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Woman Decides to Adopt Ailing Kids Even Though She Can Get Pregnant Naturally

Brittany Chalmers
May 03, 2022
09:00 P.M.
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The joy of becoming a parent is something many people long for. However, a health condition led one woman to make a unique decision. She adopted ailing children—read and find out why she was the perfect match for them. 


Sadly, many women struggle to fall pregnant, and even when they can conceive naturally, other factors hinder them. When health concerns plagued a mother, she had to make a difficult choice.

Her illness had the potential to cause immense heartache on her journey to having kids, so she decided to adopt. Along with her husband, the woman expanded her family and welcomed beautiful adoptees who had something in common with her. 

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Kristi Smith was born in a home filled with all the love and care she needed to thrive. She had a rare condition called Phenylketonuria (PKU), and without medical assistance, it could have dire consequences for her mental wellbeing.

Smith's parents were informed of her PKU and quickly researched to start managing the condition. They put her on a strenuous but helpful low-protein diet, and because the couple prioritized her health, she excelled in life.

The Tucson, Arizona, resident had a normal childhood thanks to her mother and father. She finished high school, obtained two degrees, and later married her husband, Matt. 



When the couple started talking about expanding their family, both were open to adoption. Smith explained: "We thought maybe we'd have one or two biological kids and then adopt one or two."

However, her plans came to an abrupt stop when she realized there were potential complications because of her PKU. Congenital disabilities and miscarriages were possible, and she didn't want to experience the pain, stress, and heartbreak.



While Smith and her husband could conceive naturally, they opted to start an adoption journey instead. They quickly learned of a child in need in China, and the adorable youngster had something in common with Smith—he had PKU. 

The mother shared

"We loved the idea of giving a home to a kid with PKU because we know how to take care of it. When I told my husband about this little boy, he said, 'Are we going to China?'"



Smith was thankful for her husband's unwavering support and, via an adoption agency, planned to bring home two boys with PKU. They visited China in 2015 and were delighted to meet Andrew and Luke, who were two at the time. 

The boys lived in an orphanage that was aware of their condition and took care of them, but sadly, not all orphanages made provisions for kids with PKU. 

The mother noted:

"The orphanages don't care for the PKU, so they have some really severe problems — some are nonverbal, some have seizures, some have neurological issues. And all of these kids still need families."



Smith became an advocate for kids living in orphanages in China, and she fell in love with another youngster who needed a home. Her spouse lovingly supported the desire to adopt again.

As the couple went through the process, they found another boy who was about to age out of the system. They couldn't look past him and again brought home two boys with PKU. 

In 2018, Caleb and Ben joined their family, and the group couldn't be happier. Caleb was aware of his condition, but Ben had some delays, and his mom revealed:

"It was a rough time just accepting what we were taking on but we knew that he was our kiddo, we knew that he needed love and that he was ours."



The boys follow their mother's protein-restricted diet, drinking their special formulas together every day. She ensured the kids stayed healthy and told them that their special diet helps them learn new things and looks after their brains.

Smith loves watching her children grow, and the proud mom is thankful she got the opportunity to be their parent. She expressed that they were flourishing and developing their emotional and academic skills.   



Smith has a beautifully blended brood, and if not for her PKU, she might never have found her beloved kids. The family's story is encouraging and reminds us to stay grateful for all we have. 

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