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Dad Overhears Secret Conversation between New Wife and His Son before They Notice Him

Salwa Nadeem
May 13, 2022
09:40 P.M.
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When a man arrived home early from work, he overheard his wife and stepdaughter's conversation with his son. He had planned to surprise his wife on Mother's Day but canceled the celebration after hearing what she said.


Eavesdropping can sometimes be an exciting experience for people, but this father was disappointed after overhearing his wife's conversation with his son.

The 37-year-old Redditor hadn't expected his wife and stepdaughter to mistreat his 13-year-old son, a shy kid who never caused him any trouble.

The man overheard his wife's conversation with his son while standing by the front door. | Source: Unsplash



After his wife passed away, Redditor FredWalker37 met another woman who had a 16-year-old daughter. He thought it would be best to marry her since his son also needed a mother.

Before jumping to the main story, the man shared a bit about his family. His son had an opposite personality as compared to his wife and stepdaughter. 

He met another woman after his wife's death. | Source: Unsplash



His son was a quiet, shy boy who never bothered anyone in the house. He quickly adjusted after the man introduced him to his stepmother. 

While his son kept the secret to himself, his 16-year-old stepdaughter spilled the beans before her mother.

In contrast, the Redditor's wife and stepdaughter loved socializing and going out. They also encouraged him to do the same despite knowing he had a different personality. 

His son was a shy kid. | Source: Unsplash



When the boy's stepmother and stepsister tried to push him out of his comfort zone, telling him to mingle with others in family gatherings, he didn't like it.

He immediately told his father that he felt uncomfortable and needed space, making him talk to his wife and stepdaughter. The Redditor wrote:

"I asked them to give him space and freedom to spend his time however he wanted. they apologized and promised to let him be."

His wife and stepdaughter loved interacting with others. | Source: Unsplash



The Redditor thought it would be great if he managed to give his wife a surprise on Mother's Day. He wanted to honor her for being an amazing mother to their children.

Since he wanted to include his children in planning the surprise celebration, he told his son and stepdaughter about his plans.

While his son kept the secret to himself, his 16-year-old stepdaughter spilled the beans before her mother because she wanted her to prepare for it. 

He wanted to surprise his wife on Mother's Day. | Source: Unsplash



A day before Mother's Day, the man left his office early because he had to finalize the arrangements for the day. 

After checking the final arrangements for the celebration, he headed back home. His wife had no idea he would arrive home earlier than usual. 

He reached for the keys in his pocket, and while he was entering his house, he heard his wife talking to someone. 

He left work early. | Source: Pexels


He paused and decided to listen to what was happening inside. He figured out that his wife was talking to his son about something.

Upon listening closely, he discovered that she told him not to go to the restaurant the next day because she thought his antisocial attitude would make her family feel uncomfortable. 

He reached home early. | Source: Unsplash


The poor boy promised to try his best to socialize with the guests, but the woman said she "wasn't buying it." The man recalled:

"He kept reassuring her, but she snapped and told him that technically, she's not his mom, so she didn't get why he wanted to celebrate mother's day with her so badly."

Meanwhile, his stepdaughter passed a mean comment to his son, making him feel unwanted. At that point, his wife and stepdaughter realized that he was standing there, and the two of them looked at him with their eyes wide open. 

He could hear his wife talking to his son while standing at the entrance. | Source: Unsplash



Shocked after overhearing his wife's conversation, the man told his son and stepdaughter to go to their rooms. After they left, he told his wife that he had canceled the Mother's Day celebration.

When she asked him why he was calling off the celebration, he told her he had heard what she said to his son. He wrote:

"She tried to explain that she didn't mean it like that and that I only heard part of the conversation."

He was angry at his wife. | Source: Unsplash


The man refused to listen to her explanation and told her he wouldn't change his decision. Furious, the woman yelled at him, asking him what she would tell her family. The woman continued to throw tantrums, thinking her husband would change his mind, but he didn't. 

Eventually, the woman left the house with his stepdaughter and went to stay with her parents. After she left, the man questioned his decision and felt guilty. Then, he posted his story on the "AITA" forum on Reddit to ask others if he was at fault. 

She left the house with her daughter. | Source: Unsplash



Redditor No-Royal6008 suspected the man's wife had done something similar in the past and told him he was not at fault. The user asked the man to protect his son and wrote:

"To make it even worse, she is raising her daughter to be cruel and exclusionary."

The man replied that he also agreed his wife had done something like this before because she tended to be "harsh" towards others. 

The man doubted his decision after his wife left. | Source: Unsplash


Redditor Suckerforcats said the man's wife was much more than "harsh" and reminded him that his son would resent him after growing up if he didn't take action against his wife. 

Meanwhile, Redditor Izzy4162305 suspected the woman must have mistreated his son in the past. She also thought it would be better if the man divorced his wife because she could harm his son's mental wellbeing.

Moreover, the user added that she had two stepmothers, and none of them had ever talked to her like that. She thought the woman was too cruel to the little boy. 

He turned to Reddit for advice. | Source: Unsplash


The man read the comment and replied that his son had never told him if his wife had mistreated him before. He was sure his son would confide in him. 

Most Redditors felt the man was not at fault for calling out his wife's rude behavior. They also wanted him to realize that he needed to part ways with his wife to protect his son. 

Other users said his wife was at fault. | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the man would divorce his wife?

Many Redditors asked him to divorce his wife because she negatively influenced his son's life. They were sure she had mistreated his son the same way before and would continue to do so. The father read the comments, but he didn't say if he would divorce his wife. Do you think he should part ways with her for his son's sake?

Do you think it is right to assume that the woman was rude to her stepson behind her husband's back?

While most Redditors guessed that she was rude to the boy while the man was not at home, it's unclear if that is true. The father felt his son would have complained to him had his stepmother mistreated him. He wasn't ready to assume that she was always mean to his son. What do you think? Did the woman regularly mistreat the little boy?


Many users thought the man should divorce his wife. | Source: Unsplash

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