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Couple Disinherited Their Only Son – He Finds the Will and Sees the Name of Their Only Heir

Salwa Nadeem
May 01, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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A 23-year-old man stumbled upon his parents' will while helping them deep-clean their house. When he skimmed through the pages, he noticed his name wasn't there.


After reading the will, he felt terrible knowing his parents had disinherited him and given all of their wealth to their only heir. 

However, his parents had no idea he had read the will. He wasn't sure if he should confront his parents, so he asked Reddit for advice.

His parents had disinherited him. | Source: Unsplash


After reading a recent copy of his parents ' will, Redditor disinheritedson described his situation by writing a detailed post in the "relationships" forum on Reddit.

He had never thought his parents would disinherit him and give away all their wealth to another person. It wasn't like the man needed their wealth, but it was more about their sentiments. 

The man lived with his fiancée. They both worked and earned more than $55,000. He felt he was in a much better financial position than his family. 

He felt sad after reading the will. | Source: Unsplash


His parents bought a house in the 1980s and had saved a moderate amount of money that their only heir would receive. Their total wealth was more than $600,000. 

He needed an explanation after reading their will.

On the other hand, his sister made $20,000 per year and had to look after two children as a single parent because her husband left her and didn't pay child support. 

The man recalled that his sister always lied to his parents and mainly got into trouble. Since she didn't complete her studies, she couldn't find a well-paying job and had to struggle financially all her life.


His parents bought a house in the 1980s. | Source: Unsplash

On the other hand, the man was responsible and went to university as per his parents' wishes. He was always kind to them and visited them often to offer help.


He had become financially independent at a young age, so he saved money and didn't let his parents pay his university fee. 

Meanwhile, his parents paid for all of his sister's needs and never expected her to work and earn money. He never understood why his parents treated them differently.

The man had started earning money at a young age. | Source: Unsplash


However, he needed an explanation after reading their will. They had decided to give everything to their daughter, and the man needed to know why his name was not there on the will. 

"My sister is listed as the sole beneficiary. She will get their house, life insurance policies, savings, car, absolutely everything," he stated.

He guessed they made her the sole inheritor because she wasn't in a good position financially. However, he felt they were "harsh" because they completely excluded him from the will.

His sister stole money from his parents. | Source: Unsplash


If he confronted his parents, they might get hurt and refuse to talk to him. Confused, he posted his story on Reddit and asked others if he should speak to his parents about it. 

Redditor Kijamon advised him to talk to his parents calmly and express his concerns regarding the will without hurting them. 

A few days later, the man wrote another Reddit post after discovering why his parents excluded him from the will. After mustering enough courage, he decided to confront his parents politely.

Firstly, his parents told him that they hadn't planned their pregnancy when they had him. His mother accidentally got pregnant, so his father had to work double shifts to manage their finances after his birth. 


He asked his parents why they had excluded him from the will. | Source: Pexels

He resented the man because he couldn't spend time with his daughter while she was growing up since he spent most of his time at work.


His parents also confessed they weren't happy with him because they didn't like his choices in his life. They disliked his fiancée and weren't satisfied with him living forty minutes away from their house. 

They also told him that he went against their wishes and chose accountancy in college, whereas they wanted him to study law. 

His mother said she accidentally got pregnant when she had him. | Source: Pexels


The thing that bothered them the most was that he was not close to his sister. He disagreed, recalling when he gave her money from his university savings to clear her debts.

He often helped her pay her bills because he loved his nieces and nephews and didn't want them to suffer. He loved buying gifts for her children too.

The man's parents said they didn't include him in his will because they didn't consider him their son. He was always distant while his sister spent more time with them. 

They liked his sister more than him. | Source: Pexels


He was heartbroken to see that his efforts to facilitate his parents went in vain. They liked his sister more than him despite knowing she hadn't achieved much in life. 

However, they agreed to give him a fraction of their wealth if he persuaded them well. Furious, the man thanked them and stomped out of the house. He rejected their offer and told them he didn't consider them his parents anymore. 

After reading the Reddit post, many users felt sorry for the man. On the other hand, Redditor ass_munch_reborn encouraged the man to move on and enjoy his life.

He felt heartbroken after confronting his parents. | Source: Unsplash


"You're an adult now, with a good career, a fiancee, and a life ahead of you, and you can rub it in their face," the user stated

The Redditor felt OP's (Original Poster's) parents would regret excluding him from their lives when they would see him having a good time with his new family. 

Most Redditors slammed his parents and thought he deserved better. They also told him he would eventually get the same amount of money as savings that his sister would inherit from his parents. 

Other Redditors encouraged him to look forward to his life with his fiancée and forget about his parents. | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's parents were mistreating him?

There's no doubt that his parents had the right to give their wealth to whomever they wished, but some people might think they could have given a fraction of it to the man. Excluding him from the will offended him because his parents gave more importance to his sister. Do you think they were being unfair to him? Or were their actions justified because they had the right to drat their will according to their wishes?

Do you think his sister should speak up for him?

The man said he had helped his sister many times. She must be aware of what was happening between him and his parents, so she could have taken his side and convinced his parents to give something to him. It seemed like she stayed quiet because she didn't want to share the wealth with her brother. 

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