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Man Came Home Early, Heard Noises from the Bedroom & Opened the Door

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 13, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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The man sensed something was fishy after noticing his girlfriend's strange behavior. One day, he came home from school early and pressed his ear against the wooden door to spy on her.


He barged into the house after realizing what was happening inside. He wrote a series of Reddit posts in the "relationships" forum, describing what he witnessed.

After narrating his side of the story, the 22-year-old man asked other Redditors if he just imagined things. He wasn't ready to believe what he saw was real.

Source: Flickr / Chris Waits


Before jumping to the main story, the Redditor introduced his girlfriend, Alexis. He had been dating her for almost two years and described her as a "sweet, shy girl."

After one of their friends agreed to split the rent with them three ways, Alexis rented an apartment with her friend Brooke. Due to some reason, the third girl didn't show up, so OP (Original Poster) decided to move in with the two girls and pay a third of the rent.

Alexis and Brooke happily welcomed him to live with them. At the same time, Brooke had started dating his best friend, Derek.

He described his girlfriend as a sweet, shy girl. | Source: Unsplash


The two couples bonded well and loved staying in the apartment. Once Derek's parents sold their house, he moved in with his girlfriend and agreed to split the rent and utilities four ways. 

Two young couples living in an expensive apartment seemed like an ideal situation to everyone until OP started noticing strange things happening in the house. 

He revealed that he left for school with Brooke at 8 in the morning, while his girlfriend and Derek stayed back and left in the afternoon because their classes started late.

Alexis had rented an apartment with her best friend. | Source: Pexels


One day, OP decided to surprise Alexis by waiting for her outside her classroom after attending his classes. However, he realized she wasn't in class after all students had vacated the classroom, and there was no Alexis in sight.

He saw her expression change when he asked her if Derek was at home that morning.

He immediately took out his phone and messaged her, asking where she was. "Just got out of class. Going to go home to study," Alexis replied.

He waited for Alexis' class to be over so he could meet her. | Source: Unsplash


Confused, he called her, but she didn't answer. He thought it was strange but didn't think much about it and walked away.

Later that day, he bumped into Brooke, who told her that Derek didn't attend his classes because he felt sick and had stayed home that day.

When he reached home, he noticed Alexis' car hadn't moved an inch. He went inside and asked her if she had attended her class, to which she replied she didn't because she disliked the teacher's way of explaining things.

He drove back home after realizing Alexis wasn't there. | Source: Pexels


She confessed to lying to him because she feared he would scold her for skipping her class. But she assured him she wouldn't miss her class again because she got bored staying home alone.

That night, as he was lying in bed, almost about to fall asleep, OP realized Alexis couldn't have been alone at home because Brooke had told him Derek was also at home. 

He opened his eyes and turned towards Alexis, who was scrolling her phone. He saw her expression change when he asked her if Derek was home that morning. She said he was there in the morning but later left to do some errands. 

Alexis said she had skipped school because she disliked her teacher's way of teaching. | Source: Unsplash


"After the other incidents, I realized that the scattered way she answered this question seemed off, but that may just be my imagination," OP stated

A few days later, OP was disposing of the kitchen trash when he noticed a familiar shiny wrapper in the trashcan. Upon looking closely, he realized it was contraceptive packaging of the same brand he and Alexis used. 

He knew Brooke and Derek used a different brand, so he wondered how the wrapper made it to the trashcan because he hadn't used one recently. 

He noticed something strange while disposing the kitchen trash. | Source: Unsplash


Later that night, OP mentioned the wrapper to Alexis and saw her eyes widen. She expressed her shock at Brooke and Derek's audacity to break into their room and steal a pack from their drawer.

But when OP said he would talk to them about it in the morning, Alexis made him promise not to confront them. She said she didn't want him to have an "awkward conversation" with them. The man thought it strange since his girlfriend had never felt awkward discussing this topic before. 

A few days later, one of his neighbors came up to him and mentioned hearing loud noises in the morning, hinting someone in OP's apartment was making love in the morning. 


His neighbor mentioned he heard loud noises from his apartment. | Source: Unsplash

The man blushed and thought his neighbor was talking about him. However, he later realized he never got intimate with his girlfriend in the mornings except on weekends. He doubted if his neighbor was talking about him and Alexis. 


Since seeds of doubt had been planted in his mind about the possibility of his girlfriend cheating on him with Derek, he planned to confront her. However, he decided not to when he heard Brooke tell Derek to go to bed early because he had to work in the morning. 

He was shocked to learn Derek went to work in the morning because he knew he only worked the night shifts. He casually asked him about it and discovered that he had also taken the morning shift. 

