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Poor Lady Mourns Daughter at Place She Last Saw Her, One Day Girl’s Carbon Copy Shows up There — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
May 13, 2022
12:00 P.M.
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A poor woman mourns the loss of her daughter at the same spot every day and one day encounters a girl there who is an exact replica of her. She has no idea how the girl resembles her late daughter until the child reveals her terrible story.


Lexi Robinson was overjoyed when her baby, Venessa, arrived. Vanessa had entered Lexi and her husband Bob's lives late, and Lexi wanted to give her daughter the finest of everything.

However, when it came to Bob, he was completely focused on his profession and valued his multi-million businesses far more than their child. He'd always despised the idea of having children, which is why it took them nearly four years after their marriage to have their first child.

Lexi had expected Bob to change after they had children. But tragically, that did not happen. Instead, Bob divorced Lexi and left her and Vanessa to fend for themselves on the streets.


Vanessa was Lexi's world. | Source: Unsplash

Lexi was distraught when she and Bob separated, but having Vanessa gave her life meaning and enabled her to start over. They moved to a less well-known neighborhood, and Lexi got a job at a grocery.


It was a struggle for Lexi to parent a child while juggling a day job, but she handled it like a champ. She accompanied Vanessa to and from school every day, even though it was close to their home, and she devoted ample time to her.

"Oh my God! Is that you, Vanessa?" she managed to slur, astonished by the girl's resemblance to her late daughter.

When Vanessa turned eight, she insisted on going to school alone, just like her friends. She claimed that her classmates made fun of her since she was the only one who went to school with a parent.

Lexi was highly protective of Vanessa since she was afraid of losing her and didn't want to leave her alone. But when the little girl kept insisting, she caved in.


Vanessa insisted on going alone to school. | Source: Unsplash

Two years went by. Vanessa turned 10, and she became more responsible as she realized her mother was a single parent, and doing things alone wasn't easy for her. As a result, the little girl contributed everywhere she could, from helping her around the house to cleaning trash and carrying it to the bins.


That year, on the morning of Vanessa's birthday, Lexi was baking a cake for her when she ran out of eggs and flour. She asked Vanessa to get it from the nearby supermarket and to be cautious while crossing the streets.

Almost half an hour passed, and Lexi was so preoccupied with the party decorations and other arrangements that it didn't occur to her that Vanessa had been gone for a long time. She was about to call her and ask where she was when their neighbor, Mrs. Perkins, stormed into her house through the front door. 

"Lexi! Vanessa...she had an accident! They are taking her to the hospital!" she said frantically.


Lexi dropped the phone from her hands and hurried to the store, where she spotted broken eggs and flour on the floor outside and Vanessa being carried inside the ambulance car on a stretcher. It turned out Vanessa was hit by a car while crossing the street. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins happened to be at the same store, so Mr. Perkins contacted 911 and Mrs. Perkins rushed to Lexi to inform her about the accident.

Lexi was busy with Vanessa's birthday preparations when she received a terrible piece of news. | Source: Unsplash


That day proved to be the saddest of Lexi's life, as she lost her daughter right in front of her eyes even before the little girl could make it to the hospital. Vanessa was never coming back, and Lexi was so distraught by it that she didn't even have the strength to make the funeral arrangements. Thankfully, the Perkins couple helped her.

After she kissed Vanessa goodbye, the only thing Lexi could do was go back to the street where she'd lost her and cry bitterly as she sat on the curb. Her friends tried everything to help her cope with the loss, but nothing helped.

Even when months went by, Lexi kept visiting the place every day. And one such day, when she arrived there, she saw a little girl crying, her face buried in her hands.


Lexi approached her because she was concerned about what a little girl like her was doing alone there. "Hey," she said. "Are you all right?"

The little girl lifted her head, and Lexi saw her eyes were bright red from all the crying. She offered her hanky to the little girl, and as she wiped her tears, Lexi jumped back, startled, having caught a clear glimpse of the child's face.

"Oh my God! Is that you, Vanessa?" she managed to slur, astonished by the girl's resemblance to her late daughter.

Lexi found the girl when she visited the spot one day. | Source: Unsplash


However, the girl shook her head. "My name is Caroline, and I don't want to return home. I'll never go back there!" she declared.

Lexi didn't know how to react, but she took a deep breath and calmed herself. "Your home? But why don't you want to go home?" she asked her.

"Because my stepsister Stephanie doesn't like me, and my adoptive parents are very mean. They give all the love to Stephanie and hate me! I don't want to live with them, so I ran away."

