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Boy Asks Mom to Adopt a Homeless Grandpa Abandoned by His Own Daughter on the Street

Ayesha Muhammad
Apr 19, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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When a little boy saw a homeless, elderly man standing on the street, shivering from the cold weather, something tugged at his heartstrings, leaving a lasting imprint on his mind. Was it the start of a profoundly heartwarming connection? 


Simple acts of kindness can go a long way in changing people's lives for the better. We never know what someone around us might be going through, so even the smallest gesture of generosity and love can make a huge difference. 

It might be easy to show respect and acceptance to your family and friends, but the real deal is having a heart that feels for strangers and people you've never known. Interestingly, today's story sheds light on a similar scenario. 

Little Tiziano and El Tano pictured with their dog. | Source: facebook.com/OkChicasBlog



One cold morning in 2017, a mother and son duo was headed to school in Paraná, the capital city of the Argentine province Entre Ríos. As a part of their morning drill, they decided to stop at the cookie shop to buy some freshly-baked cookies for the kindergartener. 

The then-four-year-old boy, Captio Tiziano, was excited to get his hands on his favorite biscuits when something caught his attention. He noticed an older man with long, wet, unruly hair, no shoes, and no warm clothes standing in the icy-cold weather. 



Something about the homeless guy deeply impacted little Tiziano, so he turned to his mother with a special request. The schoolboy exclaimed, "Let's buy something warm for grandpa to eat!"

Tano had come to terms with the circumstances of his life, but he didn't know that fate had something genuinely heart-touching in store for him.



Tiziano and his mom, Florencia, didn't know the older man and had never met him before. However, the fact that the little boy used an endearing name to refer to the homeless man and asked his mom to buy him food showed his warm-heartedness. 

Soon afterward, Tiziano and Florencia treated the older man, El Tano, to some cookies and a sandwich. As was expected, his face lit up, and he couldn't stop thanking them for thinking about him. 



While giving food to Tano, Tiziano asked, "Grandfather, are you happy? The homeless guy excitedly responded, "Yes, my son." The pair had a brief but incredibly heartening conversation, which Florencia recalled in an interview: 

"And well, that's where the story began because he had told her that he needed a coat, that he needed a pair of slippers because those he had hurt his feet. And well, I had told Tano that the next day we were going to come back."



The next day, Tiziano and Florencia walked the same road to school, but Tano was nowhere to be found. They walked the streets of Entre Ríos almost every day for many days, but they couldn't locate Grandpa or his whereabouts. 

Then, almost two weeks later, they saw him again, and from that moment onward, the trio never parted ways. When Florencia and Tiziano found Tano, he was 55 years old and worked as a bricklayer. 



Tano's life changed when he ran into Tiziano and Florencia, who went on to adopt him. They gave him clean clothes, new shoes, good food, and a warm bed.

The older man who once lived on the streets now had a loving family, food on the table, and a place to call home. He expressed:

"Well, thank God, and so far everything is fine thanks to them who recovered me because I was lying on the street and I thank them profoundly."



While Tano had everything to be thankful for, there was a time when he lost everything, including his sense of purpose and hope. It turned out the older man had endured a miserable life. He revealed: 

"My own daughter left me homeless, running off with a thug. I was left alone on public roads. Let's say, thrown like a dog but today I'm like a mama's baby. Well yes, thanks to them who gave me this. I deeply appreciate it from my heart (sic)."



Tano had come to terms with the circumstances of his life after his daughter abandoned him, but he didn't know that fate had something genuinely heart-touching in store for him. In addition to a roof above his head, he also found an adorable friend in Tiziano. 

When asked how long he lived rough on the streets, Tano recounted:

"I had been around for almost a year, I went around everywhere but at least thank God without harming anyone. From house to house but without doing any harm. I did odd jobs to buy a little clothes but I didn't hurt anyone."



After Tano moved in with Tiziano and Florencia, he began extracting joy from little moments. Tano and Tiziano shared food, played games, read books, and indulged in enriching activities like gardening. The lovely duo was practically inseparable. 

Florencia explained that her husband was highly understanding and supported her and Tiziano in their decision to bring Tano home. The doting mom also added that Tano's condition had remarkably improved ever since he became a part of their family. She said: 

"The most important thing is that he is well recovered, his knees are healthy, within everything we are trying to heal him."


[From left to right] El Tano, Tiziano, and Florencia. | Source: facebook.com/mamareinaupsoc

In an unimaginable turn of events, Tano was no more the abandoned homeless man with no warm clothes, no food to eat, and nowhere to go. He had a devoted family, an adorable best friend, and a home he so rightly deserved. 


Tiziano and Tano's phenomenal story champions love, solidarity, and hope. It also restores one's faith in humanity because while evil exists in the world, there is also so much goodness that we might sometimes overlook. 

If this lovely story touched your heart, please share it with your family and friends so they, too, feel inspired to practice kindness and love on a daily basis. 


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