He had decided to confront his girlfriend. | Source: Unsplash


The man wondered if Alexis was cheating on him with another man after knowing Derek left for work at 9 a.m. every day. He thought about it the entire night before passing out.

The following day, he went to school, but his mind kept thinking about Alexis. He wanted to head home and see if Derek was still there, but he didn't want to miss his class.

After thinking about it, he stood up and headed toward the parking lot. He decided to go to the apartment to check on his girlfriend and Derek. 

He headed towards the parking lot to go home and check on his girlfriend. | Source: Unsplash


He was relieved to see Derek's car wasn't parked in front of the apartment building when he got there. He jumped out of his car and walked towards the door, but stopped in his tracks when he heard a man's voice.

"I heard him talking and laughing and a soft feminine mumble replying and giggling back," he recalled. He pressed his ear against the wooden door, trying to hear the conversation.

He couldn't understand what they were saying, except for a few words. When he heard his girlfriend giggle again, he couldn't wait any longer and opened the door. 

He opened the door after hearing his girlfriend giggle. | Source: Unsplash


His eyes widened when he recognized the man with his girlfriend. It was their neighbor, Mark, who often passed mean remarks about Alexis and Brooke. 

Instead of yelling at Alexis and Mark, OP walked out of the door with tears in his eyes as his girlfriend shouted his name, trying to stop him. 

Later that day, he moved in with a friend. He revealed that Alexis messaged him and said she wasn't cheating on him with Mark, claiming he only came over for advice. But OP refused to believe it. 

He moved to a friend's house. | Source: Unsplash


At this point, he hadn't said anything to Brooke and Derek. They were still living with Alexis in the apartment and had no idea where he was. 

A few days later, he realized he should inform Derek about it. When he did, Derek called him and asked to meet him at his favorite restaurant. Meanwhile, Alexis also asked him to meet her, but he didn't respond to her.

He feared Alexis might show up at the restaurant, but she didn't. He met Derek and told them everything that happened. Derek hugged him and said he was there to support him. 

He met Derek at a restaurant. | Source: Unsplash


He also shared that Brooke yelled at Alexis when she saw her weeping while hugging his sweater. Derek assured him that both he and Brooke were on his side.

Moreover, Derek told him they would kick Alexis out of the apartment, and he could live with them once she's left. However, he didn't want to live in the apartment because he feared everything would remind him of Alexis. 

Meanwhile, he studied and prepared for his final semester exams, trying not to think about his cheating ex-girlfriend. He confessed that everything hit him hard after completing his exams. He got rid of everything that reminded him of Alexis and even deleted the songs they listened to together. 


He prepared for his final exams. | Source: Unsplash

After reading the comments under this post, he realized it would be better to meet Alexis and discuss everything one last time. He reluctantly sent her a message to meet him and told her not to expect him to patch up things with her. She agreed and scheduled to meet.


When he reached the coffee shop they decided on, he saw Alexis sitting there. She raised her arms to hug him, but he shrugged her off and sat on the chair. After talking to her for a while, he asked her to explain why she cheated on him with Mark.

She had no logical explanation, so she broke into tears and apologized for cheating. She even asked him if they could be together again, but he refused. 

He invited Alexis to a coffee shop. | Source: Unsplash


He told her she could live in her apartment with Derek and Brooke, but she told him she was moving to another friend's place. At this point, she convinced him to forgive her and accept her back in his life. In the end, he had to get up and leave because she wouldn't stop making excuses for her behavior.

He headed to Derek's place and played video games with him. Derek mentioned they were having difficulty finding a third roommate and asked him to move in with them. 

He agreed and moved in after Alexis took her belongings, including her furniture. He confessed he was doing much better now after the cheating incident. 


He played video games with Derek. | Source: Unsplash

"I've been following this story since the first update, and I can honestly say you're truly handling this like a boss," Redditor kingjaggerjack stated


"I was much cheered by reading about Brooke verbally beating up on Alexis and kicking her out," Redditor 37-pieces-of-flair wrote. OP read her comment and said he felt delighted too when Derek told him about it. 

Most Redditors appreciated OP for handling the situation so well and told him to stick with Derek and Brooke because they genuinely cared for him.

He moved in with Derek and Brooke. | Source: Unsplash


What can we learn from this story?

  • Challenging situations in life show you who your real friends are. Derek and Brooke supported OP and made sure he moved back in with them. They proved they were his real friends by supporting him during his worst time.
  • It's best to follow your gut feeling. The man had a feeling that something was wrong, but he didn't know what it was. He followed his gut feeling and left his class to check on his girlfriend. He wouldn't have known that she was cheating on him if he had not left his class. 

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