Rich Lawyers Mock Waitress to Tears, Chef Says She Means a Lot More than Money and Intervenes

Salwa Nadeem
May 10, 2022
03:30 P.M.

When a group of wealthy lawyers came to a well-known restaurant in Cardiff, they humiliated the 22-year-old waitress Lily, who served them a seven-course meal.


How would you feel if someone demeaned you based on your profession? A young, hardworking waitress went through the worst when six lawyers came to the restaurant for their official dinner.

After they left, Lily broke into tears and told her boss everything the men said and did to her. Lee Skeet, her boss, and chef, was furious after knowing what had happened in his restaurant that night.



The unfortunate incident occurred in Cora, a 12-seater intimate restaurant situated in Pontcanna, Cardiff. What happened that night came to light after Lee Skeet tweeted about it on May 5, 2022.

It all started when a group of wealthy lawyers entered the restaurant and sat at a table for their official dinner. Lily O'Connor welcomed them like every other customer.

After asking them what they would like to have for dinner, she immediately realized they would give her a hard time. They started by humiliating her based on her profession.



Lily was mocked and asked how she earned a living by working as a waitress. She was also asked to work for "seven nights a week" to make a handsome salary.

He was shocked to learn how they mistreated her the entire time.

Instead of complaining to the head chef, Lily decided to stay quiet and served the men a seven-course meal while tolerating their unacceptable behavior. She later confessed they also touched her inappropriately.



After the six men finished their meals, Lily presented them with their £1,000 bill, the restaurant's largest bill since its inauguration.

Despite the restaurant's huge profit that night, Lee didn't stop himself from raising his voice against their unjust behavior. He told the world about what happened at the restaurant by opening up on Twitter.

He didn't know that the men were humiliating Lily until she cried before him after they left. He was shocked to learn how they mistreated her the entire time.



Lee Skeet, who had previously worked for famous chefs, including Gordon Ramsey, knew he had to take action against the mean guests.

After a thorough investigation, he revealed that the law firm's secretary had booked the restaurant for their official dinner that night. The boss was also present at the table, but he was not the one mocking Lily.

The first thing he decided to do after Lily complained to him was that he banned the group of lawyers from having dinner at his restaurant in the future. He didn't care if they were the ones generating a significant profit for his restaurant.



Lee got hold of their email address and wrote a detailed email explaining what he wanted from them. Before jumping to the main point, he thanked them for choosing his restaurant for their official dinner.

Then, he highlighted their "inappropriate behavior," as described by Lily, and confessed that he felt terrible as an employer because of what she went through. He wrote:

"I have spent the last hour having conversations with her that break my heart, make me feel like an [expletive] employer, and a terrible dad having my own daughter."



The head chef wanted to ensure that his customers understood they weren't allowed to misbehave with the restaurant staff. He tried to set an example by dealing with the group of lawyers in the best possible way.

He asked them to provide their bank account details so he could refund their £1,000 bill. He said he would only deduct £100 as a tip for Lily since they didn't bother tipping her. After telling them he had banned them from entering his restaurant, he wrote:

"I also think you should assess the people you surround yourself with."



Lee confessed that he knew something was wrong when he saw Lily serving the six men that evening. He could sense she was upset about something.

He only figured out what was bothering her right after they left. As the head chef and the restaurant's boss, he felt terrible for the young girl who was just like his daughter.

After the unfortunate incident, he made a new rule in his restaurant stating that his employees should report the customers' bad behavior when they are in the restaurant so that he could take action immediately.



Lee's tweet went viral after more than 14,000 people retweeted it. Most Twitteratis praised him for taking action against the mean group of lawyers.

A woman from South Africa with the username SonDromer felt the world would have been a better place if everyone acted as he did. She stated:

"Oh, my heart! An employer that just touched my heart."



The following day, Lee wrote another tweet to inform others that he had taken back his decision to refund the money to the lawyers. Instead, he sent the money to Lily.

He apologized for reacting too emotionally last night after listening to Lily's horrible experience. He felt it would be better not to refund the money to his guests.

The head chef attached a screenshot of the funds' transfer receipt after sending £1,000 to Lily. He felt he had made the right decision this time.



Most Twitter users were glad that Lee transferred the entire bill amount to Lily. However, others felt he should "name and shame" the law firm instead of hiding their identity. Twitterati FionaZabeli replied:

"I would shame that firm also, and people won't use it."

Do you think Lee should name and shame the law firm to teach them a lesson? We would love to know what you think about this story.

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