"Ran away?" gasped Lexi. "But that's not right, Caroline," she said, sitting beside her, her gaze still wondering how the tiny girl couldn't be her Vanessa. "My name is Lexi, by the way. I can come to your house and talk to them if you want."


"That isn't going to solve anything! My sister bullies me, Lexi. I just don't want to go home. You seem nice to me. Can you just adopt me?"

"Adopt…what?" Lexi was trembling.

The girl was a vivid image of Vanessa. | Source: Unsplash


"Please," she said as she took Lexi's hand. "I don't want to go back. You have no idea how hard it was to escape."

"But…" Lexi was too stunned to speak. She just couldn't let it slide how the girl was a carbon copy of Vanessa, so she went to Caroline's house to find out the complete truth.

She also called the cops to assure Caroline that she would be safe, and when they arrived, she discovered that her adoptive parents had taken her in a few months before. She also observed how Caroline's adoptive mother lashed out at her and shoved her into household chores while Stephanie was sitting on the living room sofa and smiling at poor Caroline.


Lexi realized Caroline wasn't lying about her mistreatment, so she petitioned the cops to let her foster Carilone until her case was resolved, mentioning that she was aware of the girl's mistreatment at the adoptive parents' home. Caroline also insisted on staying with her, and once Lexi's credentials were verified, the cops agreed.

However, Lexi's thoughts were still hooked on how Caroline and Vanessa resembled each other, so that night at home, she showed Vanessa's picture to her and asked if she would take a DNA test with her.

Lexi showed Vanessa's pictures to Caroline. | Source: Unsplash


Caroline was shocked to see Vanessa looked exactly like her. "She looks like me! She is my sister!" she chirped.

"I don't know, Caroline," Lexi confessed sadly. "But we can find out. Let's take a DNA test tomorrow. You don't mind, do you?"

"I don't, Lexi. You saved me from my adoptive parents. I will come with you." Caroline replied happily.

The DNA test results arrived a week later, and Lexi nearly collapsed as she read the reports. The results proved Caroline was her biological child!

" she my daughter?" Lexi couldn't believe what she was seeing! How did this happen?


But then Lexi remembered the maternity hospital, and she had an uneasy feeling that it had something to do with it.

She rushed to the hospital and stormed inside in a rage, carrying all of her files and smashing them on the receptionist's desk. "Please contact the doctor in charge of my case right now! Her name is Catherine Smith!" she ordered.

Lexi went to the maternity hospital where she'd given birth. | Source: Unsplash


"I'm sorry ma'am," the receptionist said, startled, "but you'll need to schedule an appointment first."

Lexi locked her gaze on her. "You must contact Dr. Smith immediately, or I will sue you! Do you understand—" Before she could finish, Dr. Smith approached them. 

"Is there a problem?" she asked worriedly. 

Lexi was enraged. "Of course there is, and you might have to clean up the mess you made..." She aggressively told Dr. Smith everything, and the doctor was taken aback. She summoned Lexi to her office and informed her that she knew everything...

It turned out Lexi was discovered to be pregnant with twins, but only one baby was spotted at the early ultrasound scan. Later, when the scan revealed two babies, Bob devised a strategy to get rid of one of them because he didn't want to raise two children.


And so it happened that after Lexi gave birth, she was unconscious for two days. When she finally woke up, the doctor lied to her that only one of her twin children made it. Dr. Smith confessed Bob had given her a hefty sum to keep her mouth shut and begged Lexi not to take any action against her.

Lexi couldn't believe her ears that it was all Bob's doing. | Source: Unsplash


Lexi was devastated that day when she left the hospital. She knew Ben could stoop low, but she didn't expect him to stoop that low. On the brighter side, she knew she would keep Caroline with her forever, but she decided not to let Ben and the doctor off the hook.

Fortunately, she had recorded the doctor's statement on her phone, so she eventually submitted it to the cops along with the DNA test results, and the court punished Dr. Smith and Ben. Dr. Smith's license was revoked, while Caroline and Lexi were relieved to be back together.

Meeting Caroline changed Lexi's life for the better and helped her get over Vanessa's loss. Miraculously, fate made them cross paths on the same street where they'd lost Vanessa.


What can we learn from this story?

  • If you do something wrong, you will be punished sooner or later. Ben and Dr. Smith deceived Lexi and paid the price for their mistakes.
  • There is always light after the dark. Lexi was heartbroken after losing Vanessa, but when she met her second daughter, her life was changed for the better.

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