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Police Detain Crying 8-Year-Old Boy – The Air Is Pierced by Screams of 'Leave Him Alone'

Ayesha Muhammad
May 29, 2022
09:00 P.M.
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When police officers detained a little boy in broad daylight one day, his loud cries echoed through the air, grabbing the attention of others in the vicinity. Shortly afterward, the cops were interrupted by a stranger's voice.


Some people like to do things by the book. Based on the situation and circumstances, others might have a somewhat different approach to handling matters. But whatever measures police officers resort to, they might still be considered harsh, rude, and dangerous.

Some might even think that cops like resorting to strict policing techniques. However, there is always more than one side to any story, and the same seems to be the case for the story we're sharing with you today.

Police officers standing beside the boy's bicycle. | Source: youtube.com/WPLG Local 10



In April 2022, Syracuse, New York, witnessed a startling incident during the daytime, which involved men in uniforms and a little kid. It turned out that a few local cops had restrained a little boy, gripping his arms behind him as he struggled to break free.

The boy's bicycle also stood beside him on the ground. A passerby captured the incident from his phone, and the bystander video started making rounds on social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

The viral video has amassed more than 5.5 million views since it was first shared and mixed opinions from netizens, who were reportedly torn about how the cops detained the boy.



The one-minute clip was said to be recorded by Kenneth Jackson, who quickly voiced his concern regarding the incident. He said that the police officers mishandled the situation and strongly condemned their behavior toward the little boy.

He also advised people to refrain from blaming and noted that the community's "visceral reaction" was a likely result of the boy being Black and the officers being white.

The short video showed Jackson behind the camera asking the officer holding the kid what the police were doing. He was then heard uttering that the boy "looks like a baby to me."


The cops pictured trying to get the boy into the patrol car. | Source: youtube.com/WPLG Local 10


Then, another cop appeared in front of the camera and told the man, "He's stealing stuff. If he breaks into your house and steals something (sic)." The officer's voice became inaudible, and his remaining words were difficult to decipher. Another cop also responded:


"Keep walking, dude. You don't even know what you're talking about."

The video showed the police officers trying to get the crying boy into the car. Several people continued to detest the cops in the background, and one of them even screamed, "Leave him alone." Another person shouted, "That's crazy. How old is he? 10 years old?"



Despite the reported outcry of several witnesses, the police officers paid no heed and drove their patrol car away after taking the boy. Meanwhile, Jackson expressed that the police didn't handle the matter correctly. He told NBC affiliate WSTM:

"I felt his terror and decided to intervene. There's a way that the police need to interact with kids, and what they did that day was completely unacceptable."

Per WSTM, the boy was identified as an eight-year-old. According to Syracuse police, the bystander video didn't reveal the whole story. Police said they played portions of the body camera footage from the three officers at the scene.


The police officers on the scene. | Source: youtube.com/WPLG Local 10


One clip showed the officer approaching a group of kids, demanding one child get off his bike before placing the crying boy into a police car and taking him home. The Syracuse police said that the cops responded to a larceny-in-progress call at a Dollar General on the city's northside.


The officers said the store clerk complained about several youngsters stealing multiple bags of Doritos chips. First Deputy Chief Joe Cecile stated that the bystander video only provided an alternate angle of the interaction and didn't show the complete picture.

A police officer pictured next to the patrol car. | Source: youtube.com/WPLG Local 10



The Syracuse police also issued a statement, which said that the boy was never put in handcuffs, no charges were pressed against him, and the cops simply took him home and related the incident to his father. The boy's dad, Anthony Weah, expressed:

"Why would the police treat that child like that? Over a $3 bag of chips."

Mayor Ben Walsh shared his thoughts on the matter and said that although things could have been better, the situation had a good outcome.


He also advised people to refrain from blaming and noted that the community's "visceral reaction" was a likely result of the boy being Black and the officers being white.

What are your thoughts after reading this story? Do you think the police officers handled the situation correctly? Would you have done things differently if you were an eyewitness? If you liked reading this story, please share it with your loved ones.


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