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Man Kicks Wife Out of House Knowing She Has No Place to Go & No Money to Live

Rita Kumar
Apr 06, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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The man noticed a weird pattern in his wife's behavior. As the tension magnified, he went to his brother's house to take a break on his day off. However, things took an unexpected diversion after the visit.


Random strangers on the internet raced to support a husband after he admitted to kicking out his wife onto the streets despite knowing she was penniless and had nowhere to go. Unsurprisingly, the moral judges on Reddit declared the guy was faultless after they read the depths of his reasoning on the "AITA" sub.

Redditor outwithitnowr was a husband who married his high school sweetheart. While his marriage was smooth sailing, it hit rock bottom after he casually visited his brother on his day off.

OP kicked out his wife after witnessing a soul-crushing truth at his brother's place. | Source: Flickr


The Original Poster (OP)'s marriage to his girlfriend went downhill pretty fast. He graduated, got a job, and constantly busted his chops to make ends meet. OP had a 7 to 6 work schedule daily. Additionally, he cooked, cleaned, and ran household errands with barely a few hours of sleep that he caught up on weekends. 

OP felt horrible when she came around to pick up her stuff. He claimed she had lost weight and looked like a mess.

In contrast, OP's wife became lazier with each passing day. The therapist she'd visited twice had told her that she suffered from depression, so she stopped doing even the bare minimum household chore, using it as an excuse. However, OP let it go and assumed his wife would fall on track someday.


OP's wife became lazier day by day while he worked hard to make ends meet. | Source: Pexels

Day by day, he didn't notice any improvement in her behavior. While he worked hard, his wife slept around 10 to 14 hours daily, ate and drank well, and played games on her phone and gaming console.


OP constantly prodded her to see a therapist, get a job, or do the bare minimum of cleaning up after herself. But none of his efforts were returned, and all she did was "eat, sleep, and repeat."

Due to her monotonous routine and lack of communication, she lost all her friends. OP was frustrated and could no longer spend a day off around her. He took a little break away from home and visited his brother.

However, it proved more than just a sibling reunion after seeds of jealousy bred in OP's mind when he witnessed how happy and great his brother and his wife looked together. In contrast, OP felt like a caretaker and realized he was no longer in love with his wife. He snapped to his senses and immediately contacted a lawyer.


OP was envious of his brother's marital bliss. | Source: Unsplash

In a little over two months, OP and his wife divorced upon his insistence. He got custody of his house, savings, and car, while his wife was practically left with nothing. He served her an eviction notice and gave her a month to move out.


Although she begged that she had nowhere to go and whatever she got in savings would barely last a few months, OP was unmoved. He told her to get a job and expelled her the following month.

OP felt horrible when she came around to pick up her stuff. He claimed she had lost weight and looked like a mess. She pleaded with him to let her move in during the visit, saying she was jobless, but he sternly refused. He was devastated and turned to moral judges on the internet for a verdict.

OP filed for a divorce & ousted his wife within a month. | Source: Pexels


Several people who read OP's story declared he wasn't wrong. They asserted that although his wife could've been dealing with depression, it still doesn't count for her being lazy and contributing little to nothing to their combined lives. The post's top-voted commenter, Voidg, wrote:

"Seems you did this legally by evicting her. She had a reasonable amount of time to find a new accommodation...However, it doesn't appear as if she even tried and banked on you, enabling her laziness."

"You tried to help, tried to get her into therapy, but there's still only so much you can take. She now has to seek help for her depression and get a job. Time to be an adult," Redditor Bug_a_boo_Mama proclaimed.


People on Reddit asserted that the depression OP's wife dealt with doesn't count for her laziness. | Source: Unsplash

As more people weighed in on OP's dilemma, Redditor marla-M surmised that OP had been dealing with this for a long time. "You didn't say how long this has lasted, but I got the impression it's been years. We can't fix everyone. We aren't responsible for everyone," the user emphasized.


OP revealed that he had been dealing with his ex-wife's laziness since he married her. "The problems started a few months after we got married, and her doing absolutely nothing has lasted for 2 and a half years," he clarified.

"It's not that I do not care. It is that after 6 years of working my [expletive] off and supporting a woman who does absolutely nothing a day, my self-preservation and happiness started outweighing any care I have left for her," he conclusively justified.

In the end, OP admitted that he did care about his wife but that his self-preservation & joy outweighed it. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you feel OP could've avoided divorce and tried mending his wife's attitude and laziness?

Although OP tried helping his wife get therapy and a job instead of being idle, he lost it after seeing his brother and his spouse leading a happy life. He instantly realized that he was being a caretaker and decided to put his wife on track with a divorce. Would you oust your partner from your life and house if they exhibited similar behavior, or would you try mending them?

Do you think OP's wife failed him as a partner?

Although OP assumed his wife would someday realize her responsibilities, she became lazier with each passing day. In contrast, OP took it on him to be the sole breadwinner and did all the household chores. His frustrations magnified to a point where he envied his brother's marital bliss and filed for a divorce. What would you do if your partner treated you like how OP's wife treated him? 

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