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Poor Girl Is in Debt and Needs Money for Studies – Finds Out Father Stole Her $32K Inheritance

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 11, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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A girl had planned to pay her college loan with her inheritance money, but her father wasn't giving it to her. Fed up, she called her cousin and discovered that her father had lied to her. 


The 22-year-old woman opened up about her father's strange behavior after talking to her cousin about the inheritance money. 

She posted the details on Reddit, hoping someone would give her legal advice on what she should do next. The girl never expected her father would betray her trust.

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The girl didn't disclose her identity while writing her post in the "legaladvice" forum. She shared that she lived in Pennsylvania while her father sometimes resided in New Jersey.

Her parents were living apart after splitting up. Her mother didn't want to live with her father anymore because of his strange behavior. 

She recalled witnessing her father doing the most unusual things when they lived together in New Jersey. She revealed that he stole her disabled brother's social security money to fulfill his desires.

Her parents had parted ways. | Source: Pexels


Before revealing what her father did to her, she talked about her family's wealth. It all started when her great paternal aunt passed away. She was a wealthy woman with no offspring, so she distributed her money among her nieces, nephews, grand-nieces, and grand-nephews.

Annoyed, she decided to call her cousin, who was the executor of her great-aunt's will, not knowing what she would discover after talking to her.

The girl's father was also one of the nephews, so he received thousands of dollars, along with the girl's inheritance that he was responsible for until she turned 18, when she was entitled to it.

Her great aunt left a huge inheritance. | Source: Pexels


As a child, she didn't know anything about her inheritance money. Her mother often asked her father about the money, but he shrugged it off, saying he would give it to his daughter when she turned 18. All he said was that he had $10,000 saved for her.

When the girl was in college, he gave her a $1200 check and told her she would receive $200 every month. She was happy to receive the money, thinking it would help her pay off her college loan. However, money never came after that.

"Every month goes by, nothing happens. I ask him about this, and he makes excuses," the girl explained. and she was fed up with her father's unreasonable behavior. 


The man received a lot of money as inheritance. | Source: Unsplash

Annoyed, she decided to call her cousin, who was the executor of her great-aunt's will, not knowing what she would discover after talking to her.


Her cousin was shocked to know that she hadn't received her inheritance money. She said she should have received the total amount when she turned 18. 

She also revealed that her inheritance money was $32,000 and not $10,000. Confused, the girl told her cousin about her father's strange behavior. 

The girl needed money to pay her college loan. | Source: Unsplash


After the phone call, her cousin called her father and confronted him. He bombarded her with excuses and said he would give the money. 

Meanwhile, the girl also confronted him and demanded he tells her the truth. Instead of explaining where the money went, he played the victim and accused the girls of hating him. 

A few months later, the man confessed that he had spent her share of the inheritance. He said he had "borrowed" the money and intended to return it to her. 

She called her cousin to discuss the situation with her. | Source: Pexels


He explained that someone had filed a case against him, so he needed the money to save himself from imprisonment. She later discovered that he had stolen money from his job, and the management had sued him for it.

He used her share of the inheritance to repay the money he stole. She didn't know how much money he had taken, but she knew that money could have helped her pay off her college loans. 

Feeling confused and frustrated, she posted her story on Reddit, hoping someone would guide her on what she could do next. Meanwhile, her father shared his plans of setting up a new business to return the money he had borrowed from her. 


She was confused after hearing her father's confession. | Source: Unsplash

"That money is gone, and your dad doesn't have an income to garnish payment from," Redditor k2dadub stated. The Redditor said OP (Original Poster) could hire a lawyer to fight her case, but that would only help her recover a fraction of her share in the inheritance. 


It seemed like the girl had no option except to forget about her inheritance money because her father was not in a position to pay her back. 

She turned to Reddit for advice. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's mother should have taken the money from her father?

When OP's mother asked her father about the money, he said he had it in his account and refused to talk further. His behavior might have made the woman suspicious about his intentions, but she didn't confront him or do anything about it. Had she asked him to transfer the money to her account, she could have given it to her daughter in the future. What do you think?

How can we prevent such things from happening in the future?

It's not uncommon to see parents spending their minor child's inheritance on themselves. It might be because there is no strict law that would make them think twice before using their child's money. Perhaps, developing a law that ensures severe punishment for people like OP's father might lower the cases of parents stealing cash from their child's share of the inheritance. What do you think?

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