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Abandoned Newborn Is Found in Pizza Box with a Note from His Grandmother: 'God Forgive Me'

Brittany Chalmers
May 03, 2022
03:30 P.M.

When a newborn baby was abandoned inside a pizza box, people were shocked. However, the letter accompanying the child left everyone heartbroken because his entry into the world was marked by tragedy.


Moms aren't always excited about the birth of their kids. They worry about the pressures of motherhood and make rash decisions.

Many women are unaware of the Safe Haven law, which gives them a chance to turn over infants younger than 72 hours safely. Still, many other terrified mothers are residents in places with no such laws.

A newborn baby. | Source: Shutterstock

A newborn baby. | Source: Shutterstock


Michigan Department of Community Health reported that 57 babies were abandoned daily in America in 2001.


When a baby boy came into the world in 2020, he was left in the care of his grandparent. The infant's mom passed away while giving birth to her son, but the grandparent couldn't care for the child because of a shattering reason.

The grandparent abandoned the baby on the street in Tlaltenango, Mexico. They left him bundled in a blanket inside a pizza box and hoped someone would find him.


Thankfully, he was discovered before it was too late. The grandparent also left behind a sad note, and the words struck a chord with many people, quickly going viral online.


The week-old infant was found alongside a note that read: "Take care of my grandson. My daughter died while giving birth, and I don't have [a way] to support him, and I hope he has a better life, and God forgive me."

Social services ensured the baby was healthy and took him to a hospital for an assessment. Mexico's Civil Protection Agency was touched by the story and decided to share it online. They wrote: "Life shapes you, but it does not prepare you for situations like this."



Netizens were equally moved, and many offered to adopt the baby in need. People opened their hearts and homes to the infant, but Tlaltenango mayor, Miguel Ángel Varelo Pinedo, stepped up and covered the child's expenses while a long-term solution was found.

Varelo Pinedo vowed to look after the child for as long as he needed care. He also shared a photo of the beautiful baby boy and stated:

"I'll take care of the baby’s spending as long as it takes. Rest in peace your holy mother and God forgive your grandmother, as the letter says."



The mayor revealed that the child was christened Ángel Gabriel. The infant was baptized in a ceremony that honored the citizens living in the Tlaltenango region.

Varelo Pinedo was devastated that the baby was left on the side of the road because of the grandparent's circumstances and was grateful the child survived the ordeal.



The mayor hoped baby Ángel Gabriel would be adopted by parents who lived in the area where he was found. He asked the governor of Zacatecas to ensure this and thanked everyone for their support.

Varelo Pinedo expressed:

"May [the baby] have a decent life with exemplary adoptive parents. Many thanks to all of you, because in moments of sadness and consternation, we all still seek the wellbeing of the most vulnerable."



The baby boy wasn't abandoned by his grandparent because of a lack of love. They didn't have the financial means to care for him and thought he would be better off with someone else.

The mayor noted:

"It's sad to hear that a baby is abandoned due to a lack of financial resources."



Much of the online community hoped the child would be reunited with his grandparents in the future, and one commenter even said they would adopt the baby and his grandparents if needed.

Another user added: "Such sad news. And what a great gesture and sensitivity from the Civil Protection and Firefighters and the Town Hall. I'm sure this child and his [grandparent] will be reunited thanks to the solidarity and humanity of everyone."

Netizens respond to the mayor's post about the abandoned baby boy. | Source: facebook.com/miguelangel.varelapinedo

Netizens respond to the mayor's post about the abandoned baby boy. | Source: facebook.com/miguelangel.varelapinedo



Sadly, baby Ángel Gabriel wasn't the only infant abandoned shortly after birth. In 2022, an Alaskan woman left her baby in a cardboard box with a heartbreaking letter.

She revealed she could not meet the child's needs and hoped the little one would find a loving home. The note added: "My mom is so sad to do this." Fortunately, the baby was still in good health when Roxy Lane made the shocking discovery.

Lane shared that she would never forget the baby she stumbled upon and wished the best for the bundle of joy. Hopefully, cases like these will reduce, and every baby will be situated where they can get the love and care they need.

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