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Before His Death, Man Left Final Letter to His Beloved Daughter – His Ex Made It Public Later

Rita Kumar
Apr 16, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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The man realized his days with his beloved daughter were numbered, so he left her some surprises and a letter before he died. After he passed on, his ex made this letter public. 


Losing a loved one can be excruciating, and even more painful would be realizing that the time has arrived to depart. 35-year-old Redditor Scott was undergoing a similar heartbreak when he asked strangers how he should tell his little daughter that he would soon die.

Posting under Terminaltossaway on Reddit's "Parenting" sub, the dad reminded his readers that he wasn't there for sympathy. He eventually left a final letter to his daughter and a few other surprises that his ex made public after he died.

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The Original Poster (OP) was diagnosed with a terminal condition that gave him an estimate of when he would die. Although OP's doctors couldn't give him an exact time, they surmised that he had two years with him.

Scott had kept his readers in the dark for a solid year after until a crushing update on his post left Reddit emotional.

Gradually, OP learned to live with the truth. He claimed he was ready to accept death with open arms, but his courage dwindled when he welcomed his daughter. With each passing minute, Scott found it difficult to process that his moments with his little girl were timed.

The man loved his daughter so dearly that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. He couldn't do it whenever he tried to tell his daughter and ex about his nearing death. His ex realized something awkward was going on, but she never compelled him to say anything because she knew it would push him back harder.


Scott's time with his beloved daughter was numbered & it crushed him. | Source: Unsplash

Scott assured his readers that his ex and their daughter wouldn't go without money after he was gone. But his only problem was about telling them that he was going to die.


He asked anonymous Redditors for insight into delivering the crushing news to them. "How can I tell my little girl daddy's going away?" he asked the forum, and people online sympathized with him, telling him to convey the message to his daughter through emails or letters.

Scott had kept his readers in the dark for a solid year after until a crushing update on his post left Reddit emotional. Unfortunately, it wasn't from Scott but from his ex, who stepped forward to fulfill his dying wish.

Scott sought the internet's help to convey the saddening news to his daughter. | Source: Unsplash


Scott's ex-partner said she had no idea he'd written a post until she got an email with his Reddit account and his "request" to post it after he died in his sleep.

In his update, Scott described his moments with his daughter. He revealed that he embarked on making memories with his little girl for the first three months after his first post. The two spent more time playing, clicking pictures, and making home videos.

Apart from every other moment Scott cherished with his daughter, he created an email account for her and flooded it with his childhood stories, fatherly advice, and photos.

He recorded himself reading Harry Potter books and stocked the bank with 16 years' worth of Christmas/birthday cards and gifts with instructions for them to be released whenever it was time for his girl to have them.


Scott tried to fill his daughter's memories with his presence in every way possible in the very little time he had. He even left her something for when she had her first child.

Scott left the best memories to his daughter. | Source: Pexels


Scott bought three bottles of wine, each one set aside for the three momentous events in her life. One was for her graduation, one for her wedding, and the last for when she welcomes her first baby.

The dad thanked all his commenters, and as parting words, he asked his readers a final request, saying: "Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them."

"Goodbye internet. Goodbye Monkey. I'll always love you," he concluded.

Scott's update amassed an overwhelming response from people on Reddit, who flocked to share their condolences and sympathies.


As a final request, Scott asked his readers to never waste a chance to tell their loved ones how much they loved them. | Source: Pexels

The post's top-voted commenter dinosaur_boots found Scott's story beautiful and lauded him for being an incredible father, adding:


"Please make sure that the email address he made for her stays active and doesn't expire. They expire usually after a few months if you don't log in to the account every once in a while."

Some said they were touched by the surprises Scott had left for his daughter. "I lost it when he said he bought 16 years' worth of gifts. Like that is someone who really, really wanted to be with his kid as she grew up...Oh, and the 3 wine bottles crushed me too. I could never be as good a parent as OP was," Redditor sukinsyn proclaimed.

"As an almost 38-year-old father of two, this just hits me right in the heart," asserted user machstem, who said the girl was gifted to have a father like Scott.


People on Reddit lauded Scott for being an amazing father. | Source: Unsplash

Scott's ex logged back again shortly after to thank everyone who offered words of comfort. She said she was moved by their kind words and wished Scott's message to the world would spread around.


"I hope the message he shared is taken to heart and you tell someone you love how much you care...We love you all, and please let your hearts be open to nothing but love," she concluded.

Scott's ex hoped his final message would spread around. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

How do you think Scott's daughter would react to his surprises and fond memories years later?

Before his death, Scott walked the extra mile and left several surprises for his daughter so that she knew he loved her and that he would do anything to make her happy. It would be interesting to hear an update about how she reacts to these surprises in the future.

How would you honor Scott's last message to the world?

In his update, Scott asked his readers to spread the word of love, How would you honor the late man's wish, and who are the people you would assure of your love?

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