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Wife Learns Her Husband Who Never Wanted to Have Children Has Another Woman and 5 Kids – Story of the Day

Monica Otayza
May 25, 2022
07:00 P.M.
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A wife longed to have children with her husband, but he refused. Later on in their marriage, she discovers that her husband actually had another family and was a dad to five kids.


Margaret was a 43-year-old married woman. She loved her husband Alex dearly, but a part of her always felt as if something was missing in her life, as she never had children.

Margaret had always wanted to be a mother, but her husband didn't want to have children. "It would be a lot better for us not to have any kids. Children will just leave their parents when they're older anyway," he would tell her.

Alex promised Margaret a life full of love, security, and adventure. Since they didn't have children, he promised they would go on luxurious vacations and travel the world whenever they got the chance.

Alex and Margaret never had children. | Source: Pexels


However, years passed by, and these ended up being empty promises. Alex would constantly go on business trips and only spend two to three days at home.

"It's for our future!" he would tell Margaret whenever she complained about not being able to spend any time with him. "When I retire, we'll enjoy the fruits of my labor and travel the world until we grow tired of traveling."

Margaret held on to what Alex said. She would daydream about all the places they'd travel to – places she would only see on postcards and magazines.

Alex would go on business trips every week. | Source: Pexels


When Margaret retired at the age of 40, she had a lot of spare time. If she wasn't at the yoga studio or the indoor cycling studio, she would be at home, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or watching her favorite TV shows.

However, one day, Margaret was home during a national holiday. The yoga studio and the indoor cycling studios were closed, and her TV shows did not release new episodes for her to watch.

Bored and looking for something useful to do, Margaret decided to clean their room. She re-arranged the furniture, folded her clothes neatly into color-coded piles, and vacuumed the floor.

Finally, she decided to clean out Alex's closet for any clothes that no longer fit him. He took all of the clothes out so she could fold them properly, only to find a hidden briefcase behind all the piles of clothes.


Margaret decided to clean the house while Alex was away. | Source: Pexels

Surprised, Margaret decided to open it and take a look and found important papers inside. This puzzled her, as she and Alex had a safe containing all of their documents.


Margaret decided to open one of the envelopes and saw five birth certificates. They belonged to three girls and two boys who all shared the surname "Jameson," which also happened to be their surname.

Margaret's heart started to pound, and her hands began to shake. She could not understand what was happening, so she read through the birth certificates.

She was horrified to see that the name written under "Father" was none other than Alexander Jameson, her husband. "No..." she said to herself, not being able to stop her tears from falling.

Margaret discovered a hidden briefcase in Alex's closet. | Source: Pexels


Margaret suddenly had a hunch that Alex hadn't been on business trips all along but had been with his other family. She assumed he was with them then since he was away on a business trip again.

Sobbing, Margaret placed the documents inside the briefcase and put them back where Alex initially hid them. She cried as she folded all of her husband's clothes, realizing that her life had been a lie.

"He didn't want to have children with me because he already had five," she cried to herself. "What do I do now?" The question lingered in Margaret's mind the entire day. She knew Alex wouldn't be back until the following day, so she could not go to the address she found on the birth certificates to confront the children or his other woman.


Margaret was heartbroken after what she found out. | Source: Pexels

When he returned home, Margaret tried her best to play it cool and act as if nothing was happening. She made him breakfast before leaving the house, telling him she'd be back after her yoga session.


But instead of the yoga studio, Margaret headed straight to the children's address. She rang the doorbell, and a petite woman with light brown hair and dark brown eyes opened the door. "Can I help you?" the woman asked.

"Hi, I'm Margaret, Alex's sister. I've long wanted to meet his wife, so I decided to drop by while in town," she told her. The woman looked confused as if trying to call Margaret's bluff.

"Oh! Alex and I are not married, and Alex never told me he had a sister. He always said he wasn't close to his family," the woman said. After a short pause, she decided to let Margaret in. "But anyway, any family of Alex is our family too. I'm Lucy. Please come in," she said.


Alex's other woman opened the door when Margaret knocked. | Source: Pexels

Margaret entered the house, and she could feel her knees grow weak. There were photographs of Alex with his children hanging on a wall and some with Lucy, where they looked like the perfect happy family.


"These are lovely pictures," she said, her voice cracking at one point. "Why aren't you two married?"

Lucy shrugged. "Well, he's been promising me marriage for 14 years now, but he's been postponing it. He said there was no reason to get married as we were in love anyway. He proposed to me again this year, though, and we're planning a wedding in six months," she revealed.

Margaret felt her chest tighten as she heard Lucy say all of this. "He's been with her for 14 years. He's been fooling me for 14 years. He plans to get married to her. When was he going to file for divorce?" she thought.

