Inside GMA's Robin Roberts' Pristine $410K Mansion Where She Lives with Her Partner of 16 Years

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 16, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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Robin Roberts has been in a committed relationship with the same person for about 16 years now, and they live, from time to time, in a gorgeous mansion she first purchased way back in 1994 — here are some of the things that make the edifice such a highly coveted one.


"Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts primarily lives in New York, where she owns an apartment and makes a living; however, when she wants some space and relaxation, she joins her partner, Amber Laign, on a trip to Connecticut.

There stands a country home that the famous TV host has had for decades, and it is a stunning piece of architecture that boasts four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a full basement, a large kitchen, and a backyard pool equipped with expansive waterfalls. 

[Left]GMA's Robin Roberts and her longtime partner, Amber Laign,[Middle]A shot of her home; [Right] Roberts' partner lying of the floor of their Connecticut home | Source: Getty Images


The home, which was built in 1990, holds a special place in Roberts's heart because it serves as her escape from the pressure of being an anchor for GMA.

The 3,296 square-foot property sits on one acre of land, which is in excellent shape thanks to the intentional care, and money being showered on it.

Robin Roberts discusses "Thriver Thursday" with the Build Series at Build Studio on November 20, 2018. | Source: Getty Images


The waterfalls are a thing to gawk at, but that's not the only riveting thing about this mansion; there is also a sauna that is perfect for relaxing after a busy week and a stunning garden surrounded by shrubs.

Robin and her lover are reportedly outdoorsy people, so the garden has a hammock where they can kick back and enjoy a sun-soaked afternoon. 


There is also a conservatory within the house that has been ranked one of the most stylish spots because of the deliberate decoration evident there. It boasts modern lighting, a large grey corner couch, and abundant lighting that spills out of the expansive windows.

The conservatory is also home to a large black piano which Robin uses as a platform to display meaningful family photographs — another piece of evidence that the decorations were well planned out and deliberate.


Despite the modern facilities equipped within this pricey mansion, it still oozes that traditional feel. This is most evident in the kitchen with its warm wooden kitchen cupboards and a marble work surface. 

As earlier stated, the mansion is her home away from home when she doesn't have to work; however, now and then, the demands of her job follow her to Connecticut, and she has to take care of them ASAP.

This is why she has a dedicated space for her filming commitments in another section of the large house. 


The place is painted a light blue color, and the walls are decorated with things like large photographs and bright flowers.

It seemingly gives off a generally productive vibe without sacrificing aesthetics, even though they mainly were last-minute changes she had to add because she was forced to work from there in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing. 


In March of that tragic year, Robin revealed that she was also working from home like the rest of the world but noted that she missed working from the studio.

Nevertheless, she also stated at the time that she believed "this too shall pass," and eventually, it did — or has, for the most part. 


During those dark times, the GMA anchor did her best to stay safe from the virus, and she remained calm because she knew how to stay positive.

In fact, she once told Closer Weekly that "I'm a living, breathing example of 'This too shall pass.' We want to get through it, but I understand that the reason why things are placed in our path is for us to learn from and to share with others."


She also had her lover, Amber, by her side, and together the two were able to scale through the worst of the pandemic, still deeply committed to one another even though they are not married. Here are a few details about the pair's relationship. 


Robin and Amber started dating in 2005 after they got set up on a blind date, but because at that time, she was yet to reveal her sexuality to the world, the TV host kept it all hush-hush. 


Despite how famous she is in the US, not one single media outlet got wind of their relationship until after Robin proudly revealed that she was gay in 2013 — almost a decade since she started dating the gorgeous Amber. 

According to Closer Weekly, Robin first spoke about her sexual orientation during a 2012 speech she made to thank her loved ones for standing by her side during her bone marrow transplant.


The talented showwoman gave an exclusive shoutout to Amber, and later on in 2014, when she appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," she had this to say about her lover: 

"She's very, very supportive, and she's been right there beside me every step of the way," she said before adding that

"It was actually the end of the year on my Facebook …I had been thanking my doctors, my nurses and my sister, who was a perfect match. And I said [to Amber], 'I want to say thank you."


As it stands, fans of the pair are unsure if they will ever seal their relationship with marriage, but one thing they can be sure of is that the love between these two is going nowhere.

In July 2020, when the couple celebrated their 15th anniversary, Amber wrote her a tribute that was reposted by her soulmate.

It read: "Having you by my side is a gift as we continue to navigate this thing called life. I drive you crazy … I know, which is why I love you even more to this day. You have the kindest heart and most beautiful soul than anyone I know." 



Robin and Amber have been through thick and thin in the years since they got together; Amber was right there by Robin's side when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, and the woman remained that way throughout Robin's battle with the dreadful ailment.

She fought cancer bravely, but five years later, she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, which required a bone marrow transplant for treatment. Her sister, Racheal Ray, came through as a suitable match and became her donor, but Amber was also there all along.

Robin will never forget her constant support, and earlier this year, the TV host revealed that Amber had also been diagnosed with breast cancer.


The revelation was made via a video shared on Twitter, and in it, the GMA star stated that Amber had already gotten surgery and was to begin chemotherapy which, according to her, 

Robin also thanked those within their circle for keeping it a secret until Amber was ready for the world to know. Robin said:

"She and I have been together almost 17 years and have helped each other through our challenges like my journey with cancer. It's my turn now to be there for her like she was for me," 


"And that means I'll be away from GMA from time to time like this morning as she starts chemo," she explained. The supportive lover ended her speech by saying:

"We know many, many are facing cancer and other challenges — like my mama said, 'Everybody's got something.' Please know that you are in our prayers and hopefully we're in yours, too." 

Fans of the star-crossed couple hope that Amber can get through this challenge even though it won't be easy.