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Rich Couple Disinherits Son Who Later Turns Out to Be Their Only Hope Keeping Their Estate

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 22, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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The man was heartbroken when he discovered that his parents had decided to disinherit him. He chose not to talk to them until they invited him for dinner almost a decade later. 


The 35-year-old man wrote a post in the "relationships" forum on Reddit where he opened up about his relationship with his parents. 

They had kicked him out when they were wealthy and owned properties worth millions. However, after a decade, they lost their wealth and reach out to him to borrow money from him.  

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After revealing how they had disinherited him almost a decade ago, Redditor liveraw asked others if he should lend money to his parents. 

When the man's parents told him they planned to disinherit him, he was devastated. He couldn't understand why they were treating him differently from his brothers. 

It took him time to accept that they were throwing him out of their life. After he cooled down, he turned on his computer and drafted a email for his parents. 

He felt sad after learning his parents planned to disinherit him. | Source: Unsplash


He told them how heartbroken he felt after learning of their plans. He also pointed out that they were mistreating him by favoring his brothers.

His parents found it funny when he threatened not to help them financially in the future after disinheriting him.

He clarified that it wasn't just about the money, but about the unfair treatment he was getting and about respect for their children. After expressing his feelings, he told them about an important decision that he had made. 

He wrote an email to his parents to tell them about his feelings. | Source: Unsplash


The last part of the email said they couldn't amend their decision of disinheriting him and he wouldn't support them financially if they needed money in the future. 

The man explained that the last part of the email was crucial because he had clearly stated that his parents couldn't change their decision, even if they were running out of funds in the future. 

After reading the email, his father told him that they had the right to decide what they wanted to do with their money. He also said their decision to disinherit him was justified because he had already earned a lot of money, so he didn't need their support. 


His father replied to his email justifying the decision to disinherit him. | Source: Unsplash

When the man was in college, he founded a company and later sold it. The money he earned after selling the company was enough for him to live a lavish lifestyle. 


When his parents learned about the profit he made, they decided to cut him out of their inheritance, thinking he wouldn't need their money. 

His parents found it funny when he threatened not to help them financially in the future after disinheriting him. Since they owned properties worth millions, they thought they would never run out of money, not knowing how soon they would regret their decision.

They felt he didn't need the inheritance because he already had a lot of money. | Source: Unsplash


A week later, the man received a copy of their will stating that they had disinherited him. Again, he felt sad and decided to write them another email.

He penned down his feelings, saying he felt sad and hurt because he thought they would change their decision. He wasn't expecting them actually to cut him out of the inheritance. 

He also emphasized that he wouldn't support them financially in the future no matter what happens. He felt they should pay the price for disinheriting their "good and loyal" son.

This time, his mother responded after reading the email. She told him they had done the right thing by disinheriting him and didn't regret their decision. 


It was specified in his parents' will that he would not be getting anything. | Source: Unsplash

The man didn't talk to his parents for almost a decade until they contacted him. He was surprised when they reached out to him and invited him for lunch. 


Not knowing why they had invited him, he went there expecting to spend quality time with them. It had been ten years later and they weren't the same young people anymore. Their wrinkly faces made him feel sad. They had grown older and didn't look like the same people who had disinherited him. 

Upon his parents' invitation, he returned to their house after a decade. | Source: Pexels


However, when they revealed that they had lost most of their wealth, the man knew where their conversation was going. They only had one mortgaged apartment left, and its rent was their only source of income. 

They asked their son if he could lend them some money and his eyes widened with shock after hearing their request.  He was stunned at their audacity to ask him for money when he had told them that he wouldn't take care of their financial needs after what they had done to him.

Instead of responding to their request, he excused himself from the lunch and drove back home. Furious, he turned on his computer and dug through his emails to fetch the ones he had exchanged with his parents a decade ago. He wanted to remind them about it. 


He went home and dug through his old emails to refresh his parents' memory. | Source: Unsplash

He forwarded all the emails to them and highlighted their responses to remind them about their agreement when they excluded him from their will. He clearly stated that he wouldn't lend them any money as per their prior agreement. 


The forwarded emails didn't sit well with his parents who called him selfish and greedy and reminded him that family members should stick with each other. They thought he was being unreasonable. 

He forwarded the old emails to his parents. | Source: Unsplash


They even offered to "re-inherit" him if he agreed to help them financially. But the man just laughed at their response and decided not to reply. He was sure they would only ask him the same thing again. 

When he shared this incident with his friends, they had divided opinions. Some people said he should stick to his decision of not helping them financially, while others said he should reconsider his decision and help his parents because they needed it and he had the capacity.

But he didn't feel right. He didn't want to help his parents because they hurt him when they disinherited him, and he thought they deserved this treatment. 


When he discussed his situation with his friends, they had mixed opinions. | Source: Unsplash

He posted his story on Reddit to ask others if he had done the right thing. He also confessed that this was not about money. It was more about the way they treated him. He felt people left more money for their pets than his parents left for him. 


He also shared that his brothers worked and earned a reasonable amount, but they didn't have enough money to loan some to their parents. 

"If they still own an entire apartment complex, they're not destitute," Redditor bahhamburger stated, adding he technically wasn't ruining his parents' lives by not giving them money. However, the Redditor also suggested the man could buy the apartment complex from his parents to give them some cash. 

He posted his story on Reddit to ask others for advice. | Source: Unsplash


"I don't think adult children are automatically obligated to keep parents from being homeless or hungry," Redditor LawofWolves wrote

The man later updated his posts with a few facts he missed. He shared that his parents didn't pay for his college fee. In fact, they spent his college fund and asked him to take out expensive loans to pay for his tuition fees.

He recalled that his parents weren't well-off before. They became wealthy after he graduated from college, so he never asked them for money before that. He knew they wouldn't be able to provide what he wanted. 

The only time the man asked them for money was when he started his business. He asked them for a loan, with the intention to pay them back with the profit he would earn from his company. 


Some Redditors believed his parents were wealthy and didn't need money. | Source: Unsplash

However, his parents refused to lend him money because they didn't believe in his business idea. They were sure his business plan would never work and dismissed it. 


The man also shared that his parents didn't pay for his brothers' college fees because they never attended college. They built properties using their college fund instead.

Most Redditors said the man was not at fault because he had already told them he wouldn't help them financially. They affirmed that they would do the same if they were in his place. 

Most Redditors thought the man was not at fault. | Source: Unsplash


Questions To Ponder:

Would you lend money to your parents if you were in OP's place?

The man had decided not to lend money to his parents because he had already warned them about it when they decided to disinherit him. If you were in his shoes, would you bend backward to help your struggling parents or would you stand by your decision and refuse to help financially? 

How would you feel if your parents disinherited you thinking you were well-off anyway and wouldn't be needing their money?

OP admitted being disinherited hurt him and it wasn't because of the money but the lack of acknowledgment of him as a son. If you were OP, how would you react to your parents disinheriting you for the same reasons OP was disinherited? 

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