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Daughter Reads Adoptive Mom's Dying Wish, Starts Searching for Her Birth Mom to Fulfill It

Lois Oladejo
Apr 09, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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A lady, spurred to action by her adoptive mother's dying wish, decided to look for her birth mother, who had given her up for adoption because she had no way to cater to her.


The bonds that tie family are unseen but very powerful, and in Roshani Priddis's case, they ensure any family member can find their way back to each other regardless of how much time passes.

Roshani was born to an unwed woman who was very poor. The lady was aware of her financial state, which forced her to give up her daughter for adoption. Luckily for her, the Australian couple who took the baby in was kind and gentle and treated Roshani like their own child. 

[Left] Narelle Priddis carrying baby Roshani Priddis; [Right] Roshani Priddis in tears. | Source: Minutes Australia


The man who became her adoptive father was called Bruce Priddis, and his wife was known as Narelle Priddis, a beautiful woman who, in her last moments, sought to reunite Roshani with her birth mother. This is a story of their reunion.


In 1987, Bruce and his wife flew to Sri Lanka to get Roshani, who seemed unhappy to part with her mother. But, according to what Bruce told 60Minutes, Roshani kept screaming the whole journey. 

Bruce Priddis with baby Roshani Priddis and her birth mother, Violet. | Source: Minutes Australia


Roshani kept it up even when it was time for her to take pictures for her passport, which is why that expression was what got caught by the camera and used.

It elicited laughs from Roshani, and her father, as a reporter from 60minutes interviewed them; however, back then, Bruce did not find it very funny.

Roshani Priddis watching a video recording of her childhood with her adopted father and brother. | Source: Minutes Australia


At some point, the devoted father reportedly suggested that they return the child out of exasperation, but that didn't happen. Eventually, their perseverance paid off because Roshani adjusted quickly.  

At home, she discovered she had a 5-year-old brother who adored her, and they pretty much grew up together.

The Priddis' showered Roshani with love, but for years, Bruce felt guilty for separating a child from her birth mother and even admitted that the process had been brutal – it was one of the reasons his wife made it her last request.

Roshani Priddis and her adoptive mother, Narelle Priddis sharing a warm hug. | Source: Minutes Australia



The adoptive parents knew their child would have questions about her birth mother, so they took photos with her parents so she would be able to look at them when she got older. They became her only link to where she had been born.

Narelle Priddis passed on in 2010 following a tough three-year battle with cancer, and her dying wish set Roshani on the path of tracking down her birth mom. Roshani said:

"Her interest in this doesn't stop just because she's crossed over... she's very much behind this."

Roshani Priddis on her way to search for her birth mother. | Source: Minutes Australia


Determined to fulfill her adoptive mom's dying wish, she hired a private investigator to assist her with the search. But because there was little information, it took years before she got word that her mother, Violet, was still alive and would desperately like to meet her. 


After being separated from her birth mother for more than 28 years, Roshani eventually met her. Roshani said about their reunion:

"Time stood still, and it's just so emotional, it was instant familiarity I didn't know what to expect." 


Upon their meeting, there were a lot of happy tears, and Violet revealed how hurt she had been about handing her daughter over. Violet said:

"I feel a great happiness. Now that I've met her, my fears about what might have happened to her have disappeared." 

An emotional Roshani experienced instant familiarity with her mother and siblings, which made it easy for her to spend time getting to know them and catching up with what she did and how she lived. 

It was a wonderful thing that she experienced, and when she was asked how she thought her adoptive mom would be feeling about it, Roshani stated that the woman would be happy, which isn't very hard to believe since her last wish was fulfilled.