Boy Who Had Painful Time in a Foster Family Meets Dad Who Shows Him What a Parent's Love Looks Like

Brittany Chalmers
Apr 19, 2022
01:00 A.M.

Every child deserves a loving home, and thankfully, adoption makes it possible. One young boy spent many years moving between foster care homes, and when the time for his official adoption finally came, he couldn't believe it.


Many kids who have spent time in foster care experience disruption to a certain extent. Biological parents can affect children's growth negatively, but foster parents can also neglect the vulnerable youngsters in their care.

Adoption has given countless children a chance to have a happy family, and one father shared his son's beautiful story. He also encouraged others to consider opening their hearts and homes because he believes it is a choice they will never regret.

[Left] A father and son on Adoption Day; [Right] Youngster who spent years in foster care is officially adopted in court. | Source: instagram.com/michaeljbowler

[Left] A father and son on Adoption Day; [Right] Youngster who spent years in foster care is officially adopted in court. | Source: instagram.com/michaeljbowler


When Michael Bowler started his journey of becoming an adoptive parent in 2015, he never imagined just how much the decision would change his life.


The single man visited a Raise A Child event in Los Angeles and quickly signed up for classes with a foster family agency. He was paired with an eight-year-old named Ronald, and from their very first visit, both of them knew it was meant to be.



Ronald and Bowler felt like they were the same person, and the duo was eager to become a little family. However, before formalizing the adoption, the youngster had to sit through lots of therapy and home visits.

Ronald was upset and screamed: "I never asked for any of this!"—words that broke Bowler's heart. The man knew his soon-to-be son had endured countless sessions since the age of four, and he desperately wanted to make them stop.



Bowler knew Ronald needed to persevere with the therapy because it would be worth it in the end. The youngster had layers of trauma from his time with an abusive foster family, and he needed to deal with his past.

Bowler revealed:

“Math is a trigger word of tsunami proportions, resulting in meltdowns to this day … writing by hand is another trigger area that lingers painfully in his mind and heart.”



Finally, in 2020, after countless sessions and services required by the adoption agencies, the duo was on their way to court. Both of them could not contain their joy.

Ronald told Bowler:

“I’ve wanted to be adopted all the time I’ve been in foster care.”



On the Adoption Day, they woke up early and dressed in matching suits, ties, and hats. Bowler noticed the emotion and nervousness in Ronald's voice, stating, "He's been in the system too long to believe in the adoption until it occurs."

Family members and people from the adoptive-parent-recruitment agency came along for the big day and witnessed them become father and son, officially. But for Bowler, the little boy became his child the first day he walked into his home.



The duo was underwhelmed by the judge who approved their adoption. While they struggled to hold back tears of joy and relief, he was not enthusiastic or happy for them.

Bowler stated that the judge didn't address his son, offer any congratulations or try to connect with them. He concluded that the judge should not be allowed to work with kids, and they would not let him ruin their big moment.



Adoption Day was the best day of their lives, and a few weeks later, they had the celebration they deserved. The duo invited friends and loved ones to their Adoption Party, and everyone was excited and wanted to take a photo with Ronald.

The youngster simply longed to get back to his friends. For the first time in Ronald's life, he had a home base and a place to call his own. Bowler shared:

“Ronald happily showed his friend around our home, including his room, and there have been few times I’ve seen him more ebullient. He’s now a ‘regular’ kid for the first time ever.”



The party was the second-best day of their lives—filled with games, cake, laughter, and fun; they celebrated the official start of their family. Bowler also had a special bobblehead gift made for his son.

It featured the two of them as Batman and Robin and was the perfect commemorative gift. The proud dad asked an artist to make the gift for them as a special reminder of the day their family status was cemented.



The Adoption Party meant the world to Ronald, who was delighted to proclaim the joyous news to the world—he had found his forever home, and he had a father who loved him.

Bowler showed him the love he deserved and revealed how he defined his family. They use Raise a Child's motto in their home and "Let Love Define Family."



The father shares their journey online and frequently displays his love for Ronald, celebrating birthdays, National Son Day, and National Adoption Month with excitement and delight.

He also urges people to think about adopting the many kids in need worldwide. Bowler stated:

"I was told, 8 is considered 'old' for children to be adopted because most people want babies or toddlers. My son is a gift and a blessing ... I cherish every moment I have with him."

Bowler continues to tell the world that his son Ronald was the best thing that happened to him. The love they have for each other is inspiring.

For another heartwarming story, click here—a family adopted a boy who was traumatized for seven years, and he changed their lives forever.

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