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Elderly Father Discovers His Ex-Marine Son Is Homeless, Goes on a Journey to Bring Him Back Home

Brittany Chalmers
Apr 07, 2022
01:00 A.M.

A father lost contact with his son, so he flew thousands of miles in search of him. He was worried about his child's well-being and refused to stop believing that they would be reunited.


Steve Ellis loved his son, and he was proud of him for his service as a marine and the man he had become. However, Ellis started to worry about his 45-year-old son when he moved from Illinois to Tacoma, Washington.

Jason planned to work in construction, but Ellis shared that a work injury and post-traumatic stress disorder hindered his son. The father had many sleepless nights, so he decided to take a trip to Tacoma in 2019.


It had been three years since the father and son spoke, and Ellis believed it was time to search for his child. He wanted to help him rebuild his life, but locating Jason was not easy.

Despite concerns that something might have happened to Jason, Ellis held onto hope that he would see him again. The father expressed: "He's still here. I know he is. I'll find him."



Ellis never gave up searching and remained determined about his mission. The father made posters and asked people in the street if they recognized his son.

He shared:

"I decided to come back out here again and see if I could find him. I’m just trying to find him, take him home and take care of him."



After some time, a passerby told Ellis he knew where Jason lived. He stayed at a stability site, and the father rushed to the location. He couldn't find his son, so he asked people to give Jason his number if they saw him again.

Thankfully, news that his father was looking for him reached Jason, and he contacted Ellis. After three years apart, the father and son reconnected, and their story touched many hearts.


The online community applauded the father's love and determination to find his son. A netizen stated: "I wish mine would look this hard for me... Beautiful Story."

Another user was thrilled to hear the duo had been reunited. They added: "This makes me incredibly happy! I wish the best for them moving forward!"



Another family experienced a joyful reunion when a son located his homeless father. Jason Kelly desperately wanted to find his father, and in 2020, that dream came true.

The duo had been separated for years when Kelly took the story to the press. A newspaper ran their story along with a photo of Kelly's father, David, and it helped bring the pair back together.



When David saw his son, he was shocked and ran away from him. Thankfully, when David realized that Kelly was his son, he stopped and became emotional. It was an unforgettable moment, and the duo instantly started making up for the lost time.

Ellis and his son also got a happy ending to their story, and both experiences encourage family members to keep looking for their loved ones.

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