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After Man Bought Old House, Previous Owner Talks about Hidden Room His Grandfather Built There

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 09, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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The man went to open the door after he heard the bell ring. A tall man stood outside his house, claiming he was the property's previous owner and telling him about the secret room his grandfather had built there.


Redditor MACashWindfall revealed how he bought the property from the previous owners. He said he had never seen the owners, so he didn't recognize the man standing outside his house.

He told the man there was no hidden room and asked him to leave. However, he discovered that room a few days later during renovation. 

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When the Redditor purchased the house, he discovered it dated back to the 1920s. It was passed down from one generation of a family to the next until he bought it from them. 

The house owner was an older woman whose husband had renovated the house. After her death, the property was split among her three offspring, who decided to sell it. 

The youngest of her children lived in another country, so his wife was responsible for looking after the house and signing off the papers while selling it. 

The woman had given the house to her children. | Source: Pexels


Before putting the house up for sale, the family members took most of the furniture and other items. They only left a few things they didn't wish to keep.

The man said he stopped by because he wanted to ask about a secret room in the house. 

The Redditor contacted them after discovering that they had put the decades-old home up for sale. He was willing to buy the house as it was because he planned to renovate it later. 

The children had put the house up for sale. | Source: Unsplash


The family had appointed an attorney to deal with the buyer. The Redditor said he had never seen any of the family members. He only met the attorney and signed the legal documents when he bought the property. 

He was a professional general home contractor and had bought the property because its location and area attracted him. He had planned to expand the house.

Before the purchase, he studied the house plan map and discovered that one of the rooms was actually smaller than the measurements mentioned on the plan. 

He studied the house plan before purchasing it. Source: Unsplash


There were a few other things that were also incorrect on the documents. But the house inspector and other stakeholders agreed there were faults in the house plan because it was almost a century old, so they weren't alarmed. They assured the records would be rectified.

Six months after OP (Original Poster) purchased the home, a man knocked on his door and claimed to be the house's previous owner. He said he lived in another country and had asked his wife to handle everything. 

OP greeted him and inquired if he needed anything. The man said he stopped by because he wanted to ask about a secret room in the house. 


A man knocked on his door six months later. | Source: Unsplash

Shocked, OP asked what room he was talking about. He had checked every corner of the house, and there was no room as the man mentioned. 


The man said he heard his grandfather talk about the hidden room when he was a child. He added that his grandfather had hidden something in that room. 

But OP denied the existence of any such room and told the man that his grandfather must have made up the story to keep the children entertained. The man left after OP excused himself.

The man claimed his grandfather had built a hidden room in the house. | Source: Unsplash


A few days later, OP decided to expand the smallest room of the house. He demolished the wall and planned to build a new wall a bit further.

However, after demolishing the wall, he was surprised to see a bag full of cash behind it. He realized the man who knocked on his door a few days ago had been telling the truth. 

He pulled the bag and opened it to see wads of $100 and $50 bills stacked inside. The bag contained almost $312,000, and he had no idea what to do. 

He found thousands of dollars hidden behind the wall. | Source: Unsplash


"I'm guessing Mr. Deployed didn't want to tell the other family members about the possibility of a cash-filled hidden room. I wonder why," Redditor cybin surmised.

"Keep the money and delete this post," Redditor Res-Ipsa advised. Another Redditor said there was a high chance that OP could keep the money to himself, but he had to pay taxes on it. 

The user said it was a bad idea to take all the money to the bank in a bag. He advised him to contact a good lawyer who specialized in such cases and discuss his situation with him before taking any step.

He didn't know what to do so he posted his story on Reddit. | Source: Unsplash


In an updated post, OP said the person who came to his house seemed "sketchy." He guessed as well that the man never told his family about the hidden room.

The Redditor said he would meet a real-estate attorney soon to discuss his case. He also revealed he would consult his religious leader to see what he had to say about the situation. 

Most Redditors didn't want OP to tell the family about the money. They thought he had the right to keep it since he owned the house when he found it. 

He said he would meet an attorney soon. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think it would be morally correct if OP kept the money?

While many advised OP to keep the money because the house belonged to him, OP said he would discuss it with his religious leader to see whether it was morally right to do so. If you were OP, would you keep the money?

Do you think he should inform the family about the money? 

When the man visited OP and inquired about the hidden room with the secret treasure, OP had no clue what he was talking about so he denied its existence. But now that OP knows the man was telling the truth, do you think he should tell the man and give the money to the family?  

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