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Woman Installs Hidden Cameras at Home, Gets Notification of Movement While Away

Rita Kumar
Apr 15, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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The woman was on her way home with her husband when the camera in her bedroom notified her of movement. She sensed something was fishy because the bedroom door was locked, so she immediately checked the footage. 


Sometimes, it could be a rough ride for people who think they can quickly get away with invading someone's privacy, and Redditor bobthebuilder798's story went viral on Reddit's "AITA" sub for the exact reason.

The 23-year-old was a wife who was very watchful of her privacy and made sure nobody meddled with her belongings. But one day, she was stunned when the camera in her locked bedroom notified her of movement while she was away with her husband.

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The Original Poster (OP) and her husband, 25, planned on having children, so they moved into their new 4-bedroom house they bought six months before the fateful incident.

The footage left the couple speechless and livid. They hurried home and were shocked after witnessing the mess.

Around three months after they relocated, OP's in-laws also moved in because their house was being remodeled. The private person she was, OP always made sure nobody touched her things without her permission.

OP's overly protective attitude was born out of her childhood, living with siblings, and when most of her stuff was stolen. Growing up, she took every precaution to protect her belongings and went to the extent of locking her bedroom.


OP & her husband moved into their new house because they planned on having a baby. | Source: Unsplash

The woman even installed cameras after her neighbors reported a break-in in their home. She was meticulous about having enough proof to trace intruders should a break-in happen in her house.


Eventually, the couple was assured of tight security and went out of town on a weekend getaway. But OP couldn't be more shocked than when the camera in their locked bedroom notified them of movement on their way home.

She immediately checked the footage and froze after it revealed her in-laws rummaging through her things. She couldn't believe what was happening and had her eyes fixed on the disturbing stuff they did later. 

The footage from their bedroom cam left OP & her husband speechless. | Source: Unsplash


The in-laws made a mess throwing things around in the bedroom. OP's mother-in-law ripped the sheets off her bed and threw them in the restroom. On the other end, her father-in-law tossed the couple's clothes off the drawers.

The footage left the couple speechless and livid. They hurried home and were shocked after witnessing the mess. OP immediately confronted her in-laws and asked them why they would do such a thing. However, their response escalated her temper.

It turned out that the in-laws suspected their son and OP were hiding their pregnancy. They wanted to verify, so they searched for ultrasound photos as "proof" to show their friends and announce they would be grandparents soon.


OP was fuming, and in the heat of the moment, she kicked her in-laws out and demanded them to reimburse the damaged items. She refused to let them back in until they apologized and fixed the damages. However, her decision was met with severe backlash from her husband's siblings.

OP's in-laws claimed they suspected OP was pregnant & were looking for ultrasound photos. | Source: Unsplash


The in-laws' children criticized OP, although her husband sided with her in this. Since the issue magnified and left the family divided, OP sought an outside opinion from anonymous people on Reddit.

After reading her story, an overwhelming lot turned into avid supporters of OP. Some stressed OP's in-laws exhibited signs of disrespect for a couple's space and complicated things.

The post's top-voted commenter ZZ12zz14ZZ encouraged OP to stand her ground no matter what it took to prove her point and added:

"The siblings of your husband are pissed because now they will have to be responsible of the ferals and are scared what they might destroy in the next house."


While some suggested OP circulate the footage to her family, user LeafOnTheWind2020 stated: "Don't let them ever come back in! And this is a bit worrisome for when y'all do finally have kids."

The in-laws' children condemned OP for ousting their parents. | Source: Unsplash


In the end, OP had decided to keep the doors closed to her in-laws until they reciprocated with an apology and reimbursement for the damages they caused. She had also fixed her mind to let them know they had crossed the line invading her privacy.

"I'm waiting until Saturday. Because I know they get paid Friday, so if they don't give me my money by Saturday, I'm taking them to court and sending out the video," she concluded.

OP decided to meet her in-laws in court if they failed to reimburse the money. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP made the right move in ousting her in-laws after they broke into her locked bedroom?

In one of her comments, OP clarified that her in-laws broke into her bedroom after picking the lock. Seeing the mess they made, OP was furious and immediately kicked them out. She then decided not to let them in until they apologized and reimbursed the damages they caused. What would you do if your in-laws/relatives invaded your privacy and damaged your belongings?

Should your parents invade your spouse's privacy, whose side would you take: your partner or your parents?


When OP ousted her in-laws for breaking into her bedroom and causing damage, her husband sided with her despite knowing she was closing the doors on his parents. In a similar scenario, who would you support? Would you side with your parents despite knowing they're wrong, or would you take a stand for your spouse?

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