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Mom Loses Both of Her Kids and Almost Dies in a Fire, Prays for Another Child for 12 Years

Stephen Thompson
Apr 07, 2022
06:30 P.M.
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Erin Weaver's tragedy gave birth to the perfect miracle she could ask for. Although she lost two kids and nearly died in a fire, Weaver welcomed another child after twelve years.


Twelve years ago, Erin Weaver from California was a happy mom of two, a 6-year-old daughter named Devlin Victory and a son, Daelin Anthony.

But despite her perfect family, Weaver was not in a happy relationship with the father of her kids, Mark Anthony Fregia. Their relationship was toxic as Fregia was abusive.

[Left] Picture of Erin Weaver with her newborn baby, Kealani; [Right] Picture of Erin Weaver's kids Devlin Victory and Daelin Anthony | Source: ||


So, she ended things and what followed was a custody battle. Sadly, she lost the kids, not to Fregia, but fire. Weaver's comment about their custody tussle was that:

"I think it was one of those, 'if I can't have you, no one can, and if I can't raise my kids, no one will.'"



Fregia had promised to take the kids toy shopping a week before Christmas, but he had other plans. He wanted to end their life, including Weaver's. Unfortunately, their kids did not survive the fire set by their father, even though Weaver tried to get them out of the car.

However, Weaver survived,  but she was devastated. According to the grieving mom:

"I was obviously hurt really bad, and I lost my children -- the only thing I had in this world. I had no will to live whatsoever."

Picture of Erin Weaver with her kids Devlin Victory and Daelin Anthony | Source: Youtube/ Inside Edition


Fregia was arrested and charged with murders and attempted murders. He is currently serving multiple life sentences. Despite the punishment, it was challenging to forget the tragedy. Weaver resorted to dreaming about her kids; that was the only way she saw them.


Even though the pain was unexplainable, she wanted to have another family. Weaver prayed for a miracle and even lost hope a few times. In her words:

"I would be in the hospital, and I would hear that lullaby go off. And for so many years, I just wished it was for me. I had always wished and prayed and cried and hoped, but I never thought it was going to be in the cards for me."


Picture of Erin Weaver with her newborn baby, Kealani | Source: Youtube/ Inside Edition


Weaver was not expecting her miracle when it happened. She was almost forty, but it came anyway. Thankfully, she fell in love and became pregnant. Eventually, Weaver welcomed a daughter, weighing seven pounds,13 ounces. She named her Kealani, meaning "clear heaven."


The baby looks like Devlin, Weaver's first daughter. She explained that her child would know about the deceased siblings, adding that she still cherished their memories. She said:

"She is going to know all about her brother and sister. I still always talk about them. So many days I cried over them, and now she makes me smile at the end."

To Weaver, it was a mind-blowing experience witnessing the birth of another beautiful child. She credits God for her miracle, adding that the blessings came at once.

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