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Inside 'Yellowstone's' Cole Hauser's $4,25M Ranch with Unique Fireplace He Built for His Wife of 15 Years

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 16, 2022
07:30 A.M.
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After enjoying beautiful memories with his wife and three kids in his luxury ranch, Cole Hauser listed the property in 2020. Continue reading to know more about the beautiful ranch and its contents. 


Cole Hauser is a famous American actor whose career in the movie industry has spanned many years. He is known for portraying Rip Wheeler on the Neo-Western Television series "Yellowstone."

Hauser's character had a steamy on-screen romance with Beth Dutton, played by actress Kelly Reilly. Apart from being a successful movie star, the "Too Fast Too Furious" actor is a commendable family man. 

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Hauser has been married for 15 years to Former Actress Cynthia Daniel, and the pair share three children — Steely, Ryland, and Colt. Here are more details about the pair's union, including their luxury ranch.




Daniel was born in Gainesville, Florida, on March 17, 1976. She got an early start in show business when she and her twin sister, Brittany, began modeling at 11 years old.

They were popularly known as the "Doublemint Twins" for appearing in ads for "Doublemint Gum." Later on, the duo would star in the TV show "Sweet Valley High" as Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield from 1994 to 1997. 

They would also appear in the movie "Basketball Diaries" in 1995 and "That 80s Show." In 2002, Daniel eventually retired from acting to face other things.



Since she retired from acting, Daniel has worked as a professional photographer. She has a photography company named "Five Arrows Photography."

Today, Daniel is not regretting the decision to quit acting, as she is always present for her husband and children. The couple has been married since 2006, although not much is known about how they met or their wedding.



The lovebirds also do not talk about their private lives, but they are active on Instagram, sharing lovely throwback pictures and celebrating their little ones.

Daniel and Hauser cherish each other and consider parenthood one of the biggest blessings. While they would prefer to stay lowkey, they are vocal about the importance of family.



During a 2020 interview with The Havok Journal, Hauser made it known that he always makes time for his wife and their kids. The actor also explained he had to figure out the balance between working very hard and not neglecting his duties as a father and husband.




Apart from loving his career and family, Hauser also has a special love for animals, and he proved it by buying a horse ranch. According to records, the actor purchased the luxury property in 2010 for $2.34 million. 

The ranch, which spans three acres, is nestled up against Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The entire ranch comprises the main house, guest house, and studio apartment. The property has multiple riding areas, a swimming pool, and a spa with a water slide for the exterior.

While the exterior speaks elegance, the interior is also very exquisite. It boasts a sizeable chef-eating kitchen, dining area, an office, and four bedrooms. 


The proper main house also has wood-beamed ceilings, tiled floors, and colorful designs. The guest house is as beautiful and decorated as the main house. It comprises a fireplace, floor-to-ceiling doors, and a smaller kitchen. 

The actor's former property also had four bathrooms. However, Hauser surprisingly revealed he used to bathe outdoors, which became a habit. In an interview with People, he noted:

"I did a trip with a few buddies in Costa Rica, and we actually never went inside and had a proper shower. I'm pretty accustomed to it. It's refreshing and especially if the water temperature is right. It's just beautiful."



Besides having four bathrooms, the ranch has an adobe-style fireplace, which Hauser specially built for his wife. It also boasts a child study room for his kids, as seen on Daniel's Instagram page.

Hauser trotted the rustic Agoura Hills ranch onto the market at $4.25 million despite all the memories made on the property. Los Angeles Times Real Estate also shared a picture of the luxury property on the Twitter page.



Cole Hauser grew up on a ranch in Oregon and spent most of his childhood on the back of a horse, where he developed his love for outdoor activities. The actor has passed these traits on to his kids and takes them camping, hunting, and fishing.

His eldest child, son Ryland, born in September 2004, is actively involved in hiking, riding dirt bikes, target shooting, and traveling. 


The 17-year-old also plays football, and he recently launched a "Students of the Year Campaign" for leukemia and lymphoma society alongside his friends Nick and Gio.

Aside from his achievement, the teenager has also been spotted on his parent's Instagram pages a few times. In 2014, Hauser shared a snap of the boy on the ranch, posing next to horses. 

In another post, Hauser shared a picture of Ryland, Daniel, and their dogs posing happily. He added the caption: "Half of the tribe on Turkey Day."



Regarding the actor's second child, Colt, born on June 12, 2008, little is known about him apart from a few appearances on his parent's social media pages.

Hauser's third child and daughter, Steely Rose, is nine years old. Like her brother Colt, not much is known about her aside from a few appearances on her parent's Instagram account.




Brittany faced a tough battle in 2014 when she was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Sadly, the illness affected her ability to conceive, but she could count on her twin sister's love. Daniel donated one of her eggs to her twin, and as a result, Brittany and her husband welcomed a daughter, Hope.

The former actress said she saw it as a simple gift to her sister and believed Brittany would do the same if places were switched. Today, both Brittany and Daniel live happily with their spouses and are more focused on being the best parents to their kids.