Mom's Call Goes Unanswered by 911 after Her Kid Stops Breathing, She Starts Screaming for Help

Salwa Nadeem
May 09, 2022
10:40 P.M.

A Fort Worth mother revealed that no one answered her call when she dialed 911 after her daughter stopped breathing. Things could have been much worse if she hadn't taken her daughter to the hospital on time.


Have you ever wondered how much we rely on government services? What would happen if a person fails to connect to the emergency department on time?

Jamie Haswell narrated a horrifying incident that started when she saw her daughter lying unresponsive on the bed shortly after she put her to sleep.

Jamie narrated her terrifying experience. | Source: YouTube/CBSDFW

Jamie narrated her terrifying experience. | Source: YouTube/CBSDFW



Back in June 2021, Jamie panicked after finding her 2-year-old daughter, Mila, unresponsive in her bedroom and turned to 911 for help. Unfortunately, no one answered her call.

On the one hand, she didn't know what was wrong with her daughter. On the other, she couldn't reach the emergency helpline.

She performed CPR on her daughter, trying her best to revive her. She saw her little girl's face turn blue a few moments later and didn't know how to contact the emergency services for assistance because no one was answering her call.



Jamie could hear an automated recording on her phone while the sight of her daughter lying unresponsive terrified her. She recalled:

"When no one answered after what felt like an eternity, I just ran into the street and screamed for help."

Her neighbors stepped out of their houses and immediately dialed 911. Unfortunately, everyone's calls went unanswered, after which they realized calling the police was useless.

911 was unresponsive. | Source: Pexels

911 was unresponsive. | Source: Pexels



After several failed attempts of trying to reach 911, Jamie took her daughter to the hospital with the help of a kind neighbor. She discovered that her daughter needed immediate medical attention, or things could have gotten worse.

After experiencing one of the most terrible moments of her life, Jamie contacted the police and fire department chiefs.

The doctors said she had a seizure because she already had a fever. This condition is common in children her age, but it requires immediate medical attention.

Jamie was lucky to have helpful neighbors who drove her to the hospital. Otherwise, things could have taken a different turn.



After Jamie left for the hospital with her daughter, some of her neighbors tried to reach a human operator through 911 by following the automated recording's instructions.

She revealed that it took them almost 15 minutes to connect to a human representative and tell them about their emergency. She expressed her concerns about it in her Facebook post:

"TWELVE-FIFTEEN minutes is a DEATH SENTENCE for cardiopulmonary arrest."



After experiencing one of the most terrible moments of her life, Jamie contacted the police and fire department chiefs, asking them to convey her message to the concerned authorities.

When the police got her complaint, they blamed it on a shortage in the workforce at their call centers. Many people had left, and the hiring process slowed down, creating a deficit of call-takers.

Jamie felt their excuse for not attending to calls was not valid. She felt the police department should have done something regarding filling the void so that the public didn't have to suffer because of them.



After Jamie voiced her concerns regarding the issue she faced while contacting 911, the Fort Worth Police Department heard about her experience and decided to take action.

They planned to hire more staff and recruit retired employees to work part-time. The department also decided to take feedback from their current employees to know how they could improve their workplace experience.

It seemed like Jamie's efforts did bring about a change in the police department. They were now concerned about their helpline and ensured that everyone's calls were answered on time, unlike what Jamie had experienced.


Jamie was glad the police took action to improve their call-center experience. She had raised her voice so that no other child had to experience what her daughter did. She wrote:

"I'm thankful that those steps are being taken, and I hope they're taken to heart."

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