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While Deep Cleaning, Woman Finds Hidden Cameras She Had Never Seen before Pointed at Bed

Rita Kumar
Apr 12, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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The woman assumed everything was fine after moving into her boyfriend's house. But the real nightmare began after she accidentally found hidden cams in their bedroom, which led to another disturbing discovery. 


Being watched when nobody is around can be a frightening experience for some. For Redditor iujiko, it was more than a spine-chilling encounter when she unexpectedly discovered hidden cams while deep cleaning the apartment she shared with her boyfriend.

The 21-year-old was working in a hospital, and it was here that she met her boyfriend, 27, a resident doctor. A year after dating, the guy offered the Redditor to move in with him after constantly hearing her complain about noisy dorms. 

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The Original Poster (OP)'s boyfriend was about to finish up his residency and move to work, so she was preoccupied with cleaning the place and packing some of his stuff. The guy was working a night shift while OP was alone. 

He was fuming and barged into the bathroom where OP was sitting. OP was frightened and confused as she'd never seen him act like that before. 

As she cleaned, she accidentally discovered two hidden cameras in their bedroom. OP was aware of the security cameras in the house, especially in the living room and the kitchen, which her boyfriend claimed were for safety purposes. But something about the two cameras in their bedroom that pointed to the bed appeared murky.


OP's gut feeling kicked in as she sensed something was missing in the bigger picture. She was anxious and decided to find out if the cameras were limited to the bedroom alone.

OP was cleaning the house when she accidentally chanced upon the hidden cameras. | Source: Pexels


OP butchered the house and found a few more cameras installed in intimate places like the closet and the bathroom. She was disgusted and couldn't think of anything else other than that she was being spied on when alone at home. 

She immediately discussed what she'd found with her boyfriend after he returned home, but he vaguely dismissed it, saying it was for security and insurance purposes if there was a break-in. He even disagreed that the cameras faced the bed. 

OP was confused and assumed that whatever her boyfriend explained made sense. However, she felt uneasy and let things slide for a while.

But things took a different turn when she returned home and found her guy asleep while his smartwatch lay on the counter, turned on and accessible. 


OP was looking for clues when she found her boyfriend's smartwatch turned on while he was asleep. | Source: Unsplash

OP quickly picked it up and checked for anything suspicious. She then found his group chats with several male colleagues from the hospital. Smitten by curiosity, she grabbed the guy's phone to check the messages.


She found her coworkers had posted intimate details about their wives and girlfriends in the chats, including pictures and videos. As she rummaged through the texts, she found a "private" video of her with her boyfriend. 

OP was disgusted because most of the men on the chat were her mentors at work and some women in those pictures and videos appeared familiar. She kept looking for more but was seconds away from trouble after her boyfriend woke up and realized his phone was missing. 

He was fuming and barged into the bathroom where OP was sitting. OP was frightened and confused as she'd never seen him act like that before. 


As OP rummaged through the chats, she found "private" pics & videos of her shared in a group chat. | Source: Pexels

The guy realized OP was horrified and started comforting her. He pleaded with her not to reveal it to anyone and told her he would do anything to win her trust. As she watched in disbelief, he apologized by pulling out the ring he intended to propose to her, but she was unmoved. 


Eventually, OP moved out of the house to a studio she bought and immediately contacted her lawyer. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. Her lawyer advised her not to report the issue to her HR yet, surmising they could cover it up to avoid humiliation.

Furthermore, he warned OP of becoming a potential target of embarrassment if she still wished to file a lawsuit and let her investigators watch the intimate material as evidence. He also cautioned that she'd have to lose some friends and her dignity in the bargain. 

OP contacted two women she recognized from the group chat to see if they could help. But they preferred to stay tight-lipped about the matter. Before OP could think of anything else, the ladies she met left things at her door, warning her that she would get nothing from reporting the issue. 


The disturbing discovery left OP shattered. | Source: Pexels

Meanwhile, her boyfriend constantly contacted her and often got flowers, food, and other stuff delivered to her place. Despite his numerous apologies, OP was confused about who to trust and who not to. 


She was embarrassed about conceding the truth to her parents as she feared they would avenge her and go behind bars. And she didn't want to give her friends a glimpse of the turmoil in her "seemingly perfect relationship."

Unable to navigate her plight, she turned to random strangers on Reddit's "Relationship Advice" sub for guidance. After reading her story, people anonymously raced to the thread and encouraged OP to fight for justice and not give up yet.

OP was embarrassed about revealing the matter to her parents & friends. | Source: Pexels


Redditor Loving_Hate advised OP to bring the matter to her parents' notice and trust that they would put her well-being ahead of revenge. 

"And you should absolutely tell your friends. They will be just as shocked, but if they're actual friends, they will be horrified, shocked, and angry on your behalf while also supporting you!" the person said, adding:

"You are a victim and deserve to have justice. You are now a victim of stalking, so you need to start looking into how to protect yourself in this situation."

Several people like Redditor _sunflowerqueen_ agreed with what the user said and stated: "There are a lot of bad people who benefit from trying to browbeat you down here, your terrible ex, his coworkers, and more. If you don't let your friends and family in, they will overwhelm you."


People on Reddit advised OP to seek justice. | Source: Pexels

The episode turned out to be a rough ride for OP as she felt reporting the issue could backfire and cost her career. She surmised the videos could drag her in a bad light since many of them had her in view and not her boyfriend. 


"I want nothing more than to ruin their lives but don't want to ruin mine in the process by giving myself a reputation or a target for other male colleagues since I'm definitely vulnerable atm," she proclaimed. However, it's still guesswork if OP would one day confront her wrongdoers or not...and only time will tell. 

Although OP wanted to get back at her wrongdoers, she felt vulnerable & only time will tell how she sorted the issue. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should report the matter to the hospital's HR?

Although OP wanted to report the matter to HR, her lawyer advised her against it as it could paint her in a bad light and backfire on her career. OP also conceded that she didn't want to ruin her life as she found herself in a vulnerable position. What actions would you take if something like this happened to you? 

Do you think OP's boyfriend would get away with invading her privacy?

When OP found out that her boyfriend had shared her intimate pictures and videos in the group chat, she bubbled with mixed emotions and confronted him. She was embarrassed and hurt, knowing her partner broke her trust. She moved out of his house in the process, and although she wanted to seek legal help, she was confused about proceeding further. How would you react to a similar situation, and do you think what OP's boyfriend did to her will remain concealed for long?


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