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Chris Stapleton and His Singer Wife Morgane Share 5 Kids They Keep Out of the Spotlight

Edduin Carvajal
Apr 06, 2022
07:15 A.M.
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Chris Stapleton might be one of the most successful country music stars of the decade, but he keeps crediting his wife for his music and protecting his five children's privacy.


Although "Traveller" singer Chris Stapleton is already used to dealing with fame, he and his wife, Morgane Stapleton, do as much as possible to keep their kids out of the spotlight.

So, Chris' fans were surprised when he mentioned two of his kids, Macon and Samuel, at the 2022 Grammys after winning Best Country Album for "Starting Over."

Morgane Stapleton and Chris Stapleton on April 03, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. | Source: Getty Images


After telling the audience he had five children, Chris revealed it was a special date because it was his twins' fourth birthday. Since he was at the ceremony and not with them, he couldn't avoid thinking about sacrifices. 

Chris was sure that every other artist in the venue had also sacrificed something to be there, and he acknowledged it could be painful. However, he wished that all their sacrifices were small steps toward making the world better.

Chris Stapleton and his children on June 11, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


While Chris has won many awards, he stays humble and doesn't take all the credit. After the 2021 CMA Awards ceremony, he admitted none of his music would exist without Morgane. He explained

"She props me up when I need it, helps me find my way when I'm lost, helps me cross the finish line when I'm having trouble doing that."


Morgane's vocals have been included in many of his songs, she is frequently by his side when he gets on stage, and their chemistry is one of the highlights of his live shows.

Apart from that, Chris Stapleton's wife knows when he "gets lazy" while recording songs, and she makes him change keys and sing higher. Nobody but Morgane Stapleton notices when he does that. 


While being a musician pays the bills, Chris' priority is his family. He admitted that the silver lining of the pandemic was spending plenty of time with his kids – something he couldn't have done otherwise because he's frequently touring

My children did not make that choice.


Chris changed so many diapers that he became a professional at it. He would also get his five kids up every morning, prepare breakfast, and watch them run around the house. 

Morgane and Chris might be proud of their children, but they don't want to push them into the spotlight. The couple rarely speaks about them in public because they did not sign up for being famous


Chris admitted he was a private person and would always keep his kids away from the headlines because they are children and deserve the opportunity to be just that. He added:

"My wife comes out [in the public eye], and she's an adult, so she can choose to do that. My children did not make that choice, and [talking about them in public] is kind of off-limits."

While Morgane and Chris Stapleton prefer not to share details about their kids in public, they took their eldest kids, Waylon and Ada, to the 2022 ACM Awards. The kids were spotted cheering on their dad when he won the Male Artist of the Year award.