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Pregnant Woman Stays Out in the Cold after Key to Basement Room Where She Lives Is Stolen

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 14, 2022
08:30 P.M.
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A man was shocked to see his pregnant wife sitting outside the house in the cold when he returned home from work. She told him that someone had stolen the key he hid under the rug.


The man and his wife lived with his parents. They had moved into the room in the basement, which had a separate entrance. 

When the woman couldn't find the key under the rug, she knocked on her mother-in-law's door to ask her about it but didn't get any response immediately. 

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Redditor Dragonwolf6000 shared his parents' story in the "entitledparents" forum, revealing what happened when his father returned home.

He shared that his grandmother wasn't in favor of his father marrying his mother. Since the man knew that his mother didn't like his wife, he had decided to live separately.

The man asked his parents for permission to build a house in their field. He also asked them if he could live in their basement while the house was being constructed. 

The man's mother didn't like his wife. | Source: Unsplash


At first, his mother didn't agree, but he somehow convinced her. The basement had a separate entrance from the outside, so they never had to enter his parents' part of the house.

Everything about living in the basement was good, except they only had one key to unlock the entrance door. When the man leaves the house and his wife isn't there, he leaves the key under the rug at the entrance so she could find it. 

One day, his pregnant wife came home and couldn't find the key under the rug. She searched for it around the house, thinking he might have kept it elsewhere, but she couldn't find it. 

He decided to live in his parents' basement with his wife while they were building their house. | Source: Unsplash


Confused, she knocked on her in-laws' door to ask them about the key. A few minutes passed, and no one answered the door, so the woman knocked again and asked if anyone had seen the key to the basement. 

The poor woman sat in the cold for hours until her husband came home.

No one answered so the woman knocked on the door again because she knew her mother-in-law was there. She yelled her name and asked her to open the door. 

The woman looked for the key under the rug but it wasn't there. | Source: Unsplash


"What is it?" her mother-in-law finally asked

"I can't find the key to the basement," the woman cried. 

"That's not my problem!" the old lady yelled. 

The woman asked her to let her in and wait until her husband arrived but her mother-in-law refused and told her to go to her place. 

"But I don't have the key!" she said.

The older woman reminded her that she warned her son not to hide the key under the rug, hinting someone may steal it. Then she shut the door and went inside. 


Her mother-in-law took some time before opening the door. | Source: Unsplash

The poor woman had no choice but to sit in the cold for hours until her husband came home. He was shocked to see her sitting outside and immediately asked her what happened. 


When she told him she couldn't find the key, he said he left it under the doormat. He lifted the mat, but it wasn't there. He tried to find it outside the house before knocking on his mother's door.

"Where is the key?" he asked

She waited for her husband to return. | Source: Unsplash


Then his mother pulled out the key from her pocket and said she warned him not to put it under the rug. His eyes widened when he saw the key in her hand. 

"Why didn't you give the key to her when you had it?" he asked, furious. 

His mother replied that she wanted to teach him a lesson, so he doesn't leave it under the rug next time. After hearing this, the man asked his mother to let them live peacefully, reminding her that he would leave the basement immediately after the construction ended. 

The woman lost her cool and told him he had to abide by her laws because he was living on her property. He was already annoyed by her constant interference, so he decided to leave the house.


His mother gave him the key. | Source: Unsplash

He took his pregnant wife into the basement and asked her to pack her belongings. He said he was done with his family. Meanwhile, his mother kept yelling at him and told him he couldn't leave her like that. 


The couple soon bought a house far from his mother's place and lived there in peace. On the other hand, no one lived in the newly-built house after it was constructed. 

"How did they let you even know about her existence?" Redditor WalkWalkGirl asked OP. The user said his parents shouldn't have contacted his grandmother after that incident.

The man's son posted the story on Reddit. | Source: Unsplash


OP replied that his parents had forgiven his grandmother because they felt it was wrong to hold resentful feelings against family members. However, the boy believed his grandmother didn't deserve it. 

"Your grandma was basically forcing your dad to choose between your mom or her," Redditor j450n_1994 stated. The user thought OP and his parents wouldn't have met the woman again, but OP replied that they met her frequently, and he even lived with her for some time.

Most Redditors felt OP's grandmother was a cruel woman and that his parents shouldn't have forgiven her. They were surprised when OP told them they were still in touch with her. 


Redditors believed the grandmother crossed the line and shouldn't be forgiven. | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's parents should have forgiven the woman?


Most Redditors didn't like it when OP revealed that his parents had forgiven his grandmother. They felt she had crossed all limits by not allowing her pregnant daughter-in-law to enter her house. Do you think they did the right thing by forgiving her?

Do you think the woman realized her mistake?

OP stated that his grandmother was still giving him a hard time. She never realized that prohibiting a pregnant woman from entering her house was wrong. She wouldn't have kept bothering OP and her parents if she knew she was at fault. What do you think?

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