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Mail Carrier Sees Lonely Elderly Lady's Mailbox Has Been Untouched, Decides to Call Authorities

Brittany Chalmers
May 04, 2022
02:00 P.M.
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When a postal worker was busy with her regular route in a small town, she quickly realized something was off. Her extraordinary consideration for a woman she barely knew had a significant impact. 


Many people get caught up with their lives, forgetting to observe the human beings around them. If we paid more attention to our surroundings, even for just a few minutes, we wouldn't miss moments that could make a world of difference. 

One kind and caring worker displayed commendable behavior when she went above and beyond her call of duty. Please keep reading to discover why her actions set a shining example for us. 

A postal worker who noticed a woman stopped collecting her mail. | Source: Channel 5 Boston



Kayla Berridge enjoyed getting to know the resident along her daily route as a mail carrier. In her small town of Newmarket, New Hampshire, people knew each other and offered their help where possible. 

During a shift at the beginning of 2022, Berridge noticed something strange at one resident's house. An older woman who always picked up her mail hadn't been outside to collect the delivery in four days.  

The mail carrier saw the piled-up post and wondered if she should intervene. She shared: "I hadn't seen her in a while, and I noticed her mail wasn't getting picked up, so I got a little concerned."


Kayla Berridge walking on her daily postal route. | Source: Channel 5 Boston


Berridge didn't know the older woman well, but they had conversed a few times. Fortunately, the postal worker had an impressive detective moment and an eye for detail because if not for her, things could've ended badly.  


Berridge trusted her gut feeling and reached authorities to conduct a wellness check on the home and its resident. Police Lt. Wayne Stevens revealed they received similar call-ins by postal workers in the past. 

However, none of their previous checks compared to what they found inside the home in Newmarket. Stevens expressed that the situation was rare—he sang Berridge's praises when he realized the impact of her attentiveness.  

A delighted and relieved postal worker, Kayla Berridge. | Source: Channel 5 Boston



Newmarket Police Department confirmed that they found the older woman inside her home, and she needed immediate assistance. Stevens and a fellow officer heard faint screams while they knocked on the door.

The woman called for help, and the officers found her lying on the floor. She had been trapped under heavy artwork and frames for at least three days—fortunately, she was found before it was too late.

Officers from the Newmarket Police Department responded to the postal workers call. | Source: Channel 5 Boston



The woman received the needed medical attention and was treated for hypothermia and dehydration in the hospital. She was stable and recovering well, thanks to Berridge. 

Stevens noted

"Without a doubt, she saved this lady's life. That's part of being a letter carrier in a small town and taking your job to the next level. She did a great job."

Berridge was relieved that the woman survived the ordeal and happy to have helped a resident on her route. She appreciated the people in her "great little town" and said: "Everyone has each other's backs." 


Kayla Berridge who noticed when a woman stopped collecting her mail. | Source: Channel 5 Boston


Berridge undoubtedly had the older woman's back and proved that not all heroes wear capes. She was doing her duty as a human being, and it saved a life.


The postal worker added that she had never called in a wellness check before but was happy she did this time. She always looked out for cars that stayed in driveways too long, with no new outgoing mail and, naturally, no mailbox collections. 

These simple actions contributed to the rescue mission of a woman in need. Berridge deserves all of the praise that came her way, and her actions encouraged others to be vigilant of the people around them.  



The online community lauded Berridge, and many thanked her for taking the time and effort to help someone. One user wrote: "How keenly observant and most caring!" 

Another added: "That's really cool. I love it when people are vigilant on their jobs." A netizen also indicated that they wished someone would do the same for their loved ones.

The commenter noted:

"Good job. I hope someone would do that for my elderly family member if it happened." 

Berridge's actions continue to inspire people worldwide, and her story is a testament to the power of kindness. Click here for another heartwarming story about an everyday hero who reached out to a lonely older woman. 


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