Woman Fulfils Stranger's Last Wish by Giving Birth to His Daughter 7 Years after His Death

Brittany Chalmers
Apr 05, 2022
02:30 P.M.

After watching an interview online, a woman's life took an unexpected turn. She saw a stranger who needed help and did something she never thought she would.


People have turned to new and improved medical procedures in the hopes of having children. When couples struggle to fall pregnant or if single adults long for a baby, methods like in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be helpful.

Many people also donate sperm and eggs to help others start families. Baruch Pozniansky had one dying wish—he wanted to be a father. The man, who passed away due to cancer, had made arrangements to have a child after he was gone.

A woman and the daughter she had with a stranger's sperm. | Source: facebook.com/liat.malka.5

A woman and the daughter she had with a stranger's sperm. | Source: facebook.com/liat.malka.5


Thanks to a biological will, Baruch's parents, Vlad and Julia, facilitated this process to honor their son's dream. They shared his story, and one woman stumbled upon it years after his death.


Liat Malka was a woman that had a deep longing to be a mother, but the Israeli native was single and 35 years old. She knew her biological clock was ticking, so she did fertility testing.


Doctors told her that she had a low egg count, and she said: "Right away, I decided that I would do anything I could to have a baby as soon as possible." Malka wanted her child to know their father, so she did not think about sperm donation.


Her initial plan was changed by one YouTube video. She watched a 2009 interview with Vlad and Julia. They shared their son's story, and Malka felt drawn to him. When she reached out to the family, these feelings were confirmed.


Malka shared that using Baruch's sperm would allow her child to know something about her father. She added: "The child can know their history and have grandparents and family."


As Malka viewed photos of Baruch, she felt as if she knew him and connected with his big smile and eyes. Once the process started, she signed a contract with Baruch's family that allowed them visitation rights.


Malka fell pregnant on their second attempt at IVF, and she welcomed baby Shira into the world in 2015. While Shira would never meet her father, a piece of him lived in her.

She expressed: "I never met my daughter's dad—she was his dying wish." The mother never imagined having a child with a stranger, but she is happy she did.



A sperm donor allowed another single woman to become a mother in her forties. Michelle Elizaga spent all of her savings on the procedure, and she was thrilled when she fell pregnant. She welcomed her son Matthew in 2019.

He was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and Elizaga expressed: "I wouldn't change it for the world, and I couldn't imagine him any other way."

Elizaga and Malka followed an unconventional journey to motherhood, but both women have no regrets and are grateful for their beautiful children.

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