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Man Finds Out Every Cent He Had Was Stolen – He Calls a Secret Service Agent for Help

Salwa Nadeem
Apr 27, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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A man went to the depot store to buy locks for his new house. When he swiped his debit card at the checkout counter, he discovered he had no money left in his account.


Confused, the man checked his bank balance and found out that he didn't have any money in his account. His eyes widened, and his heart paced as he thought about where his money went.

Only one person's name came to mind when he thought about the people who could have stolen his money. He had only interacted with one strange man in the past few months. 

He had moved away from his hometown for work. | Source: Unsplash


Redditor Kglee54 wrote a detailed post in the "ProRevenge" forum on Reddit, revealing how he discovered someone had secretly robbed him. 

Before jumping to the main story, he narrated a few details about his life. He began by revealing he had moved away from his hometown after getting a job offer from the Federal Government.

He made a few good friends at work and lived with them in the same house. He called them his "best friends" because he shared everything with them.

The five men lived in the same house for almost five years until they started moving out because of marriage or work. One of them was Jon, who moved out after he was hired as a Secret Service Agent.


He met new people at work and made friends. | Source: Unsplash

At this point, OP realized something was wrong, so he asked Russell to move out.

When his friends moved out, the man decided to buy a house with his savings, and after purchasing his new home, he struggled financially because he had spent all of his savings.


The man decided he would need a roommate who could divide the expenses with him. A few of his colleagues moved in with him, but they left after a year. Once again, he started looking for another roommate.

After posting about his house on multiple platforms, he finally found the "perfect" roommate.  A man named Russell had reached out to him after reading about his house. He was in the military but was currently working as a chef at a local restaurant. 

Jon was one of his best friends. | Source: Unsplash


"He was easy to get along with, so I pulled the trigger in haste without doing the proper checks I should have, primarily due to being in a desperate financial situation," he stated. 

The first strange thing he noticed about Russell was that he moved in without bringing any furniture. He only brought a couple of boxes and a TV.

The man also found his conversations to be very strange. Whenever he would ask Russell about his time in the military, he would confidently talk about it without going into much detail.

OP bought a house after saving for it. | Source: Unsplash


When OP asked him about the details, he often gave wrong answers, making OP suspicious. It seemed like the man was lying about his occupation. 

The oddest thing happened when Rusell made excuses once it was time to pay rent. He had only paid rent for the first month. 

At this point, OP realized something was wrong, so he asked Russell to move out. He surprisingly moved out without uttering a word.

OP's roommate was a suspicious man named Russel. | Source: Unsplash


OP thought everything was sorted until he learned what Russell had done behind his back. He only found out when he went to the store to buy locks for his house. 

When he swiped his debit card at the checkout counter, the transaction failed. He tried doing it multiple times to no avail.

He checked his bank account and discovered he had no money left. He wondered how that happened and then realized it must have been Russell.

He asked Russell to move out after he failed to pay rent. | Source: Pexels


Upon further investigation, he discovered that Russell had stolen his checkbook and withdrew all of his money, leaving him bankrupt. 

He was furious but also felt worried at the same time because he did not have enough money to pay his mortgage. He also regretted not interrogating Russell before allowing him to move in. 

When he talked to Jon a few days later, he told him about it. Jon was angry and asked him for more details about Russell. He wanted to file a case against him and launch a mission to find him.

His transaction failed because he had no money in his bank account. | Source: Unsplash


Together with his co-workers, Jon tracked down where the OP's checks had been cashed and he caught the people who cashed the checks on Russell's behalf.

Upon interrogation, one of them disclosed Russell's location, so Jon and his team went in disguise to the restaurant where Russell was supposed to be.

As soon as they stepped inside, they saw Russell buying drinks for everyone, telling them he was leaving for deployment to Iraq. 

He was disappointed after knowing that Russell stole his money. | Source: Unsplash


"Secret Service. You are under arrest!" Jon shouted. The entire restaurant went quiet, and everyone looked at Russell as an officer cuffed him and dragged him towards the exit. 

Jon and his team arrested Russell and made him confess that he lied to everyone about being in the military. He didn't know why they arrested him, so he inquired. 

"You robbed the wrong guy!" Jon replied, reminding him about the money he stole from OP a few days ago.

After some time, OP got his money back after claiming it from the bank. He also revealed that he chose another roommate―the girl he had married. He shared his story on Reddit to tell other people how he took revenge.


OP told Jon everything and it led to Russell's arrest. | Source: Unsplash

"The biggest tragedy here is that OP didn't marry Jon. Jon really is marriage material," Redditor a_tyrannosaurus_rex quipped


"Op is a hero. He left Jon for the rest of us," Redditor Wwoman101 added

Most Redditors praised Jon for taking a stand for OP and helping him get his money back by tracking Russell and arresting him. 

Jon and his team arrested Russell in a restaurant. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

What things should you check before allowing a person to move in with you?

OP didn't ask many questions before taking Russell in as his roommate, and he had to pay for his mistake later. He would have known that Russell was never in the military had he done a background check. What are some important questions people should ask their prospective roommates?

Do you think OP's financial situation played a role in exposing him to a thief like Russell? 

OP hastily decided to allow Russell to live with him because he was in dire need financially.  He immediately believed everything Russell told him and expected him to pay rent on time, without doing the proper background check. Do you think he would have been more careful if he wasn't desperate for a roommate at that point? 

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