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Mom Doesn't Know Day Care Worker Mocks Her Son until She Discovers a Note in His Lunch Box

Lois Oladejo
Apr 09, 2022
09:30 P.M.

A viral snapshot of an abusive note from a daycare employee circulated on social media and triggered concerns amongst parents over the safety of their children.


Parents believe their most significant responsibility is to provide a safe and healthy environment for their children to grow. They go through the hurdle of selecting the best school to offer the best, but sometimes, kids still experience abuse.

A Texas mom was shocked to her core after reading the nasty note left by a daycare employee in her child's lunchbox. In 2019, Francesca made a dietary change to her son's lunch and left a lovely note of support in his lunchbox expressing her love, but she was surprised by the response she received.


Francesca reportedly said that a daycare employee had written, "No! Put him on a diet and go away!" to reply to the note. The shocked mom said it took a few minutes to understand what had happened and why she got the rude note.

The mom said her 5-year-old boy had been attending Rocking Horse Day Care in Kingwood for three years, and she had never had any problems until the ugly incident.


Francesca reported the incident to the daycare director, and he apologized. The employee, who confessed to sending the message, was fired following an investigation.

The fired employee stated that they did not intend for the mother to see what was written. Francesca took her son, Kyler, out of the daycare, noting that she was looking for a safe spot for him.


Speaking to Today about the event, Francesca pointed out that Kyler needed a change in his diet. Like every 5-year-old, he was happy eating chicken nuggets for every meal, which was bad for his health.


The toddler was far from impressed when his lunch had more veggies and fruits. Francesa said she thought of a way to encourage him to eat the apple slices in his lunchbox and felt a note would be best.


Francesca believed taking her son from the toxic environment was best for his growth. She described Kyler as a kind boy with the largest heart. She added that Kyler is in the 91st percentile for height and weight.

Francesca shared the post on her Facebook, adding that the daycare seemed to have turned a blind eye to other events going on with their staff. In addition, she pointed out that the school's Facebook page for teachers had drug-related content, which was inappropriate.


She added that the management showed no remorse despite firing the guilty staff. Francesca admitted that getting a new daycare for Kyler would be pricey, but she was determined to keep him safe regardless of the cost.

The disappointed mom went on to leave a note of caution to other users, advising them to be more involved with their children's daycare. She also asked other parents to boycott the Rocking Horse Kingwood daycare.


Several parents were moved with compassion for her story. Some wrote comments hoping to cheer her on, while others raised concerns about the growing mental and emotional abuse rate for children in schools. Rocking Horse reportedly declined to comment on the incident.

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