October 18, 2021

Mom Finds Note Written on Baby's Stomach by Daycare Worker That Was Hard to Erase with Washing

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Social media rallied around Heather as she revealed the unthinkable actions of a daycare worker. She was horrified at what she found scribbled all over her tiny and vulnerable baby's stomach. 

Every time a parent drops their child off at a school or daycare, they are putting their trust into the hands of individuals who are meant to be professionals. Single mom Heather Chisum's trust was broken in a huge way. 

She brought her baby son Milo home from school, only to find that something had gone horribly wrong. The fired-up mother called family, asking if she was overreacting. Relatives assured her she wasn't, so much so that a state investigation was launched into the matter.


Heather Chisum with a picture of her baby’s stomach which was written on by a daycare worker. │Source: Houston


Chisum also took to Facebook, sharing pictures of the 2020 incident involving her baby, once again asking if her outrage was valid. The now-viral post had many individuals assuring her that she had every right to be angry.


Many advised the mother to take action and speak about the incident. In the social media post, Chisum explained that the daycare had outlined in his report that she needed to provide diapers for her baby, which she forgot to do.

Individual commenting on a Facebook post by Heather Chisum. │Source: Houston



Consequently, one of the workers at the daycare in Sanibel, Florida, wrote a note on her son's stomach, reminding the mom about the diapers and asking her to see the report. Chisum has since expressed

"I've given him two showers and scrubbed his stomach and it's not coming off." 

The mother revealed that this had occurred before. However, she said this was taken to a more extreme level than anything she had come across in the past. 

Heather Chisum’s baby son Milo with a note written on his stomach. │Source:



Chisum stated she doesn't understand why they didn't simply have a conversation with her. The mother revealed that there are many daycare workers present when she picks and drops off her son, and so they could easily talk to her. 

The Children's Education Center of the Islands has extended its apologies stating that this goes against the ethical policies of the school. The daycare worker who wrote on Milo's stomach has since been fired



While this childcarer had the public enraged, sometimes it's the parents themselves who face the fury of online mobs. Australia's Monster Croc Wrangler Matt Wright found himself in this position after posting a video of his 2-year-old son playing with a giant snake.

In the video shared on Wright's Instagram account, the toddler Banjo is seen holding and interacting with a massive python. Although this reptile is harmless, many people on the internet were unimpressed and believed that children should not play with snakes. 

However, some said it was up to the parents what Banjo could or could not do. Do you feel that in this case, the Croc Wrangler deserves as much backlash and consequence as Milo's daycare worker and why? 

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