Woman Has Spent over 350 Weeks of Her Life Being Pregnant despite People Judging Her All the Time

Stephen Thompson
May 04, 2022
10:00 A.M.

Undoubtedly, parenting from scratch involves a lot of effort, and due to the responsibilities attached, many women would rather stick to a small family. However, that is not the case for a young 30-plus mom who, irrespective of people's opinion, has spent 350 weeks of her life being pregnant.


For many women, having kids reconfigures their lives, and it mainly influences them more than men. That is because nine months before they meet their little ones, these expectant moms dutifully carry their babies, leading them to a short time of discomfort.

Research shows that pregnant women experience hormonal imbalance, vomiting, body aches, high temperature, motion sickness, and, most commonly, mood swings.


From the word go, expectant moms are burdened with growing stomachs, and it makes it nearly impossible for them to continue with their regular routines at some point.

While their bodies react to changes, it is strong enough to withstand the challenges pregnancies may bring. However, as the world evolves, women have begun to make certain decisions regarding their pregnancies, whether married or single.

These days, there is an increase in the number of women who would instead not go through pregnancies and childbirth procedures to have a child (although for some medical reasons); for others, they choose to stick to a few kids.


While many women who desire a large family would opt for adoption or surrogacy, a very few percentage of women remain committed to the natural means of conception irrespective of the challenges.

Britni Church, a Kansas mom, is among the few women whose passion for a big and happy family led her to become a mother of an entire football team and a substitute —at age 32, she had twelve kids!


To Britni, it did not matter what people thought or said. All she bothered about was being the mother of those adorable kids and having a close relationship with each of them.


Britni was a young girl when she embarked on her journey to motherhood. In 2004, at age 16, she welcomed a son named Crizman. Britni had her baby a few days after getting married to his father. Despite becoming acquainted with the responsibilities of a child, the young couple decided to add more kids; Britni talked about having four kids.

In the end, they welcomed five altogether. The following year after Crizman's birth, Jordan joined the picture, followed by Caleb, Jace, and Cadence. By 2010, the couple had divorced.



Following her first failed marriage, Britni settled into a life of partying, and in the mix of things, she fell pregnant with another man.

At the time, they were unmarried, and it appeared to have been a fling. This unexpected pregnancy made her embarrassed. But the shame disappeared when the super mom met her adorable baby in 2012.

Britni confessed that her sixth child, Jesalyn's innocence and beauty, was overwhelming. So, she held her head up high and continued life as a single parent for three years.



Britni's story changed again in 2014 when she met Chris. They became husband and wife, and in no time, she began producing more babies. The first to be born was Silas in 2015; Christopher joined his siblings the following year.

The couple paused for about a year. In 2018, Britni conceived and welcomed triplets Oliver, Asher, and Abel in 2019. Speaking about her journey so far, Britni confidently explained that having a large family feels perfectly normal. In her words:

"It does not feel like I have lots of children – it feels normal."



Although the Kansas mother confirmed that her life is not so different, it is. Coping with a large family, including growing teens and young ones, involves a high task.

Thankfully, Britni has Chris by her side. Her second husband accepted the kids, and they are doing great while shouldering the responsibilities that come with parenting.


In 2020, with eleven kids on board, they reportedly spent $300 weekly on grocery shopping. This included hundreds of diapers, five boxes of cereal, and sixty-six cartons of milk.

The couple also shared tasks; Britni often clears twelve loads of laundry while her husband makes two-morning school trips in their 15-seater Ford Transit.


As expected, they attract stares from strangers whenever the family steps out but have gotten used to it. Britni confessed that the people's opinions would never affect her plans for the future. She added:

"I don't think I would ever have more than 15 kids but then again, I never thought I'd have 11."



A few months after shocking the world with her intentions to have more babies, the mother of eleven became pregnant with baby number 12!

Britni, who shares chronicles of her motherhood with the kids, updated her thousands of fans online on the new development. While many congratulated her, a few others probed the kids' paternity.


The mother-of-twelve was not having it when one of her posts generated questions about her babies sharing different dads. She immediately slammed the critics, adding:

"Twelve kids, three dads. But if there were twelve dads, that doesn't mean I'd be any less blessed."

She further explained how helpful her husband has been, stating that he treats the entire brood as if they are all his and never shows favoritism.



Britni and Chris welcomed Rowyn in 2021, and since then, she had maintained the same energy as when she became new to the business. The supermom continued to showcase her happiness in videos and photos, not minding words from naysayers.

One of her recent Tiktok thrills featured a stunning revelation. She confessed to being pregnant in 350 weeks of her life, or seven years and four months, despite being a little above 30.

Britni truthfully

that her pregnancies are not enjoyable episodes, but she cannot help but love her babies. For now, she intends to pause on the

while savoring every moment, making precious memories with her pack.

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