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Parents Kicks Son out After Birthday, Later Begs Him to Come Back, Worried about Their Reputation

Salwa Nadeem
May 01, 2022
03:40 A.M.
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After a boy's parents asked him to move out, he found a family to move in with and paid them minimal rent. However, something bothered his parents, and they asked him to move back in with them.


When the boy refused, his mother broke into tears while his father scolded him. He turned to Reddit for advice and revealed why his parents wanted him to return. 

The boy didn't expect his Reddit post would become so popular. Thousands of people upvoted it and poured their advice in the comments section. 

The boy moved out after he turned 18. | Source: Unsplash


The 18-year-old Redditor Independent-Boot-789 wrote a detailed post in the "AITA" forum on Reddit. His parents had told him he resulted from unwanted pregnancy, but they chose to have him because of their religious beliefs. 

As a child, he grew up knowing he had to move out at 18, so he started saving money after turning 13. He worked hard and managed to save a significant amount of money. 

A week before his 18th birthday, his parents asked him if he had found a place to live. He treated it as a regular question and told them he had arranged an apartment for himself. 

They made him feel unwanted. | Source: Unsplash


They never asked him where he would go because they were only concerned about him leaving their house on time. Little did they know they would soon regret their decision of not investigating properly.

The boy had planned to move into an apartment and live on sharing basis with four unknown boys. However, he changed his mind when his friend's family offered him to live in their basement.

They charged him a minimal rent to live in their basement, having a separate entrance. It seemed like the best deal to him, so he happily agreed to move in with them. 

He left his parents' house the day after his birthday. | Source: Unsplash


He packed his belongings on the night of his birthday and left the house the following day. His friend's family gave him a warm welcome, making him forget about his parents.

As days went by, he gained confidence in his life. He realized how suffocated he felt living with his parents because he knew he had to leave their place after turning 18. 

His father called him and invited him for dinner a few weeks later. It felt strange, but he still decided to go and meet his parents. When he reached there, they asked him to move back with them. 

His friend's parents offered their basement for him to live in. | Source: Unsplash


"Why?" he asked while looking at his parents with raised eyebrows. 

"You won't have to pay us rent or anything," his father said in an assuring tone. 

The boy politely told his parents that he didn't want to live with them because he had started liking his independent lifestyle. He thanked them for their kind offer.

Meanwhile, his mother started crying and left the living room. The boy had no idea why his parents were asking him to come back until his father told him that everyone in his circle was shaming him for throwing his son out. 

His father called him and invited him for dinner. | Source: Unsplash


Since the boy was living with a family who was part of his father's social circle, the news reached everyone within no time. 

The boy believed the news was not a rumor. He felt it was the truth and told his father that he wasn't responsible for saving them from the consequences of their actions. 

After he left, he received calls from his extended family blaming him for going against his parents. Confused, he posted his story on Reddit to ask other users if he was at fault. 

He visited his house one last time. | Source: Unsplash


"NTA. They don't want you back. They want their reputation and social life back," Redditor Awkward-Mix-283 stated. The user asked the boy not to go back to his parents because they had mistreated him. 

Another Redditor agreed and pointed out that his mother was not crying out of guilt, but she was sad that he had tarnished their reputation.

"This post boggled my mind and broke my heart," Redditor PrideofCapetown wrote. After reading the boy's story, the user felt family aren't the people related to a person by DNA. Instead, it's the people who have your back when something goes wrong. 

His extended family called him and humiliated him. | Source: Unsplash


The Redditor asked the boy to block his family and cut ties with them. Redditor Cheeseanonioncrisps felt terrible for the boy because he had started saving money when he was 13. The user thought he was too young to plan his future at that time. 

"You have to wonder how much OP missed out on as a teen," the Redditor stated while making others realize that he was working and saving money while his friends were having fun. The user thought his parents had "robbed him of his childhood."

Most Redditors agreed that the boy was not at fault for refusing to move back in with his parents. They wished him good luck in his new life. 


He asked other Redditors for advice. | Source: Pexels

Questions to Ponder:

What would you do if you were in the boy's place?


The boy had left his parents' place, but his extended family's reaction made him think he had done something wrong. Most Redditors told him not to go back because they thought his parents were cruel. What would you do if you were in his place? Would you go back?

Do you think his parents were at fault for depriving him of his childhood?

The boy started saving at 13 when most teenagers were having fun. He had to worry about his finances at a very young age, and most people think his parents were at fault for it because they made him feel he was unwanted. Do you agree?

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