Margaret was shocked to hear Lucy's story. | Source: Pexels


Then it hit her. Margaret's claims for her grandparents' inheritance would be out in five months. He was waiting for the settlement to arrive before filing for divorce so he could get money out of her. "I'm such a fool," Margaret said, her knees trembling again, causing her to sit down.

"Maybe he's just married and didn't tell you. That's why he hasn't married you," Margaret said, sounding like she was joking.

Lucy laughed. "Oh, no. He would definitely tell me if he was married."

There was a short silence between the two women when finally, Margaret couldn't stop herself. "The truth is, Lucy, I'm Alex's wife. We've been married for 16 years," she revealed, flashing the diamond ring on her finger.


Lucy was surprised to discover the truth about Alex. | Source: Pexels

Lucy gasped in shock. "What?" she said in disbelief. "We have five children together. How could he be married to another woman?"


"I'm as dumbfounded as you are. I can't believe I've been clueless all these years. He goes on weekly business trips, and it never occurred to me that this was just an alibi," Margaret explained.

Lucy began to cry. "That's what he tells me, too. He'd tell me he had to go on business trips whenever he's gone for about two to three days. I can't believe I've been fooled!"

The two women found common ground at that moment – they were both heartbroken and were fooled by the same man. Margaret revealed that she would file for divorce and that Lucy could have Alex all to herself. However, Lucy refused.

Lucy couldn't help but cry after what Margaret told her. | Source: Pexels


"I don't want my children raised by a man who lives a double life. I'm leaving him, too," Lucy revealed.

When Margaret got home that day, she sat Alex down at the dinner table and said she was filing for divorce. She handed him the papers she got at her lawyer's office, and Alex was in disbelief.

"Margaret, honey, what's wrong? We were doing fine just this morning. Why are you filing for divorce? Let's talk about this," he pleaded, but Margaret wouldn't budge.

"Sign the papers, or it will get messy, Alex," she told him. Alex read through the papers, and his eyes widened when he saw that he wasn't going to get anything out of the inheritance Margaret would get.


"Shouldn't we divide our assets fifty-fifty? Why are these the terms of our divorce?" he asked, suddenly forgetting his plea for not wanting to get a divorce.

Margaret filed for divorce from Alex. | Source: Pexels


"Alex, I know the whole truth about your double life. If you don't want to end up with nothing inside your bank account, sign the papers, pack your bags, and go," Margaret said, trying her best to look strong, even though she was utterly heartbroken inside.

Alex sighed. His lie was finally uncovered when he realized Margaret had the envelope of birth certificates right beside her on the table. He signed the papers and handed them back. "Fine. Here."

After Alex signed the papers, he packed his bags and left, leaving Margaret crying on the floor the entire day. He drove to Lucy, pretending he had just gone home from his business trip.


Margaret cried the entire day when Alex finally left. | Source: Pexels

"Lucy, honey, why are my things outside?" he asked as soon as he got to the front door.

"There's no room for a lying, two-faced man in this house. You don't deserve me, and you don't deserve to be in your children's lives," Lucy told him through the screen door.


"Lucy, no! Let's talk about this, please. I never loved Margaret! I've always loved you! I was going to leave her, but I wanted to wait until I could get the money she would receive in a few months. I was going to give it all to you!" he said, desperate to get Lucy's attention.

Both women refused to deal with Alex, so he had nowhere to go. | Source: Pexels


Lucy refused to listen and closed the door on him. Alex became homeless and got what he deserved, living in his car while it was parked in his office's parking lot.

Margaret was traumatized by what happened to her, so marriage and children were not on her mind when she and Alex divorced. Instead, she wanted to focus on herself and live the best life.

Meanwhile, Lucy decided to keep in touch with Margaret, knowing that she now lived alone and could be vulnerable. She invited her to move in with them and help her raise her five children.

Margaret became a mother at the age of 44. | Source: Pexels


Margaret refused, but she promised to visit as much as she could and the two women became best friends. The children adored and loved their new aunt, too.

After a year, Margaret fell in love again. She met a bachelor at the yoga studio. He had just moved into town and they hit it off immediately.

At 44, she became pregnant with her first child. While it was a high-risk pregnancy because of her age, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and lived a happy and fruitful life with her family.

What can we learn from this story?

  • The truth will always be set free. Alex thought he would get away with his lie forever, as he'd been living the same life for 14 years. However, in the end, Margaret and Lucy discovered the truth of his deception, and he got his karma.
  • It's never too late to start again. At her age, Margaret was doubtful he'd find love again, more so start a family. However, she met someone who genuinely loved her, and the two of them became proud parents to a healthy baby girl.

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