, but Earl laughed and told him to leave his gas station. By this time, the man had decided he would teach Earl a lesson.

He inquired about the owners of Earl's gas station and discovered it was an old family friend named Harold. After getting his contact information, he drove to Harold's house.

Earl laughed at him and told him to leave. | Source: Unsplash


Once he introduced himself, the man asked him about his business. When he asked him if everything was going well with the gas station, Harold revealed that Earl hadn't paid the rent for two months. 

"Do you have a written lease with him?" he asked. When Harold said he didn't, the man asked him if he would like to sell the gas station.

At first, Harold disagreed, but his opinion changed when the man said he had enough money to buy it. He somehow convinced Harold to sell the gas station to him. 

He drove to Harold's house. | Source: Unsplash


"Did Earl do something to you? You seem awfully interested in this garage. Aren't you busy with that concrete business of yours?" Harold asked

The veteran told him what happened between him and Earl, assuring Harold that he wouldn't get into trouble for anything that would happen between him and Earl.

Since Harold owned the gas station and all the equipment in the workshop, selling it to the man meant leaving Earl jobless. He had to think before agreeing to sell it to him. 

Harold eventually agreed to sell the gas station. The veteran paid him in cash a few days later and initiated the paperwork. Within no time, he was the owner of Earl's gas station. 


Harold agreed to sell the gas station. | Source: Unsplash

The man suspected Earl would create a fuss after discovering that he owned his gas station, so he called the local sheriff and asked him to accompany him.


"Now I told you, I didn't cheat on you," Earl said when he saw the man heading towards him with the sheriff. After hearing Earl's words, the veteran smiled and told him he was there to fire him.

Earl was confused because he knew he owned the gas station and no one could fire him. He lost his cool when he heard the veteran say that he owned the place. 

Earl wasn't expecting the man to come to his gas station again. | Source: Unsplash


"I have a deal with Harold!" Earl yelled.

"Do you have a lease?" the sheriff intervened.

"No, I don't," Earl replied, so the sheriff told him he had to leave because the station now belonged to the veteran. 

The veteran was delighted to see Earl leave the gas station with his toolbox. He later hired a mechanic to work there and owned the garage for twenty-five years before selling it.

The man's grandson posted the story on Reddit in the "ProRevenge" sub. After reading his post, many people asked questions in the comments section.


The man had hired another mechanic for the workshop. | Source: Unsplash

"Did grandpa find the motor he bought?" Redditor swedething asked. OP (Original Poster) replied that his grandfather didn't find the engine, but he suspected Earl had sold it. 


"I love a good story!!" Redditor South-Patience-7732 replied. OP shared that everyone in his family loved this story. He also revealed that his grandfather sold the gas station to a big company and now thinks it's a Shell station. 

Most Redditors were glad that OP's grandfather didn't let Earl get away. They loved how he devised a brilliant plan to teach him a lesson. 

His grandson posted the story on Reddit. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the man should have asked the police to interrogate Earl?

The police didn't ask Earl if he had stolen the truck's engine. The man only requested the policeman to accompany him to the gas station to stay on the safe side. Some people might think the man should have asked the police to interrogate him and determine if he had sold the new engine. Do you agree?

Do you think the veteran shouldn't have kicked Earl out of the gas station?

Some people may disagree with the man's revenge plan and deem it too harsh because it cost Earl his livelihood.  If you were the man, how would you have handled the situation with Earl? 

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