Woman Notices Her Wind Chime Is Gone and Finds Note and $5 from a Little Boy at Her Door

Lois Oladejo
Apr 10, 2022
09:30 P.M.

A woman who hung a wind chime by her house woke one morning to find it missing. The culprit was a young girl whose brother had been kind enough to leave an apology note and a $5 bill as reparations.


Dealing with the death of a loved one is not an easy experience, especially when such a tragedy happens to children.

Back in 2017, a woman named Chrissy Marie from Washington woke up to find an apology letter and a $5 bill on her doorstep. Though it baffled her at first, reading it made her realize a young, grieving child had penned it.

An apology note and a $5 bill left by a young boy on Chrissy Marie's doorstep. | Source:  facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters

An apology note and a $5 bill left by a young boy on Chrissy Marie's doorstep. | Source: facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters

In the note, the boy admitted that his sister had stolen one of her wind chimes and explained the reason behind it. The ornament reminded him and his sister of their late mom, who liked butterflies, according to what he scribbled on the letter.

The boy, identified as Jake, had left the bill to replace what they had taken, hoping it would cover the cost because it was all they allegedly had to give. Instead, he pleaded in the letter:


“I am sorry that we stole your wind chime our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it and put it by our window I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad at us.”

Chrissy Marie speaking. | Source: facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters

Chrissy Marie speaking. | Source: facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters

Rather than get mad at their audacity, the woman only felt terrible because she believed he felt bad for what his sister had done and left the note out of fear.

Marie did not like that they stole, but she could understand what drove them to seek that form of closure because she had also lost her own mom at a young age.


She took to her Facebook page with a picture of the note and a five-dollar bill, and there she revealed her desire to find the boy so she could return his money.

Marie also wrote that she owned three wind chimes and was willing to give the boy and his sister one so that they could both have one. She wrote:

“Well Jake, I'm not sure who you are but you can come get your money back sweetie, I had 3 of those windchimes – you can come back get your money back and have 1 also so both of you have your own. I am not mad, please come over to my house.”


The post found its way to a local group on Facebook, and the news of what happened got around. Marie was flooded with messages from those touched by what happened. So many could not believe a young boy had already developed such a deep sense of responsibility.

They also grieved with him and his sister on the loss of their mother so early in their lives. Among the users who commended the boy was his aunt, who eventually connected Marie with the boy's family, making their meeting feasible.

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