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Who Is Cara Delevingne Dating? Inside the Actress and Model’s Private Life

Stephen Thompson
May 17, 2022
05:15 P.M.
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Since debuting on the runaway in 2011, Cara Delevingne has been flying high as a model, featuring in top-notch fashion magazines and working with famous designers. Apart from all that, the model, who dubs as a singer and actress, has an intriguing private life. Catch up with everything on Delevingne.


The 29-year-old model is a British woman who has also scored some major points as an actress in hits like "Suicide Squad," "Pan," and the famous 2020 "Life in a Year."

Apart from that, she is also a singer who signed to management in 2009. In all, Delevingne is a successful young woman and undoubtedly an inspiration to many girls.

Cara Delevingne is seen, outside Dior, during Paris Fashion Week on January 24, 2022 in Paris, France | Source: Getty Images



Following the conclusion of the Billboard Music Awards, the "Pan" star made it to the news, not because of her outfit or awards for the night, but due to what rapper Megan thee Stallion did.

At the beginning of the night, the singer appeared to be having the time of her life as she basked in the euphoria of having the rap artist by her side.


Delevingne's admiration for Megan was evident. On the red carpet, she helped Megan by tossing her train in the air while posing for photos. Again, she was seen close to the rapper at the ceremony and even sat next to her.

Many felt that the model's happy moments were seen as a disturbance by Megan's fans after the "Savage" crooner shared a snap where she cropped out her super fan, leaving Doja Cat, who sat farther from her.



For the records, Delevingne is single, even though her behavior at the BBMA confused many people into thinking she and Megan are in a romance.

One of her longest public romances was with Ashley Benson, an American actress. The two sparked rumors in 2018 when they were spotted at a bowling alley.


A few months later, they were photographed lip-locked at London's Heathrow airport. Although they never confirmed it until after a year, the women were seen in public wearing matching necklaces bearing the first letters of their names.

Less than a year after proudly confirming their relationship status, the couple split, and Delevingne explained that the lockdown was to blame. Following the end of her relationship with Benson, the actress was seen kissing Halsey, and it was reported that they had a fling.


It appears that Delevingne's code of confirmation lies with kissing in public, as a few months later, she was seen kissing Jaden Smith in West Hollywood. Still, the pair never admitted to being in a relationship.

Despite the recent rumors of her and Megan as an item, the model is not hooked to anyone—at least she is yet to confirm through a kiss!

While Megan's fans' most vivid memory of the actress might be her flirtatious episode with the rapper, fans of the English model cannot get over her appearance at the Met Gala.


In fact, Delevingne topped the news after the ceremony as she hit the red carpet in tailored pants and a red jacket that hid a sensational fashion beneath it.

Once the model stripped off her blazers, the paparazzi was treated to a work of art. She had her body painted in gold paint, leaving only the parts affected with psoriasis—a skin disease that leaves red patches. Delevingne was unafraid to show off her skin condition, and in a way, to her fans, this showed strength.