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Prince William's Kids Have Nicknames at School That Represent Their Status — Inside Their Upbringing

Karabo Baloyi
Apr 27, 2022
07:30 A.M.
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Prince William's three children have been in the media from their births. But their parents have tried to give them a life that is as normal as possible. This includes the names they use while at school. 


Two of the oldest children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, attend school. Since their parents want them to have normal childhoods, they don't use their royal titles while in school. 

The two little royals instead often use cute nicknames when with friends, and this is different from royal tradition. Let's find out what these are and what the pair get up to while growing up. 

The late Prince Philip with his great-grandson, Prince George. | Source: Getty Images



Princess Charlotte and Prince George's parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have requested that they don't receive any special treatment during school. 

Royal tradition says that when a royal is in school or working in a professional space, they are referred to using their first name. Their parents' title is used as their surname. So the children are referred to as Charlotte Cambridge and George Cambridge. 

They also share cute nicknames, with Charlotte often being referred to as Lottie by her mother, and Mignonette, a French word for "delicate" by her father and close friends. 


Prince George pouts at the camera while carried by his mother, Kate Middleton. | Source: Getty Images

Prince George's nickname is PG, a shortened version of his name and the famous British tea brand, "PG Tips." A member of the public also revealed that during a short conversation with George, he surprisingly referred to himself as Archie. 


Not every royal follows this tradition. Some use the royals' official surname, Mountbatten-Windsor. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice preferred to use the royal family's official surname. Harry's children, Archie and Lillibet, also use the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. 

One day he fell over while in Buckingham Palace and called out to his grandmother for help.

Princess Charlotte photographed picking up packages. | Source: Getty Images



Princes Harry and William used the same naming method as Charlotte and George while serving in the military. They were referred to as William and Harry Wales since their father, Charles, is the Prince of Wales.

When it comes to the Queen of England and her husband, Prince Philip, the royal family also has a few adorable nicknames for them. Prince George and Princess Charlotte call Prince Charles "Grandpa Wales."

Prince William emphasized the importance of giving all their children, especially George, a life that would be as normal as possible. 


Princess Diana participates in a school race at her sons' school in 1989. | Source: Getty Images

When William was a child, he called his grandmother "Gary." One day he fell over while in Buckingham Palace and called out to his grandmother for help.


Since he couldn't get the word granny out, he shouted, "Gary, Gary!" to get the Queen's attention. Princess Charlotte and Prince George call their great-grandmother "Gan Gan."

Although Harry and William lost their mother, Princess Diana, while they were both young, they have kept her memory alive in different ways. Prince William said that Charlotte and George wrote mother's day cards to Diana every year.

Queen Elizabeth II Laughs With Her Grandsons Prince William And Prince Harry On The Balcony Of Buckingham Palace After The Trooping The Color Parade. | Source: Getty Images


In the cards, both children wrote that they loved her very much and that their father was missing her. They also sweetly referred to her as Granny Diana. 

Prince Harry also revealed that he kept photos of his mother in his home with Meghan Markle. He added that Archie and Lillibet refer to Diana as Grandma Diana. He added: 

" I don't tell him all the stuff that's happened, but certainly that this is Grandma Diana, and we've got a couple of photos up in the house."

Princess Diana sits between her two young sons William and Harry. | Source: Getty Images



Prince William emphasized the importance of giving all their children, especially George, a life that would be as normal as possible. This would enable the future king to stay relevant and adapt to modern times. 

Perhaps this is why George only found out that he would be a king after his father around his seventh birthday. Royal Historian Robert Lacey revealed how the big news would be revealed to George.

The three siblings were featured in an adorable video asking Sir David Attenborough animal questions. Attenborough keenly answered their animal questions, including George's thoughtful question about which animal would go extinct next. 


Robert wrote, "sometime around the boy's seventh birthday in the summer of 2020; it is thought that his parents went into more detail about what the little prince's life of future royal 'service and duty' would particularly involve." 

Royal expert Katie Nicholl said that George's parents made a point to make all three of their children feel equal. But George was already aware that he was slightly different.

He would often be removed from his siblings to spend time with his grandfather, Prince Charles, and the Queen. George's keen awareness doesn't end at his monarch status.


William also revealed that George was also frustrated with the problem of litter. His school often sent them on short litter-picking trips. George didn't understand why the litter wouldn't be cleaned every time they finished picking it up.

Despite George's awareness of how resources affect the earth, William added that he felt bad about burdening his son with the issue of climate change. William said:

“He is acutely aware, more so than the other two at the moment.”


Another way in which William and Kate got George used to his future king status was by taking him to the Euro 2020 finals in Wembley Stadium. Kate subtly taught George how to carry himself, knowing that millions of people were watching them. 


Princess Charlotte may be a little young to understand her royal status, but she remains the most confident and self-assured among her other siblings. During Prince Philip's memorial service in 2022, Charlotte spotted herself on camera.

As soon as she noticed herself on the screens displayed in the church, she jumped a little and then gave a cute smile. Body language expert, Judi James, described Philip's service as the little royals' first big test in terms of appropriate royal behavior. 


The young siblings still have quite some time to go before they experience the pressures of royal expectations, but their parents, William and Kate, continue to raise them as normal, happy children.