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Sheryl Underwood Made a German Cake for Her Husband on the Day of His Sudden Death: 'I'll Never Forget It'

Gracious Egedegbe
May 23, 2022
12:30 P.M.
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Sheryl Underwood has gone through many challenges in her lifetime, and one she will not forget in a hurry is her husband's suicide. Find out what happened on the day Underwood lost her spouse, Michael.


American Television Host, Comedian, and Actress Sheryl Underwood has successfully built a stellar career in show business that has spanned many years.

The star's ability to put smiles on people's faces with her comedic skills has earned her large followership and leaves people glued to their screens. Currently, Underwood is a host on the famous CBS talk show, "The Talk," airing for over a decade.

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But beyond the upbeat demeanor and bright smile that is Underwood, many people are unaware that the television icon has dealt with many tragedies in her life. Here are details of the actress's difficult experiences.


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Underwood has achieved tremendous success in her career, but the road to stardom was not void of challenges. Over the years, the television personality has spoken candidly about the difficulties she has experienced, especially in her childhood.

She revealed some personal details during the taping of "The Talk," sharing that she suffered abuse in the past and disclosed the effects that it had on her holistically.


The abuse was terrible, but it was even more heartbreaking because Underwood's mother was of no help. Underwood was all alone in her suffering and had no one to comfort her or help her get justice.

Instead, she got the blame for the daunting experience happening to her. In another incident, when she finally found a way to break away from her family, an unfortunate similar experience occurred.

Underwood had joined the Air Force Reserves when one day while on her way to the Air Force station, she got attacked and told herself that she had to survive the ordeal. Regrettably, the perpetrator got away with it.


The host witnessed more of these traumatic experiences in her workplace. Before her career as a talk show host began, Underwood worked as a lingerie model in Chicago, and things were quite different at the time.

According to the actress, she and other females dressed up in revealing clothes and men had to buy them off based on how they looked on them.


"The Bounce Back" star admitted how uncomfortable the entire experience was for her but shared she managed to find a coping mechanism.

Thankfully, Underwood overcame such difficult times to become the talented woman she is today.


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Apart from dealing with abuse at a young age, Underwood also had to deal with living with a dysfunctional family. She did not share a good relationship with either of her parents.

Regarding her strained relationship with her father, Underwood always believed that her dad was the reason for her twin sister's death.


However, in due time, the duo would reconcile, but it would take a traumatic sight to mend Underwood's relationship with her father.

Recalling the unforgettable event, the actress explained with tears in her eyes that though she was never close with her dad, it all changed the day he lost his life. Underwood's mother was responsible for her father's death and she witnessed it.

"Many people have domestic violence in their families, a lot of people witness a lot of things, so to get through that, I started to engage my sister, my twin, as my guardian angel," she added.



Sheryl Underwood on "The Talk," on November 10, 2020 on the CBS Television Network | Source: Getty Images

Underwood was born a twin, but sadly, she never experienced the joy of growing up with a twin sister, as the latter died. For years, the "The Talk" host lived with that void, and during a 2013 chat session, Underwood opened up about how her twin sister's death affected her. The comedian explained:


"I was born a twin, and we were premature. We were both in the incubator. What you don't know is I carry her birth certificate around because she did not live."


Sadly, Underwood confessed that her twin sister's death haunted her and eventually caused a rift between her and her father. In the entertainer's words:

"My birth mother did not want me and my father to be close to each other, so she would tell me that my father killed my sister."

TV personality Sheryl Underwood attends 40th Annual Daytime Entertaimment Emmy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 16, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images


In addition, Underwood said her mother had suggested that her father had propped a bottle up to feed her twin sister, which led to asphyxiation. All of these contributed to the horrific childhood Underwood experienced.


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Underwood did not only experience trauma in her family, but she also faced tragedy in her marriage. The actress was happily married to her husband, Michael, until tragedy struck in 1990 when the latter committed suicide.

During a 2018 chat session, where Underwood discussed Kate Spade's suicide, the "The Talk" host also opened up about her husband's death and how it affected her. She said:

"I'm kind of emotional about this because, as you know, my husband killed himself. You will never know. For people who think they know, you will never know. You'll never know if it's clinical depression. You'll never know if it's financial stress. You'll never know."


On another occasion, Underwood spoke about how normal everything was in the hours leading up to Michael's death and how she never expected it.

"I'll never forget it. I made him a German chocolate cake that morning, and I said, 'Drop the bills in the mailbox, and I'll see you when you get home,'" she confessed. "It's the most painful thing in the world because he is not coming back," Underwood continued.

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In another chat session with Inside Edition's Jim Moret, Underwood spoke about the questions that ran through her mind upon her husband's suicide. "When you lost your husband, did you ask yourself questions, 'Was it me?'" Moret asked the talk show host.

"I asked all those questions," Underwood replied. However, through all the thoughts and trying moments, Underwood relied on prayers and the belief that God had better plans for her.


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Following the death of her husband, Underwood tried to make life better for herself. But sadly, she would face more trying times. In her thirties, the actress suffered from uterine fibroids and eventually had surgery to reconstruct her uterus to get pregnant.

Although the surgery was successful, the problem returned in her forties. Underwood decided to have another surgery but the result was terrible. She was forced to wear adult, disposable garments to battle the issues.

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However, in due time, she found someone who loved her, and she could finally love herself. Overall, everything the "The Talk" host faced only made her stronger.

"Everything I went through made me stronger. You may never forget it, but in remembering it, you should make it better for the next person. I wouldn't change anything in my life because I have learned so much about myself," the comedian once revealed. She also said:

"I've been through a lot. But it's not all woe is me. This is a journey."

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Underwood has one secret that keeps her going and helps her stay positive. She revealed it thus, "I believe God doesn't give you more than you can bear."

It is joyful to see that Underwood is thriving despite her traumatic experiences. Hopefully, she will continue attaining greater heights while leaving smiles on people's faces.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.org.