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Woman Cries When She Receives Flowers and a Note on the Day of Her Divorce after 19-Year Marriage

Brittany Chalmers
Apr 18, 2022
09:30 P.M.

Experiencing the breakdown of a marriage is never easy, and families face lots of pain and sadness. One teenager was extra emotional when her parent's divorce was finalized—read her story and find out why.


Hollywood breakups and messy celebrity divorces have left many believing that the end of a union is always ugly. However, not all love is lost just because a relationship is over.

One Texas teen encapsulated the complexity of divorce in a simple online post. In 2016, she watched her mom and dad split and revealed something surprising—they still cared about each other.

[Left] The flowers a man sent to his ex-wife when their divorce was finalized; [Right] The couple who got divorced. | Source: twitter.com/shorrttstack  facebook.com/iwakeupwithtoday

[Left] The flowers a man sent to his ex-wife when their divorce was finalized; [Right] The couple who got divorced. | Source: twitter.com/shorrttstack facebook.com/iwakeupwithtoday

The tear-jerking story struck a chord with many people, and it left netizens brokenhearted, so grab your tissues and get ready to cry with this family.


Morgan Lynn, who goes by @shorrttstack on Twitter, didn't want to face her emotions alone, so she shared her family's story online. The teenager revealed that her mom and dad's divorce had just been finalized, and it was a tough time for her.


Lynn's parents were married for 19 years, but sadly they didn't make it to the two-decade mark. She shared:

"My parents after 19 years of being married, were going through a divorce & it got finalized today, & my dad sent my mom her favorite flowers."


Lynn's dad showed that he still loved his ex-wife despite going separate ways. He sent her beautiful flowers, and the poster revealed why it was such a heartbreaking gesture.


She stated that throughout their marriage, her father always sent her mom a bouquet to cheer her up after a tough day. Lynn said:

"He used to send her flowers when she was having a bad day and to know that even after today he still did—it breaks my heart."


The poster shared that her mother was emotional and moved to tears after receiving the flowers from her former partner. She called the gesture "bittersweet."


Lynn explained:

"My mom said 'I cried when I saw the flowers. I knew that he had been in court that morning to finalize everything and to know he was able to do something to try and make my day better was bittersweet.'"


Lynn's dad attached a card with the bouquet, which had a hidden meaning. The heart-wrenching note only consisted of a few simple words, but it spoke volumes to Lynn and her mother.


The card read: "Always gonna be you," and Lynn expressed:

"I have never cried so hard over 4 simple words."

Her parents' wedding song was "You Had Me From Hello" by Kenny Chesney, and when Lynn's dad heard "Always Gonna Be You," also by Chesney, he declared it their "finale song."



In an attempt to process her mourning, Lynn confided in the online community, but she never imagined the overwhelming response she received.

Lynn's post was reshared thousands of times, and users also commented, offering support and asking for more information. Commenters sent Lynn love and hoped her family would be able to heal after the divorce.

With a series of crying emojis, one netizen wrote:

"It's the worst when yall will always hold love in your hearts for the other."



The divorce devastated Lynn and her siblings, but the unexpected love from strangers online meant the world to them and helped them pick up the pieces.

A user said: "Sorry, you gotta go through that," while others hoped the mother and father would reconcile. One netizen expressed:

"This is so sad :( I hope they realize it was a mistake and get back together."

The online community also shared that they were crying with Lynn. Many posted photos to show the teen their tears and comfort her because she wasn't experiencing the heartbreak alone.



When Lynn asked netizens to send her pictures of their dogs to cheer her up, they didn't disappoint. Her post's comment section was filled with adorable photos of fluffy dogs.

One user attached a picture of their adorable blue-eyed dog with the caption: "Hope these help." Someone else added: "This is Loco. His name describes his personality perfectly. I'm sure you're not sad anymore."



Lynn was initially upset by the ordeal and her dad's card, but she was happy that her post had a positive impact and showed people that true love still exists.

She expressed:

"I think people saw ... you can still be civil with someone even though they're getting a divorce. I know my parents are doing this for me and my siblings, by trying to maintain a lifelong friendship."



Lynn never disclosed the reason for her parent's divorce, even though commenters asked her about it. However, she did reveal that her family was still close despite the split.

She said:

"We all know that they still love each other and care for each other, so it makes it comfortable knowing that they don’t hate each other."

While this couple went their separate ways, their story shows that unions can end amicably. Click here for an unbelievable story about a husband who never saw the end of his marriage coming.

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