Mom Sees Brunette Next to Her Kids on Baby Monitor, Storms into Their Room and Finds No One

Salwa Nadeem
May 11, 2022
10:25 A.M.

A mother was terrified when she saw an unknown woman sitting right next to her children in the living room. She ran downstairs as soon as the stranger appeared on the baby monitor.


A mother of four, Leila Livingston, confessed seeing the woman on her iPad was the "scariest thing she had ever experienced."

She opened up about the horrifying experience on Facebook, revealing what happened when she barged into the living room to confront the stranger.


Livingston confessed it wasn't easy to put on makeup and change her outfit while surrounded by two toddlers and a baby. She had to go out with her husband that day, so she decided to turn on the TV for her kids.


She made them sit on the couch in the living room and played "The Lion King" on the TV to buy some time for herself. While still thinking about her children, she turned on the baby monitor on her iPad in her bedroom to monitor them.

The North Carolina mother could see her children sitting peacefully in the living room while she did her hair and put on some makeup. She checked the iPad after every few minutes to ensure her children were OK.



The iPad screen caught her attention when she was almost done with her hair and makeup. Her eyes widened when she saw an intruder sitting beside her children. She recalled:

"My heart just dropped. There was a dark-haired woman in the living room staring at my children."

Feeling threatened, the 34-year-old mother rushed downstairs to get her children. She had no idea who was the strange woman sitting in her living room.



The mother was shocked when she reached the living room because the woman sitting on the couch had disappeared. Even her children were in their places, making it seem like no one had entered the living room. She confessed:

“It was like she just disappeared. And my kids were totally calm and watching 'The Lion King.'”

Shocked, Livingston was sure she had spotted a ghost on the baby monitor. That was the only thing that could explain how the woman disappeared from the living room within a few seconds.



Livingston ran back to her bedroom and picked up her iPad again. She could still see the woman, who she considered a ghost, sitting beside her children.

She quickly picked up her phone and dialed her mother's number to tell her that she had captured a ghost on the camera. She recalled:

“As I was getting ready to show her, I looked down and lost it.”



When she touched the iPad's screen to show the footage to her mother, she realized the live camera had switched off a while ago.

She was watching a pre-recorded video of herself sitting beside her children in the living room the entire time, assuming it was an unknown woman.

The mother posted about the unusual incident on her Facebook profile, stating:

"I was the ghost on the couch."



After her Facebook post went viral in November 2019, many people wondered why her first thought was that the woman on the couch was a ghost. She said her hair color appeared different on-screen, and since it was a live stream, she couldn't think that the woman on the couch was her.

The mother also shared that strange things are always happening in her house. She often found the kitchen cabinets open after she had just shut them, and the water dispenser in her refrigerator also switched off itself.



More than 29,000 people had shared Livingston's Facebook post, and many people had pointed out that a child was sitting on the couch with his arms around her.

Nine years after the death of her child, the mother noticed his presence after reading the comments under her post. She was shocked but felt at peace thinking her child was still with her.

She guessed that strange things happening in her house were because of the child she lost almost a decade ago. She always missed her child on special occasions and wished he was there to celebrate those days with her.



A 25-year-old Georgia mother claimed she saw her triplets talking to a "ghost" while watching them through the baby monitor.

On January 26, 2021, her two-year-olds told her they had conversed with a "monster" in their room by the wall, the same spot she saw in the footage.

Caitlin Nichols was shocked to know what her daughters saw. However, she never saw them talking to the invisible entity again.


Nichols saw her daughters jumping out of the bed when something on the wall caught their attention. The footage showed the girls pointing and waving at the wall and then jumping to catch something.

"You like our beds?" asked one of the girls. The mother also saw them hide behind their closet in the footage and then re-emerge and point towards the wall. They also screamed while going back behind the cupboard.

Despite her daughters' strange behavior, the mother said they were only playing in their room. She also added that several other spooky things had also occurred in her house before, so this wasn't something new for her.

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