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Flashy Man Stole $25K from Poor Single Mother – She Sees Him Working as a Concierge Years Later

Rita Kumar
Apr 14, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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The woman was divorced, and all she had was roughly $25K in savings for her retirement and son's college. But when the life-changing money was stolen from her, she decided to take revenge and ruin her wrongdoer's life.


Can one escape after swindling someone's hard-earned money? Single mom eliksir_mtl's story on Reddit's "ProRevenge" sub doesn't claim so, as she brought proof to everyone's notice by narrating her revenge story online.

When the Redditor realized that she was tricked for $25K, she decided not to keep quiet. She devised an act of revenge that trapped her fraudster and ruined his life.

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The Original Poster (OP) was married to a "very OCD and pragmatic" man. Nearly 20 years after her son's birth, OP felt her marriage lacked the intimate spark as her husband only "touched" her if he wanted.

She eventually divorced him after feeling unloved and lonely. But that void was soon filled by another man she called "PS," who was opposite her ex-husband.

Shortly after, a guy OP knew sighed some relief and unfolded certain disturbing details about the man she dated.

From the start, OP felt an intense spark with PS. She liked that he was expressive and very "touchy." PS claimed he owned a car wash and a telemarketing company, and OP described him as having a "flashy lifestyle." 


Following her divorce, OP sparked a new love story with a guy she thought was "flashy." | Source: Unsplash

PS asked OP to move into his huge house with her son about a year later. Although OP was reluctant, PS had even readied the room for her son. Eventually, OP started spending more time in his house but slowly realized something was fishy about his behavior.


For instance, PS was a night owl and slept all day. OP randomly overheard his conversations over the phone, and they didn't fit his auto wash or telemarketing biz. Shortly after, he told OP that he was in a financial crisis that could risk his business due to late repayment from huge clients.

OP was moved by his claims and offered to help. She paid the fines for accessing her retirement savings and loaned PS $25K after he assured her that he would repay her in three weeks.

During this time, OP hung out with her friends, and one day, she caught PS dating another woman. She hurried to his house, packed all her stuff, and moved out immediately, assuming he would stick to his word and reimburse her money at the end of week three.


Out of trust, OP signed a $25K check & loaned it to PS. | Source: Unsplash

Shortly after, a guy OP knew sighed some relief and unfolded certain disturbing details about the man she dated. He claimed PS was a junkie hooked on "GHB," which explained his strange sleep patterns and intense emotions.


However, OP felt the biggest blow after her friend told her that PS was a conman who specialized in defrauding older people by phone. Initially, it didn't make any sense to her until she recalled fragments from the past year.

Worried about the money she loaned PS, she tried numerous ways to get it back, but nothing worked. So she accessed PS's email and all other accounts since he'd previously given her access to pay bills online and screenshotted important details relating to money as evidence.

She soon discovered that PS was an "organized criminal" who operated in a team between two countries. Eventually, she devised the first part of her revenge by printing photos of PS and his team of scammers from their online profiles and circulating hundreds of pamphlets in the neighborhood.


OP discovered that PS was an organized conman. | Source: Pexels

Then she contacted the two countries' financial crime prevention hotline and fed crucial information about PS and his team. OP admitted she would've taken the step even if PS paid her back since his crime opposed her principles. 


In the second part of her revenge plan, OP recalled using a check to loan PS the $25K and marking it as a "loan" on the check. This came in handy when she prepared an invoice, sent it to herself using PS's email account, and used it against PS after filing her taxes.

She filed the $25K as an expense and added PS as one of her freelancers through his social security number. The IRS eventually investigated PS for unpaid taxes and charged him 38% on the $25K plus a 20% fine for hiding his income.

OP ran the math and estimated PS would have to pay around $9.5K in taxes and $5K in fines, which was half of what he owed her. However, she decided to add more weight to her revenge and came up with another plan. 


OP filed for taxes & got the IRS involved against PS for his unpaid taxes on the $25K he borrowed from her. | Source: Pexels

It took about 2-3 years for the dust to settle before OP finally dragged PS to court. Even though he never showed up, PS had to repay the $25K with additional court fees and then the IRS, making his total liability nearly half a million for the money he swindled from OP plus the tax evasion charges imposed on him.


The revenge finally climaxed into a nightmare for PS after the IRS teamed up with the Wire Fraud Division and looked into everything he did. PS didn't get caught in wire fraud, but he was filed for tax evasion since his house didn't match the money he declared. His accounts were frozen, and the house was foreclosed.

Although PS was still indebted to the IRS, he wasn't jailed for it since he wasn't in the US. However, at 40 years, PS moved back to his parents and took up a job as a concierge in their apartment building.

And after OP learned what PS did for a living, she contacted the court to have the money he owed her taken directly from his salary as a concierge.


PS moved back to his parents & worked as a concierge. | Source: Pexels

OP's story on the sub amassed an overwhelming response from people who thought her revenge was a blast. The post's top-voted commenter groinbag said: "Definitely pro, but... I really hope your kid gets his college money back."


OP told the Redditor and several curious people that karma was and still is on her side and added:

"He will, and even more, after this story happened, I started working like crazy and refused to spend on futility, and then my business boomed exponentially at the same time."

"If you want to take this to the next level, offer to go on a trip with him to the US and tip off the IRS. They'll be waiting for him at the border," user cybercuzco suggested.

People on Reddit hoped PS would return the money to OP. | Source: Pexels


OP genuinely hoped PS would get caught for defrauding people. "This is my sincere wish, and my country would send him to the US for this," she stated.

She also revealed that PS had no idea she was behind his misfortune because he even sent her a message saying he missed her and regretted what he did.

"Well, not me, loser, not me!" OP concluded.

OP wished PS would soon get caught for defrauding people. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP could've verified PS's identity and his claims before loaning him the $25K?

When PS told OP that he was in a financial crisis and needed money to keep his business afloat, she trusted him due to her genuine feelings for him. She loaned him $25K from her retirement savings and son's college money. Would you trust PS and lend him the money if you were OP, or would you verify his claims before deciding to help?

Do you think PS genuinely regretted conning OP?

In her conclusion, OP claimed that PS texted her and said he regretted what he did. She also mentioned that he had no idea that she was the one who ruined his life. However, it's still guesswork if PS genuinely regretted his mistake or if he was trying to get back to her good graces in order to con her again. Would you, as OP, forgive PS if he apologized to you after defrauding you?

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