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Woman Discovers Empty Apartment behind Her Bathroom Mirror and Decides to Check It

Salwa Nadeem
May 17, 2022
07:40 P.M.
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When a New York woman discovered a secret entrance behind her bathroom mirror, she decided to climb inside and landed in a dark, empty apartment.


Have you ever wished to live inside one of your favorite movies? Samantha Hartsoe's adventure was nothing less than a horror movie, according to the TikTok viewers who watched her videos.

She filmed her journey through the hidden hole and captured every corner of the stranded apartment. It all started when she felt cold air blowing on her face inside her bathroom.

Samantha Hartsoe found a hole in her bathroom wall. | Source: TikTok/samanthartsoe



The New Yorker worked for a non-profit organization where she helped troubled teenagers live a better life by sheltering them and preparing them for college.

Like every other day, Hartsoe entered her apartment's bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She could feel a cool breeze touching her face while her baby hair flew backward. The woman found it odd because the air wasn't coming from the small vent in her bathroom.

Curious, she slid her hand down the door frame and felt cool air entering through the strike plate. She decided to seal it with tape, but she could still feel the air gently blowing on her face.


She felt a cool breeze in her bathroom. | Source: TikTok/samanthartsoe


After sliding her hand on the bathroom walls to check the source, she realized it was coming from behind the mirror. When she went closer to the mirror and touched it, she was shocked to know it was moving. She said:


"So, at this point, I am not even concerned about being cold. I am more upset that my mirror comes off."

Hartsoe was concerned that the mirror might have fallen and hurt her while brushing her teeth and taking off her Invisalign. She didn't want any accidents in her bathroom, so she decided to fix the mirror by herself.

She felt the air coming from the mirror. | Source: TikTok/samanthartsoe



The woman placed her hands on the opposite edges of the mirror and gently pulled it upwards, trying to get it off the wall, not knowing what was waiting for her behind it.

She asked her roommate to film her while trying to enter the hole headfirst but failed.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw a rectangular hole in the wall. At that point, she forgot why she had taken the mirror off the wall. She only wanted to know what was there inside the hole.

There was a hole behind her mirror. | Source: TikTok/samanthartsoe



Without thinking about the consequences of climbing through a hole leading to an unknown place, Hartsoe collected the supplies she needed for her adventurous journey. She tied a flashlight to her forehead and covered her face with a mask, all set to explore the mysterious entrance.

The woman confessed she expected to see a vent behind her mirror, but definitely not a secret entrance. At first, she wasn't sure if she would fit through the hole because it seemed small.

She asked her roommate to film her while trying to enter the hole headfirst but failed. Then she changed her position and slid her left leg first, and then lifted her right leg before landing in the unknown space.


She climbed through the hole and landed in the unknown space. | Source: TikTok/samanthartsoe


On March 3, 2021, Hartsoe posted the first part of her horror-movie-like adventure on TikTok and asked the viewers to wait for the upcoming parts, where she would explore the hidden space behind the bathroom wall.


The viewers felt her journey into the hidden entrance resembled the 1992 movie "Candyman." On a lighter note, Twitter user zedonarrival said Hartsoe should sue the filmmakers.



The hole led Hartsoe inside a dark, abandoned apartment. She walked inside with a hammer in one hand and her phone in the other hand, trying to film everything.

The video showed trash bags, cardboard boxes, and an abandoned toilet on the floor. It seemed like no one lived in the apartment until Hartsoe discovered a water bottle. She said:

"Ok. So, there are signs of life."

She found a water bottle in the abandoned apartment. | Source: TikTok/samanthartsoe



The sight of the water bottle made Hartsoe curious, so she explored the entire apartment, wondering if someone was hiding in there. She even went downstairs but found no one.

After she was sure no one was there in the stranded apartment, she climbed back through the hole with her roommates' help.

Excited, she showed the videos to her roommates and told them about everything she saw in the apartment. She also sent the videos to her sister, who is more like her best friend.

She was excited to show the videos to everyone. | Source: YouTube/TheEllenShow



Millions of people watched Hartsoe's thrilling TikTok videos and shared them with their friends. Several media outlets had picked her story and featured it in their publications in no time.

Her father was delighted to read articles about his daughter. He sent her the links to every article he found on the internet that featured her story.

Hartsoe had stated she would call her landlord and tell him about the hidden apartment, so the viewers waited for an update from her side.



Meanwhile, she received a call from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," asking her to join Ellen for a video interview. Excited, she said yes and appeared on national television.

After Ellen welcomed her to the show, Hartsoe narrated her story and walked the viewers through her journey of discovering another apartment behind her bathroom wall.

Feeling concerned for Hartsoe's safety, Ellen asked her why she risked her life by climbing through the hole. The host said she could have asked her roommates to go inside.


Hartsoe confessed that her roommates weren't interested in discovering what was there behind the wall, so she had to go in to investigate.

Ellen urged the young lady to seal the hole because someone might be coming into her apartment while she was not at home.

Next, Hartsoe revealed her mother's strange reaction to the incident. She said her mother was "almost in tears" because she was proud of her daughter for bravely climbing through the hole.


However, what disturbed Hartsoe was that her mother wasn't proud of her job or her achievements. This incident was the proudest moment for her mother.

Ellen gifted a new bathroom set to Hartsoe from her collection at the end of the show, which almost made her cry. She concluded the show by urging Hartsoe to seal the hole.

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