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Christopher Reeve's Son, Who Was Orphaned at 13, Looks Like His Famous Father & Continues His Legacy

Gracious Egedegbe
May 16, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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Christopher and Dana Reeve's son, Will, was only 13 years old when he became an orphan. However, many years later, Will is all grown up and attaining great heights. Meet the man who shares a striking resemblance with his father.


Late American Actor, Director, and Activist Christopher Reeve was one of the most handsome and brilliant stars in Hollywood. His chiseled physique and stunning looks earned him the iconic movie role of Superman, also known as Clark Kent in the "Superman" movies.

The titular role which Christopher first took on in 1978 catapulted him to stardom, making him one of the most talked-about actors in Hollywood.

Christopher Reeve at the Premiere Party for "Fellow Traveler" in New York | Source: Getty Images


He also took on the superhero role in the "Superman" sequels in 1980, 1983, and 1987. While working hard to achieve success in his career, Christopher did not neglect his love life.

In 1987, he met the love of his life, Dana Reeve, who would stay by the actor's side until his last breath. The lovebirds tied the knot in 1992, shortly after Dana fell pregnant with their first child.


Indeed, the couple was a delight to see and one of the most admired. Their union was blissful, and everything continued that way until tragedy struck.

On May 27, 1995, Christopher and 300 other horse riders were participating in a roadblock test in Culpeper, Virginia, when the actor accidentally fell from a horse.


The "Rear Window" star fell headfirst into the ground and sustained a severe head and spinal cord injury, leaving him paralyzed from his neck down. Following the accident, the Hollywood icon spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Despite the health complications, Christopher never stopped being a good husband to Dana and a good father to their son. Here are more details about the actor's family, especially his son, who is his carbon copy.


onna Reeve, her husband Christopher Reeve and their son Will attend "SuperSkate 2001" January 7, 2001 at Madison Square Garden in New York City | Source: Getty Images


Christopher and Dana welcomed their first child and son, Will Reeve, on June 7, 1992, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. While growing up, Will enjoyed a normal childhood, despite having a famous father.

During an interview, the couple's son explained that as a child, his parents were normal and did things ordinary parents would do. "They were the people who told me to turn off the TV, to eat my broccoli, to go to bed," Will explained.

According to Will, his parents stayed true to their values, which helped him never to feel deprived of a normal childhood. More interestingly, Christopher's disability did not hinder him from carrying out his fatherly duties and spending time with his son. For example, Will once recalled how his actor dad coached him on riding a bike.


Initially, Will was terrified and did not believe it would work, as his dad was in a wheelchair. However, once he started riding the bike, Christopher began coaching and encouraging his son. "Steady, steady, left, right, left, right," were the actor's words to his son.

By the third lap, Will's fear had turned to joy, and he was smiling, waving at his dad. Once the activist's son was a pro at riding a bike, he would race his father in his wheelchair, and Christopher would let his son win. Overall, the father and child had a beautiful bond.


Christopher Reeve, his wife Dana and son Will arrives at the screening of "House Of D" during the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival May 7, 2004 in New York City | Source: Getty Images


Sadly, the sweet relationship Will shared with his father ended following the actor's death. After living as a person with quadriplegia for nine years, Christopher passed away on October 10, 2004, due to complications from an infection caused by a bedsore. He was 52 years old.

Almost a year later, in August 2005, Dana was diagnosed with lung cancer, despite being a non-smoker. She battled with the disease for a few months before losing the battle in March 2006, at 44. Dana's death would mean that Will, only 13 years old, had become an orphan.

Christopher Reeve at the 13th Annual "A Magical Evening" Gala Hosted by The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation in New York | Source: Getty Images


However, before Dana died, she made arrangements for Will's future to be secure. Instead of living with relatives, Dana arranged that her son would live with family friends in Bedford, New York.

Sources revealed that Dana made the arrangements because her son already shared a close bond with a family friend's son. In addition, she wanted Will to continue living happily with the friends he had already made.



It's been almost two decades since Christopher and Dana died, and Will is doing well, with many achievements. In 2010, he graduated from Brunswick School, and four years later, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and American Literatures from Middlebury College.

Apart from his educational achievements, Will has also tried his hands at other things, including acting. His movie credits are "In the Gloaming," "Everyone's Hero," and "The Brooke Ellison Story."


Furthermore, the star tried his hand at broadcasting, fell in love with it, and excelled. He has garnered much broadcasting experience, working as the host of "The MSG Hockey Show," a correspondent for ABC News, and a commentator for ESPN.

Regarding his job as a commentator for ESPN, Will revealed that it was his dream job. The company spotted him during his internships at ABC and "Good Morning America."


Following his graduation from Middlebury College, the company assigned him writing and reporting gigs, and in no time, he had become a member of the ESPN family. For Will, it was a dream come true, as he had always shared a love for sports with his late father. In his words:

"My dad and I had a huge bond and shared a love of sports. I hope they would be proud and say, 'Great job,' no matter what."

Apart from sharing a love for sports, Will and his father also shared an uncanny resemblance. On what would have been Christopher's 65th birthday in 2017, Will took to Instagram to celebrate his father's memory.


He shared a throwback picture of himself as a baby, posing next to his young dad, and the striking resemblance between father and child could be spotted.

Also, in some Instagram posts shared in recent years, grown-up pictures of Will prove that he is the spitting image of young Christopher, with fans confirming it.


In November 2021, the broadcaster shared a montage of pictures after he freshly concluded the TCS New York City marathon. Not long after, netizens took to the comments section to explain how similar Will was to his dad.

"You look like your father. Strong, handsome, and inspiring. He would be proud," a user wrote. "You look so much like your dad," another respondent noted.


Will Reeve arrives at The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation "Magical Evening" Gala on November 15, 2018 in New York City | Source: Getty Images


Since Christopher and Dana passed away, Will has been focused on preserving his parents' legacy. Currently, he is a member of the board of directors in his mother and father's foundation, known as the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation began in 1999 after the former's foundation joined forces with the American Paralysis Association (APA), formerly Stifel Paralysis Research Foundation.


Dana's name was only added to the foundation's moniker after her demise. The foundation aims at finding a cure for spinal cord injuries and providing care for patients who are affected by paralysis.

To date, the foundation remains an integral part of Will's life, and he works hard to help the foundation thrive. For instance, in 2017, he participated in the TCS New York City Marathon to raise money for the foundation.


His quest was successful, as well-meaning individuals donated $64,839.52 of his $52,000 goal. Overall, Will hopes to make his parents proud of his actions. In his words:

"I hope I make my parents proud. I try to do that every day and like to think they would be."

Indeed, Christopher and Dana will be proud of their son as he has done a great job continuing their legacy.


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